Flattened chicken but delicious

At the risk of receiving death threats and suffering grievous bodily harm, I am going to write another food post.

Well, a girl’s gotta eat, despite what any of you will say.

Justyn used to accuse me of eating rabbit food. (The first time I was at a photoshoot with him, I brought granola bars for snacking on, so I became known as the Disgustingly Stick-Thin Model Who Eats Only Rabbit Food.)

Now, he accuses me of being a disgustingly stick-thin model who eats all the most disgustingly sinful food in the world (and gloats over it publicly).

I wish he’d make up his mind.

Anyway. Today’s disgustingly sinful food item is one which doesn’t sound at all appealing. In English, it’s called Flattened Chicken. In its original language (Malay, or Indonesian, I don’t know), it’s called Ayam Penyet.

Where's the ayam?

I’m sure Singaporeans (or Malaysians, or Indonesians) don’t need any introduction to this dish, but I discovered this new place a couple months back at Parklane Shopping Centre and the ayam penyet is good and cheap (little over $5 or something like that).

The name of the shop is Ayam Bakar Selegie, ayam bakar meaning grilled chicken. I didn’t try the bakar. (I’ve been there twice and gone for the penyet twice.)

There were eight of us that night and only two people ordered the ayam bakar. I didn’t hear any complaints, although I think the chicken looks a bit small.

Chicken looks small

If you do eat there, remember to ask for the sweet sauce to go with your food. They have it in a bottle sitting on the tables but not all tables have a bottle. So if your table doesn’t have one, go grab one. It’s yummy!

This is the gado gado:

Looks better than it tastes

Don’t order it. It’s not nice. Haha. It looks better than it tastes.

But the ayam penyet is a must-try. It tastes better than it looks (especially after you add the sweet sauce). Ask for thigh meat if you prefer your chicken tender and juicy.

It’s a really small outlet situated at the spot which used to be the Chinese chicken rice place called Meat You There.

The after-dinner entertainment was quite fascinating

Well, that wraps up today’s food post. It’s almost dinner time! If you’ll excuse me, I have to go search for more disgustingly sinful food.

25 thoughts on “Flattened chicken but delicious

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    The chicken rice @ Meat You There was amazing… I stopped going in my late trimester and slightly post-birth and when I finally went back craving for the auntie’s roast chicken rice and yummy homemade soup, IT WAS REPLACED BY THIS STUPID MUSLIM FOOD PLACE!!!

    I still want my Meat You There chicken rice….

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    Nice description to the food, sinful food, information archived…

    How’s the sinful is sinful? high cholesterol sinful?

  3. Avatar

    I love ayam penyet!

    My favourite one would be the one in Bugis, the Ayam Penyet House. They have lovely hot hot hot belacan which makes the experience so much more sedap!

  4. Avatar

    QY, our next’s foodstop is the one recommended by rinaz, ok? ^_^

    I simply luv the thought of having hot hot belachan!! /drool…!

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    Minou: Haha, we can always go again. I don’t mind! ;)

    Shelly: Hmm… I think I tried Meat You There once. Don’t remember it being amazing. Only remember it being a little expensive. Heheh.

    Ashtar83: I guess sinful refers to anything that is bad for your health and digestion. :P

    modchip: Yeah, although you can’t really see much of the chicken. It’s drowned in crispies. :P

    Vandalin: Dammit! :P You gotta bring me to Kampong Glam. :P

    nadnut: Haha really? Doesn’t hurt to try since you’re so near it, then.

    Lincoln: Hope you like it. ;)

    rinaz: I don’t remember seeing an ayam penyet house in bugis. Exactly where is it? I also like the one in Changi Village. I think it was in the papers before. Some famous stall, always got long queue one.

    Wang Wang: Sure, babe! ;)

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    the best one is still the one at lucky plaza lah.. That ayam bakar selegie is near my school and yeah.. My friends said it’s not really nice.. The Lucky Plaza Ayam Penyet (its outlet’s name is called Ria, I think) is niceee. And the gado2 is also nicer. :D Actually I like another type of gado2 which is called ketoprak (without the vegetables)…

    Btw ask u ah. What theme r u using?

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    Consider the death threat received :oP

    So… from eating rabbit food you now eat roadkill? (work with me on this one – “flattened chicken”, geddit?)

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    there’s a pretty good one at marina parade, near parkway, it’s at the road before you turn in to parkway cp road.
    speaking of ayam penyat, do they serve avocado juice there?

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    There are quite a number of similar stalls in Lucky Plaza that my wife raves about but I tried liao… like ok lor… nothing very special what…..


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    There’s one opposite Shaw Tower at Middle Road. Wierd location underground but its nice. The tempeh is good too.

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    i like gado gado.. i eat it at least once a week back on my collage days.. is it diffrent in singapore.. ?? or its karedok.. ?? (i dont like karedok..)

  12. Avatar


    Oh mine, that’s one of my favourites too.

    And people, Monster eat heaps and heaps! I know that for a fact since I’ve known her all my life. But she hardly puts on an ounce!

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    abraxis: When’s your next run and where are you running from?

    sylv: Ooh, haven’t tried lucky plaza one. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I went to lucky plaza. lol. I love gado gado but not many places make it good.

    I’m using VSlider 2.0 (although there’s a 3.0 out now). You can follow the link at the bottom right corner of the page.

    Jesta: Thanks for the death threat. It’s nice to know I’m important enough to receive those. Hahaha. In any case, I wouldn’t call roadkill flattened. It’s more like squished or pulverised. Eeew.

    Suzie: Ooh! Thanks for finding me thru blogrush! Hehe! :)

    chak: I KNOW! The one named Wayong or something like that? Very cute colourful signboard. Always walk past it but never try before. They have avocado juice but that night my friend ordered, they didn’t have stock. lol. Why? Do avocado and penyet go together?

    Tianhong: Haha… Well, the great thing is that ayam penyet is pretty cheap and it’s like everywhere. :P Can always eat again. And again. And again!

    JayWalk: Hur hur. Maybe you don’t really like ayam penyet that much to begin with?

    modchip: Hah, you got that right! But then now you make me feel guilty for eating chickens. Cute little things.

    Daphne Maia: YOU GO, GIRL!! EAT THEM ALL UP!

    Derrick: Wow, another recommendation! Shaw Tower is another place I haven’t been to forever and can’t remember the last time I was there. lol.

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    i think they out of stock for dunno how many years.. when i go indonesia they always have avocado juice with the chicken

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