Making kissing sounds alone

I have officially gone into Hysterics Mode because I feel totally unprepared for my performance on Friday and I have 1,360 words to memorise by then.

So, here’s a quick and dirty post before I go back and bury myself into my script (which has been totally rewritten by my mentor-director, which raises the performance difficulty bar of the piece by 3,000%).

Anyway, I went to NYU Tisch Asia yesterday to do ADR. (That’s short for Automated Dialogue Replacement, which is the process of dubbing over voices or re-recording lines for film and TV.)

That’s the ADR studio. It’s also used to record sound effects, so you can see samples of different terrain in the ground as well as random props to create everyday sounds.

It’s dark because I had them turn the lights off so I could get into the mood easier. I was there to do mood sounds — breathing, panting, screaming, kissing — for my two short films.

It’s really weird simulating kissing sounds alone, without the help of a partner. But I enjoyed the challenge of making it sound convincing. I used my right hand. It was a challenge alright because hands don’t kiss back.

Standing in front of the microphone and watching myself on screen so I can synch my sounds to my screen actions.

The lights were turned on for a bit so I could have my photo taken.

Can you see me doing the victory sign through the glass panel?

My directors overseeing the recording.

Previewing my films in the theatrette.

Can’t wait for the official screening on the 19th when I’ll get to watch the final product with the newly-recorded sounds!

Now nursing a strained throat from all the screaming.

12 thoughts on “Making kissing sounds alone

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    Cool… didn’t know that’s how they do the sound recording thingy.. like back in the old days when they do radio story telling there they use props to make those sound… :)

    Let me try again… can record this 2 short films?? hahaha :P

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    If I had a Genie, and had like 1 wish, I would wish to be your right hand on that very moment. Then you won’t have problems with the kissing sound coz I’ll kiss back. Hahaha *kidding around*

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    arachno: Hah, yeah. I actually didn’t think they still did sound effects like that, the old fashioned way. :P Hmm, well, I’ll post the 2 short films up here if the directors agree to it.

    JayWalk: My kissing sound is not those choot choot sound leh. It’s french kissing. :P

    modchip: Hahaha, once again you’re so funny! And thanks for the compliment!

    Jesta: I’m terrible at ad-libbing. Once, I froze in front of an audience of 400 and couldn’t speak for minutes.

    fish: Thanks! See you soon!

    waaa: That’s great. I didn’t know ah lians owned this sign. Power to them!

    JokeDiary: lol, who doesn’t?

    smallapple: No worries, man. Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, eh? All the best for NS!

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    See, this is where you need to bring the Goonfather along to voice overs and his abilities can be put to good use :)

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