Rehearsing nonstop

Wow, Wireless@sg is actually impressive today. Got connected without fuss. Is it location? I am now at the Arts House. Last day of preparation before opening night.

Some people having lunch, some people busy building sets and rigging lights. My director isn’t free at the moment (cos he has more roles than just directing) so I am taking a breather from rehearsing.

Unfortunately, I can’t post photos today because I’m blogging from my DS Lite. So, only words. My brain is filled with words. Lines running through my brain every waking moment. I mean lines from my play.

My director told me that theatre practitioners have no life because they rehearse and rehearse day and night. I have an inkling of this now after just a few days.

I wake up in the morning and rush to location.The day is spent acting, rehearsing, learning, going shopping for props and costumes.This goes on till late at night, then I go home and I’m fast asleep in an instant. Then I wake up again in the morning and the cycle repeats,

What a wonderful, marvellous life!

I think our show will be really great, although I can’t say if my performance will be. Haha.

Oops gotta go. Breaks over, back to rehearsing!

13 thoughts on “Rehearsing nonstop

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    I am guessing that the Arts House is less densely populated resulting in you getting a solid connection to wireless@sg.

    There have been complains elsewhere where users’ connection just hang there after getting connected, presumably getting kicked out by other users as a result of connections overload.

    The idea of a wireless island is a great one but the execution of the plan just plain sucks.

    Thumbs down.

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    JokeDiary: I don’t think it works that way leh. If someone were lucky, that means all the luck used up already, no more luck left to strike Toto. Haha.

    modchip: Thank you! :) I know you’ll always support me! ;)

    Vandalin: Thanks, pal!

    Jesta: Thanks!

    Wang Wang: Eh, don’t have so much confidence in me leh, it’s unnerving. lol. But thanks. :P

    Monster: Heh, the DS Lite is great! You should get one too ;)

    tskie: :)

    Ben: Now you know. :)

    Pingping: Thank you very much!

    JayWalk: Strangely though, only one building in the Arts House has a connection (the building with Timbre downstairs). When I walk over to the adjacent building where the box office is, there is no connection there. And it’s like only 50m apart.

    arachno: It’s never too late. :)

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