Fashion Diary #17: Cherry Soda

I haven’t had a fashion diary entry in ages. I wasn’t really pleased with my latest shopping trip (two months ago) so didn’t feel like taking photos. But Justyn dragged me to a photoshoot, anyway. Well, you’ve seen the video. Now see the stills!

Name of outfit: Cherry Soda


[Photos by Justyn Olby]

I really like this outfit because it’s very comfortable and it’s bright and cheery, which makes me feel bright and cheery.

But Justyn hated it.

I showed up at the studio wearing this outfit and he was, like, “Go change into your first outfit.”

I said, “This is my first outfit.”

Then he did sort of a double take and went, “Na… no. Nooooo. You’re kidding, right?”

“I’m not.”

“You look like a 15-year-old.”

“I don’t.”

“This is a 15-year-old outfit.”

“It’s not.”

“This won’t do. It’s… it’s… cute!”

“What’s wrong with cute?”

“Everything is wrong with cute!”

Tsk. Photographers.

And he was really traumatised every time I did kawaii Japanese poses (third picture). He threatened to delete them all and smack my bottom if I ever did it again.

But he’s a sweet fellow. I kept doing it and he didn’t delete them and he didn’t smack my bottom.

And then he complained that the thing I have wrapped around my leg looks like a bandage.

And the problem is?

Men. Tsk.

They just don’t understand fashion statement.

Fashion needs to incite reaction. Emotion. Whatever. Whether it’s a positive or negative reaction, it doesn’t matter. You can’t please everyone, so don’t bother trying.

Besides, if people can wear arm bands and bracelets, I don’t see why legs should be neglected.

So there.

20 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #17: Cherry Soda

  1. Avatar

    Who’s complaining? Such lovely pics of such a gorgeous babe! Only complaint is the bandage thingie is covering your sexy legs. WAHAHAHHAHA!!!

  2. Avatar

    Well… it certainly got a reaction! I don’t know how you do it, but kawaii poses are normally BANNED from my photoshoots – the only exception being Japanese teenagers, and for some reason I don’t seem to be able to shoot many of those – but YOU get away with it. *sigh*

  3. Avatar

    …and I should set the record straight. I said, if I remember correctly, that you would look better as “elegant and sexy”.
    Anyone else out there in the blogosphere agree???

  4. Avatar

    Derrick: Haha, see… got complaint liao. :P The “bandage” doesn’t cover my legs. It’s like 1cm wide for goodness’ sake! :P

    arachno: Aww *blush*

    fir3: Certainly not 15 years old.

    modchip: Heehee. That’s what they always say at first!!

    Jesta: Well, somebody’s gotta let you practise shooting kawaii poses to prepare for the day when you actually get to shoot Japanese teenagers! I’m doing you a favour!! lol.

    And stop pulling my blog readers to your camp, you sneaky joe.

    chak: Wahaha, that’s an unexpected compliment from you. Thanks.

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    15 Years old? You certainately look nothing like that. Personally, I’m 15 year olds and I’ve seen amny 15 year olds and not one of them looks like that. that looks more like 18 years old??

  6. Avatar

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Haha. Ok, I guess 18 is good enough. :P

    JokeDiary: I can’t wear short tight skirts all the time!! /bonk. *lol* Actually, I prefer to wear shorts lah. Short skirt a bit leh cheh, sit also must sit properly, cannot anyhow.

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    seeing a complicated sensation.. O_o
    when seeing your leg and your face.. (your skin is darker..)
    and i actually like the upper outfit.. (from knee above..)
    hmm.. 6/10.. 0_0

    hmm,, i like the 3rd pic.. ‘cos its cute and not included knee below.. :P
    i’ll give it 8/10

  8. Avatar

    im from south africa
    and i just luuuurve yr website!! so awesome!!! im so becoming a follower of this!!!
    really cool clothes as well… hehe

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