I worked in a haunted bar

So, I just found out that the “theatre” we’d been working in is haunted.

Our stage manager, who is apparently “sensitive” to spirits, can see them. Throughout the five days we were at the Q Bar, she saw a mother and daughter spirit always sitting or standing in a corner.

The Q Bar was one of our performance spaces and acted as our base where we met and put our stuff, so we spent a lot of time in there.

There’s also another female ghost residing outside the bar.

The security guards around the Arts House confirm that this is true.

We had a post mortem meeting today and all this was revealed after the meeting. We learned that there were times some of us even walked through the ghosts or sat on them.


There were some moments I was alone in the Q Bar late at night.

But nothing happened to us in the five days we were there and our show went well without major hiccups so, if there were spirits, they must be benevolent.

But I think Sean (designer) was a little disturbed when he heard that there was a moment when he walked right through the skirt of the woman spirit, who was just floating in mid air.

Bendini (The Fun Stage) exploded into dramatic hysteria. “Why must they float around and scare people?? Why can’t they just behave normally??!!?!?!?”

Timothy (publicist) burst out laughing at that, but that’s Timothy.

We learnt that ghosts look just like us except that they have a translucent quality and they pretty much just go about doing whatever it is they do.

“Well, what is it they do?” I asked.

No one could tell me.

“When they’re walking along Orchard Road, do they go shopping?” Bendini wanted to know.

“Of course not!” said Richard (Little Red Shop).

I think ghosts (if they really exist) are misunderstood. Maybe most of them are harmless (I’m not saying all are). It’s the media that makes them into horrible, scary beings that eat people or whatever.

But I wonder. Do they have a purpose when roaming the earth? They allegedly can’t interact with objects in our plane and I haven’t heard any reports of them having their own objects. So what do they do? Aren’t they bored being restricted to sitting, walking and floating, maybe for eternity?

I would be. No computer games, no DS Lite, no camwhoring, no blogging, no going to parties, no reading books, no acting in plays and accidentally sitting on ghosts.

What a horrible existence.

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    Ohhhhhh… Scary. How do you seat on ghosts? Don’t they give way? Can’t they see the living? … Too many questions that will forever remain unanswered. Hehehehe.

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    did you ever think that your blog might be haunted.. ??

    . . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    . .

    you know this strange feeling that makes me want to visit here from time to time.. im positive that this blog is haunted.. :P

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    Ummm… I think that “normal” behaviour for a ghost IS to sit around and make sure that “sensitive” people notice them and credulous people have the crap scared out of them…

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    Hi Jesta,

    You are mostly right. They all seem to have “issues”. They try their best to get assistance from people such as myself.

    They are just people minus a body. It really is not scary at all. In this case the spirit person is claiming she is misidentified and does not like being linked with a very unsavory urban legend. A living person would have the same concern if lies were being told about them.

    Thx for your comment!
    Bonnie Vent

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    modchip: They’re supposed to be like insubstantial, like air or illusion, so it’s quite possible to walk through them or sit on them. Apparently, they can see us. I’m not sure why they don’t move out of the way, though. Maybe they just can’t be bothered after such a long time.

    And if I really captured an apparition with my camera, I wouldn’t be here blogging anymore. I would be living in an asylum, mad out of my skull.

    GeekyCoder: Um… I really don’t know about that!

    arachno: Of course I’ll still go there. Nothing happened to me there so nothing wrong with going back!

    Miss Loi: Er, I think they wear the clothes they died in?

    Monster: lol, what’s so scary about what I said? None of us were bothered by the ghosts, anyway. Haha.

    zield: Haha, very funny. :P

    Bonnie Vent: Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on this discussion! Your project sounds very interesting and it must be really nice being able to help disturbed spirits. But after they get the help they want, do they disappear? Pass on? Or do they still stick around because that’s where they have to stay for eternity for some reason?

    Wind: Thanks for your concern. Well, I think I should be safe since the Q Bar is already defunct. We just still call it Q Bar because that’s the last establishment that used that venue. :P

    chak: I wish I knew, too. But i can’t imagine how they would get hold of a credit card and Internet account.

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    JokeDiary: Take picture of what? If I can’t see it, how am I supposed to take a picture of it? lol. As you can see, I have taken a several pictures of the bar in my posts about the performances. Nothing appear wat.

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    Look at the 4th picture from the bottom of entry “After it has all ended”. You can see the toes of the floating female ghost, on the top left corner.

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    hmm maybe the credit card belongs to a brother etc.. then when noone at home.. the PC turns on and auto logged in to play mmo.. :P ok if i die and become a ghost i would love to play games all day lol

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    modchip: If I had so much money, the last thing I would invest it on would be a stupid camera that can take pictures ghosts. :P

    The Goonfather: Haha. You have sharp eyes. But that’s a cotton hand, one of our props. Lol.

    chak: Me too. Provided we can actually interact with human objects as spirits.

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    qiaoyun, since the stage manager can see “them”, why dont you ask him :

    1: do “they” need to eat”
    2: do “they” need to sleep”
    3: do “they” drink or smoke?
    4: can they travel from one place to another with a “snap” of their finger?

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    binary_0011: Most people who can see ghosts can’t actually talk to them, so how would they know the answer to your questions? :P They usually ignore the ghosts if possible and the ghosts leave them alone. You would too, I’ll bet, if you can see them.

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    I’m not much of a believer in ghosts or “spirits”, but then again the Blair Witch Project scared the he!! out of me the first time I saw it. I suppose its the unknown that is the most frightening.

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    @Sheylara: Wah, this post is very intriguing! Your blog is a veritable treasure trove of information on just about anything if you look hard enough:)

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