Interview with Sheylara

First of all, a very sincere thanks to everyone for voting for me in the Guitar Hero pose contest, even though I didn’t request for votes! I’m really grateful for your support!

Secondly, I’m featured in Playworks Magazine December issue!

There’s an online version of this interview, which you can read here.

Thirdly, while you’re in the voting spirit, please cast your vote for me also for GXL Gamer Girl of the Year 2007. (This is separate from the Guitar Hero contest, although it’s by the same organisation.)

I know the temptation is strong to vote for the other ladies because they all look so pretty! And it’s so hard to choose who to vote for, isn’t it?

So, I shall make the job very easy for you. No need to conisder. Just VOTE FOR ME! Hehe.

Don’t be blur, ok? My name is Qiaoyun and I’m at the bottom right corner. I swear this is the last time I’m going to ask people to vote for me this year (which is, of course, ending soon). Haha.

But, seriously lah. I don’t do this kinda thing often, right?


I will be totally occupied with rehearsals until my performance next Thursday, while also juggling other events and activities in my life. But will still try to blog daily, even if it’s rubbish.

But sometimes, it seems that my rubbish is more popular than my serious posts.

Tsk tsk. What is wrong with you people?!

But I love ya alls anyways. Thank you for your support, as always!

43 thoughts on “Interview with Sheylara

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    Voted for you dear. I must say that it would have been a bit more honest of Playworks to have provided picture credits for the photographs…

  2. Avatar

    In the online interview article for QY, right at the bottom, there’s

    Photography: Justyn Olby

    So, you’re covered, kinda…

  3. Avatar

    I have voted.. twice…

    one for weny ; one for u… sorry i cant resist the temptation to vote for weny… she gan cute

  4. Avatar

    And why does there seem to be a common thread running through all those interviews… Blizzard and Nintendo!

    The 3 most used phrases:

    “World of Warcraft”, “dota”, “DS Lite”!

    Altho, somehow, Grenado Espada seems to pop up quite a bit…

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    Oh, and I just realised, one of the contestants is also my colleague. The one who appeared in the same Gamers, Inc episode…

  6. Avatar

    Wah hard to choose… but then when you think about it there only once choice… that’s you… Need I say more??? :)

  7. Avatar

    modchip: Yah… Goonfather is everywhere…

    it affects us all….

    not only in the physical world…

    but in the virtual one as well..

    hahaha :P

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    The deciding factor should not be based on votes, but on the number of games owned. I mean… This is Gamer Girl award, not Ms Popular.

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    My oh my…. QY… ur quick update very evil… curry puff… i have lemming on curry puff!~~~

    but down with cough cold and sore throat.. can’t eat :(

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    I’ve a friend who does work for the Playworks boss n his associated companies.. so was looking thru his new free mags 2 nights ago and I was like “Hey I just stumbled upon her blog today!” What a coincidence. If I yelled any louder I might’ve been mistaken as a fanboy. As it is, good work and keep it up.

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    modchip: My secret is out! It’s true… I have a bunch of pictures of our dear QY that I really like but that she has vetoed for various reasons (you wouldn’t believe how picky she is about the little things). I’m waiting for an opportune moment to release them to a wider world audience… *evil laugh*

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    Just came back from holiday and BOOM a ton of new things to read. Not that that’s bad lah. Anyway, IMO Weny & Elynn are the only ones that can fight. The rest are ……… oh well……… let’s just say you area easily hotter than them lah. LOL!

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    Jesta: Thanks for the votes!

    JF: Haha, no worries. Thanks for voting, anyway. But I didn’t know can vote twice one.

    Mince Pye: Those games are mentioned most because maybe they happen to be the most fun or most popular games right now? Duh. :P

    modchip: Heh! Thanks for saying that. :) A guild leader… leads the guild. Duh. Haha.

    arachno: Thanks for supporting me (even though I may not be the cutest)! Haha.

    tskie: Awww, thanks! :)

    Monster: Me too!

    The Goonfather: I believe that most people who vote don’t even read the interviews, they just look at the pictures. :P

    amd: Sorry, I don’t get the joke.

    Wang Wang: Thanks, dearie! And please rest more and get well soon!

    Liquid Ecstasy: Wow.. that was really a coincidence! So, how did you stumble upon my blog?

    Jason Ho: Woohoo! Thank you!

    Derrick: So how was your holiday?

    Alvin: Thanks! :)

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    QY: Holiday was not too bad. Genting’s a nice place if you’re going for a short & cheap trip some where near & some where cold. Will make it a point to stay at Genting Hotel next time. Some clown told me First World Hotel was good. It SUCKED!! The room & loo combined are about half the size of my bedroom and no, I don’t stay in landed property.

  15. Avatar

    Numby: Haha… if we meet next time, I’ll buy you a cookie ok? :P Thanks for voting!

    Mince Pye: If they’re popular and you don’t find them fun, well, then you must be weird. :P

    Morte: Wah lau, don’t give me face, never say I roxors also! :P

    Derrick: Yeah! I enjoy Genting very much! I stayed in First World Hotel, too, the first time I went. I didn’t really mind it too much, even though the toilet is so small you can’t even fit two people inside, haha. It’s just a place to sleep at night lor.

    Anti-Ugly: lol. Thanks, but don’t be mean also lah. :P

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    binary_0011: I’m in Dragonblight and Shattered Hand. But I just stopped my account because I don’t have time to play now. Hoping to reactivate some time soon.

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