Disabled, disbodied, displaced

I yearn for sight, but I am blind.

I yearn for speech, but I am mute.

I yearn for flight, but I am cripped.

I yearn for life, but I am dead.

I yearn for laughter, but my heart is hollow.

I yearn for friendship, but my soul is vacant.

I yearn for rebirth, but my womb is barren.

I yearn for warmth, but my flesh is frozen.

That’s how it is.

17 thoughts on “Disabled, disbodied, displaced

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    hey there… i was just going through some blogs and randomly saw this poem of urs… kinda hit the right chord with me… ciao

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    Jesta: An apple which looks red and shiny and juicy on the outside is of no use if you break it open and find worms inside.

    JokeDiary: I never said I’m not happy. Haha. But I’m not saying you’re wrong, either. One can be blind and still happy and yet wish not to be blind.

    The Goonfather: KNS lah!!

    modchip: You don’t understand KNS, so… damn you!! Haha.

    But it’s quite funny, I must admit.

    Rodlie: Hey, thanks. :) I’m glad someone is feeling the same way.

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    1)Binocular with caps still on
    2)Speaker with check on Mute ON
    3)Chris Benoit? The Crippler doing flying headbutt from the 3rd rope
    4)Thick book of informations
    5)Laughing Hola hoops
    6)Empty Toliet
    7)Sterilized stray cat?
    8) A piece of frozen meat waiting to be thawed and cooked by Teppan-yaki chef?

    Anyway cheers up.
    I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free. – Nikos Kazantzakis

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    Truer words have never been spoken (or in this case, written).

    But the thing that keeps many of us going…….


    Never loose sight of that.

    Or it could just a a very clever riddle…….in which case, you are a very clever lady…….:)

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    Anyone (apart from you) who tells me that you are a rotten apple with worms inside is going to have to get used to eating through a straw for a while :o)

    You really are your own worst critic.

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    its just about the irony of life… life is filled with sonnets of irony. sometimes dont you feel like what exactly you are doing here on this planet… u might have the best eminities at ur disposal but still there is a emptiness… thats irony my friend.

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    precious: Haha…. but that is so easily fixed. Just make cute eyes at your bf… lol

    Ashtar83: Very good ah? *clap clap clappity clap* :P

    MikeM: There are some things that hope can’t buy. Can a paralysed man ever get up and walk? No. That’s what I’m talking about. In some cases, there is no hope. :( And no lah, it’s not a clever riddle so I’m not a clever lady. Haha.

    Jesta: Hwah… are you going to beat me up? :P

    Rodlie: Yeah, life is full or ironies. Please let them happen to other people. Haha.

    zield: That’s great. I hope you get it.

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    Poor, poor Qiaoyun. There is always hope.

    Does the blind man not hear more acutely?
    Does the deaf woman not see more vividly?
    Does the paralyzed man not have a sharper mind?
    The one thing that is constant with the human condition is hope.
    It keeps us alive. It keeps us going. It keeps you going.
    If you loose hope, you have lost everything.

    As for being a cleaver lady. You are very cleaver. Just promise you will never loose hope.

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