Sheylara’s Video Scrapbook: “PS3 Party”

Here’s a video of me and my friends having fun with the PS3 (and eating donuts)!

Sorry if some parts are very dark. The video was taken indoors, mostly with the curtains drawn because when I tried to let in some light, the Goonfather complained that he couldn’t see his game. And dark got even darker after YouTube’s compression.

But I think it’s still watchable lah. Turn on your audio because the song is nice!

Hope you enjoy it. :)

14 thoughts on “Sheylara’s Video Scrapbook: “PS3 Party”

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    Oh no! It’s Knights of Cydonia! Justin has been humming it non stop!
    BTW, I’ve imposed a GH3 haitus on him.
    He can’t stop humming the songs.

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    I juz play this song on easy mode.. damn song lor!!!!! Hahaha. got 5 stars, muz make it perfect soon!!!!!

    Lol! Thanks for the video QY dearie!!! Muack! Hug! Cuddle! ^_^

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    You completed how many songs in hard mode?

    I think we at the third set now and now temporary ban coz the songs wun stop playing our heads.

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    shin: Sure. :) My camcorder is a Samsung VP-MX10.

    modchip: Because you’re not even in Singapore… duh. :P

    Minou: Haha. Lucky Goonfather doesn’t hum the songs! He only plays them in the car. lol.

    Erwin: Eh… pass me also! I want! lol.

    zield: Aww. :(

    Wang Wang: Muack! Good luck with your gold stars!

    Erwin: Haha, you weren’t here when we were competing who can get furthest on Knights of Cydonia expert mode, right? It was damn hilarious.

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