Thanks for all the presents!

I have not received so many Christmas presents since I was like five years old.

Most years, I get an average of three presents and that’s including party gift-exchange presents.

This year, WOAH.

I told the Goonfather, “We need a Christmas tree to put all these presents under!”

I made that announcement like on Christmas Eve. His response was, “Oh, yes. That’s a great idea. We’ll buy a tree and decorate it and, after two days, we can throw it away because Christmas is over.”

“Boo,” I said.

But then the Goonfather came up with an alternative to satisty my tree-needy soul. He stole a digital wallpaper of a Christmas tree from somewhere and projected it on our actual wall, leaving just enough room to place presents under it.

Hahaha. What a goon.

But I suppose it is rather cool.

(You can also tell that The Body Shop enjoyed thriving Christmas sales this year.)

We went to St James Power Station for Christmas countdown. Because the Goonfather is an old man, he shunned the more festive and rowdy outlets like Dragonfly and Powerhouse.

He likes Movida so we went there for early drinks.

We had to sit at the bar because this was quite an impromptu trip and, apparently, all the seats had been booked solid at least two weeks ago.

We got complimentary champagne for getting a St James membership.

They gave us ugly hats and party packs.

Which Morte immediately decorated himself with.

Men are so lacking in fashion sense.

I kinda liked the lighting in the toilet (low and eerie), so I took a mirror photo. I seldom do that because I think mirror photos are silly, but it’s not silly if you have a good reason.

Anyway, we had dinner at Movida. It’s not a dinner place but I love eating snacks and finger food so I insisted on having a dinner of finger food at Movida. Yummy!

I didn’t take pictures because finger food all looks the same so why would anyone want to see pictures of them?

After my dinner, the Goonfather made us all go to VivoCity for his dinner because he said finger food for dinner is ridiculous.

VivoCity was really cold so I went shopping for a jacket while the men ate their dinners. (It was imperative that I bought freeze insurance because we were going to catch a 1.30 am movie at VivoCity.)

I ended up buying a coat which looks thick enough for winter.

After dinner and shopping at VivoCity, we continued partying at Bellini Room. I informed the Goonfather that the place is more suited to his old-man-ness because Jazz is played there.

We managed to get a table next to this beautiful wall of glass bottles with blue lighting. Aww.

It was fun, because I got to take plenty of blue pictures.

The light turned red for one very brief moment, though. Not sure what’s up with it because it never came back.

Mostly, it was just blue.

Then, I realised that I could make my own red.

Cool! It’s fun to change the colour of your face (without Photoshop)!

Anyway, I kinda “missed” the countdown because I was busy videotaping the countdown. Not posting the video here because it’s a boring video and it’s shaky. Haha.

And then, there’s that, Christmas was over.

We went to watch I Am Legend after countdown. It’s very similar to 28 Days Later but I think it’s much better. Will Smith is great. The suspense is great. The plot is great.

And the Goonfather came out of the cinema with a slightly-deaf right ear. Wahaha.

Well, Merry Christmas (Happy Boxing Day) to you all, and thanks for all the presents! ;)

12 thoughts on “Thanks for all the presents!

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    Your mirror photo look kinda… just cannot find a word to describe it… maybe it just look familiar to something I encounter or saw…. :)

  2. Avatar

    Ya’ll didn’t tell me Goonfather likes Movida! You go for the drinks, I go for the salsa and the really really hot Latino singers.

    I get free entry for buying teh tarik for the bouncers. Heh heh heh.

  3. Avatar

    Minou: Oooh, thanks! :) When are we meeting up?

    Wang Wang: Sorry for the very late reply. Merry Belated Christmas! lol.

    JokeDiary: Well, yeah, I know. That’s why I said I haven’t gotten so many presents since I was five. :P

    Vandalin: The singers we saw that night weren’t that hot. I dunno. They were sitting on chairs singing. I thought that was really really weird. But I like the songs they sung and their voices.

    Hersheys: Yup, sharp eye! It’s a Lumix!

    Derrick: Haha, thanks. Yes, another sharp eye! It’s an Xbox controller! lol.

    tskie: That’s cool. Show me picture next year! ;)

    zield: Yeah, am late too! Merry Christmas!! :P

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