I hate Facebook’s Super Wall and FunWall

If you’re not a Facebook user, God bless your merry little soul (pretending that God exists) and please be off on your merry way before you get sucked into the muddy whirpool of senselessness.

Because, today, I am on a crusade to knock some sense into Facebook users who have Super Wall or FunWall or both (duh, people!) installed in their Facebook accounts.

Because — brace yourself now for the revelation of the century — neither of the walls are even remotely super or fun.

Oooooh… noooo! You don’t say!

Honestly, they’re horrendous misuses of Internet real estate. I cannot understand why people don’t see it.

There is nothing super or fun about:

  1. Junk mail, chain letters and forwarded rubbish.
  2. Having multiple copies of the same rubbish on your profile.
  3. Allowing people to advertise their services for free on your profile.

Do you see it?

Ok, see this.

Here’s a screenshot of a random Super Wall on a random person’s Facebook profile.



Do you see now how asinine it is?

Why should anyone give a shit about the travels of Mortimer the travelling bear? Let him buy his own damn plane tickets, man. And I don’t see him “dissapearding” as promised because I’m seeing him on every single Super Wall (and even FunWall).

I’m even seeing multiple copies of him on each wall. Come on, people, don’t you see? He’s not a travelling bear. He’s a photocopying bear!

Okay, now, let’s check out a random FunWall.



What is the matter with people?

Don’t you ever get annoyed having to scroll down endlessly just to try to see at least something that’s of interest?? Why would you want such junk on your Facebook profile? I really don’t get it.

who has a crush on u?…

man this is creepy its called mind reader. send this to every1 on ur list and then press F8 and ur crushes name will appear on ur screen**


I dearly want to examine the minds of people who read this and think, “Oh, wow! I’m gonna try this now!”

“Hey! It doesn’t work! How fun! I think my friends will love it! I’m going to forward this to everyone because I had so much fun trying it out and seeing it not working!”

Strangle me with a wet rag.

People who install either or both walls, why? How does it enrich your life to have repeated copies of spam on your Facebook profile? How does it enrich the life of friends who are visiting your Facebook profile?

I mean, what benefit does it give?

Does it impress the girls (or the boys) who are viewing your profile? No.

Does it make you more intelligent? No.

Does it save a starving child in Ethiopia? No.

Does it make your Facebook profile look like a landmine about to go off? Yes.

People who forward forwards to other people’s walls, why? Do you think your friend reads/watches them? Will your friend love you for sending them? Do you even realise that the “friend” you’re sending this chain letter to already has three of the exact same chain letter on his wall?

People who create those damned rubbish forwards, especially chain letters, WHY? Chain letters are so last millennium. You’re not going to get a Nobel prize for it and it’s not going to make people worship you and kiss your feet because they passed on your stupid chain letter to 50 people in their address book and, as a result, miraculously solved all their life problems and won a date with Angelina Jolie.


The applications are not bad, per se. But people misusing them is bad.

I installed both when I first signed up with Facebook because I thought it was pretty cool being able to draw pictures and post videos on someone else’s profile. One could get really creative and have some fun with it.

But I believe in doing things in a sincere and personal way. If not, there is no point in doing anything, is there? Why waste time doing things just for the sake of doing things? So I drew pictures myself and typed nice, personal messages to brighten a friend’s day.

But I never got anything like that on my walls in return. All I got were impersonal forwards from people who received forwards themselves and decided to send it on to everyone else on their friends list.

I deleted both walls because it wasn’t adding discernable value to my Facebook profile.

I know I can stop visiting people’s profiles or even stop visiting Facebook altogether if the walls bother me all that much.

But that isn’t quite the point. The point is that it irks me that people are perpetuating a useless custom and contributing more rubbish to an already rubbish society of thoughtless, mindless puppets.

So, people, please. Grow a brain and think.

42 thoughts on “I hate Facebook’s Super Wall and FunWall

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    LOL yeah I’m starting to get irritated by the “chain-letter” type of posts on my Super/Fun/Advanced Walls….

    It’s just an extension of your email – people send stuff like this in your email to let you know they still remember you and care for you, hence you’re not left out of the loop :) So now with Facebook, people naturally continue to do this there.

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    Que Pasa, Amigo?

    Ok, all of these chain messages have not only appeared on my Facebook’s super wall. It even went as far as into my inbox and later to the Junk folder. They also love to make their rounds on tag boxes, Friendster, MySpace and even some blogger blogs.

    Irritating! Your great post really enlightened me, Sheylara!
    Cheers, MAte!

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    Got here through Blog Rush. You are officially my new hero. I always mistakenly post crap on the Super or Fun Walls because who the hell wants to wait 10 minutes for the page to load and then have to scroll down for another 5. It’s getting ridiculous.

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    Agreed… just got tired of all the useless & meaningless posts. I especially hate the “AAA, BBB, CCC…”… takes up too much of my profile screen page. *sigh*

    PS: Just removed them today.

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    I also hate the Super Wall application. I get Notifications about new Spam messages to it every few hours.

    I do like the ability to share a Picture, Video, or Song with it, but the constant removing of the spam really makes me mad. I think I’m going to remove it later today.

    EXCEPT the fun doesn’t end there, because now I’ll just get Notifications\Invitations to Reinstall the application every time someone uses the Forward All button.

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    Oh, the misuse and abuse of these Facebook walls drives me insane! People are not only sending that stupid Facebook hacker hoax along, and that annoying “friendship bear” chain, but the old chain letters that killed email in the first place are now contaminating Facebook. I got the Jamie Bulger petition chain letter on my super wall – gads, that petition is waaaaaaaaay out of date and futile, and no chain letter is going to change a thing in that case. I’ll bet people are using super wall to pass around that dumb “Bill Gates Wants to Share His Millions Pass It On!” or that Amy Bruce is dying and you can save her and all her buddies, Jessica Mydek, Timothy flight, Tamara Martin, Kayla Whightman and other fictional chain letter kids by passing on a crappy hoax chain! And yes, it aggravates me to no end that nobody wants to write anything on these walls, all they ever do is send this canned junk along – as if spam trying to pass itself off as friendship is better than the real thing – give me a break. The only reason I haven’t removed those apps yet is because they’re handy for times when I need to contact several of my friends on FB all at once – and because I keep holding out hope that maybe someday, people will wake up and actually send something they wrote. *sigh*

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    I’m right with you on the chain-letters. For some reason I seem to have both walls, but I like them mainly for the videos. They do take a bit of gardening to keep the weeds out, and I would LOVE to tell people to STOP forwarding shit to me, but they tend to get upset if you do.
    Like all things this will eventually fizzle out – I don’t get chain-letters in my email any more, although I DO get the odd stupid forward they are few and far between – it’s mostly spam…

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    There will be no ends to people who will forward to all the people in their address book. there’s no use complaining because it’s the “ID Ten T” problem. Just hit the DEL key and wait for the next spam to come in. lol. But I think its’ still better then those email coming ni to your inbox asking you to buy vigra. haha

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    Well, somebody got me “sucked into the muddy whirpool of senselessness”, when I was perfectly content being Facebook-less… :P

  10. Avatar

    FoxTwo: Yeah, that’s the whole trouble. People are not happy with just email spam… they have to bring it to Facebook, too. Sigh.

    Daphne Maia: Haha. Mortimer sucks.

    Nicholas: No, no. Mortimer is very, very real. And, also, if you transfer $10,000 into my account by Thursday, you will have the greatest Friday you ever had! lol.

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Thanks for your comment! I’m glad my post was of use to you. Haha.

    sue: Yeah, same here. I think everyone who joins Facebook gets addicted at first. And then they start getting tired of the zillion invitations to install stupid things every day. Hahaha.

    WryBeauty: Thank you for dropping by! Glad you like my post. :)

    Wang Wang: Good, good. Now, you need to stop sending email forwards, too. lol.

    Miccheng: Awesome! Glad you deleted. Now, everyone needs to delete all the walls off their Facebook. :P

    shin: Honestly? I have no idea. lol.

    Daly: That’s great. Keep that up! :P

    James McGowan: Haha. Yeah, I keep getting email notices that someone has sent me a message and I can’t read it unless I install some rubbish application. And then I install it and find out that it’s MORE SPAM. So now I just ignore all notices.

    Capri: Hahaha, old and outdated chain letters really take the cake! Well, keep holding out that hope, but I wouldn’t place too much hope on anyone sending you anything nice and personal. Good old fashioned romance doesn’t exist anymore with the Internet age upon us!

    modchip: lol. sorry. :P

    Jesta: You like people sending you videos? O_o Well, sure, some videos are actually worth watching. But I hate it when people send me videos (through email or MSN) and don’t tell me what the heck it’s about. They just send a link and not a note. I like to know what I’m about to watch if I’m going to waste 5 minutes of my life watching something.

    Ruok: Do they say that?

    The Goonfather: Irrelevant as ever, I see.

    chak: lol. Just delete everything.

    Minou: I just delete everything that doesn’t look personal.

    JokeDiary: That’s what I just don’t understand. Who are these people who are forwarding all these rubbish? Why do they do that? I don’t get viagra mail anymore since I started using gmail, which filters all that for me, lol.

    Mince Pye: *cough* yes, but aren’t you glad that you’re now in Facebook because now you have another way to interact with your bonnie who lies o’er the ocean? :P

    Yeah, thanks for the lolinating. lol indeed.

    JayWalk: You still bother sticking them at the bottom? Delete the whole damn thing lah! :P

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    It isn’t the FB emails that bother me, I like the notifications. What I dislike is chain letters, so it does get really annoying when I click on a link in a FB notify to see what was left on my wall only to find it’s a chain letter! I do get real notes on my wall, not very often, not nearly often enough – but I really appreciate it whenever I get them. A look at my friends walls shows at least they and their friends are still using FB mostly for real communication. But that’s just the standard wall. AS for the fun/super – I haven’t looked at those on my friends FB pages for fear of getting a migraine and acute case of nausea and the urge to want to throw things. Chain letters aren’t just on email and FB or Myspace, though, for goodness sakes, people are posting those dumb things on their blogs! And yes, this includes Livejournal and FB notes! It’s annoying going to a friend’s blog hoping for some interesting stuff they have to write about, only to find they’ve posted yet another stupid meme survey thing! And these people who go “I’ve been tagged, I feel like this is a chain letter, but I’ll post it anyway” ARGHH! Please – don’t!

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    well. one kind of rice feed thousands kind of people. we are just human and don’t have to power to change everybody’s mindset. That’s just part of life and we have to live with it.

    Old outdated chain email is still better then those that asking people to donate a rare blood type to help a person when that person has already dead. And those email are still circulating around to keep reminding their love one the pain of losing that person or child they love some time back. Imaging after you lost that person for 10 years and you still see that email circulating asking people to help your child that already died 10 yrs ago.

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    Note to self: Only send QY video links with full synopsis, major character notes and keep them under 5 minutes…

    And I HATE the touchy-feely videos. Only send me funny ones, not heartwarming!

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    You hit the nail on the head. I am getting more and more frustrated by supposedly intelligent friends/contacts of mine who are sending me this s#*& on an almost daily basis. I never had a soft spot for damn Mortimer, I don’t care for meaningless petitions that do jack, and I find it rather embarrassing that ppl are so vain as to think annoying ppl with a stupid message to find out who has a “secret crush” on them is acceptable. If you didn’t personally write the message, don’t send it to me. Easy.

  15. Avatar

    Those things are fucking annoying, just ignore them. Don’t add all the zombie/vampire crap and people will soon realize that you *don’t* want that sort of viral messaging thing. It depends on the people really, there will always be a few friends leaving nice personal messages for you. :)

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    Capri: Absolutely. Exactly what I’m trying to get across. Chain letters are so annoying I can’t understand why people would even bother passing them along!

    JokeDiary: Yeah, I imagine that must be quite sad for surviving loved ones.

    Jesta: Thank you. lol.

    Fiona: I’m glad you feel the same way. But I wonder where are the people who actually enjoy chain letters and are passing them on. Why aren’t they responding to this? lol.

    riyu: I don’t think it works that way. Facebook makes it so easy for people to mass send stuff to people and I think most people just conveniently click on everyone and sent, without thinking about who it is they’re sending it to.

  17. Avatar

    Hehe You’re welcome. Yes. And what’s so frustrating is not being able to knock it into the heads of my friends and some family members who would rather dissolve in a full-blown whoosh of emotion whenever some chain letter manipulates them into passing it along rather than *gasp* THINK for themselves and actually dare to question any of this stuff.

    I really dislike those that are about real people who are already dead. If people took the time to do a little research, their actions by not forwarding an out of date chain letter about someone already dead would be far more caring than passing it along.

    And don’t even get me started on the fictional dying/missing kid hoaxes and the absolutely tasteless guilt-trips those chains try on people. preying on their compassion and vulnerabilities, and exploiting the fact there are sick and dying people in the world. “Forward if you care about children” “Please don’t delete if you have a heart” “If you’re too lazy, busy, selfish etc. to take a minute and forward this letter and this little girl dies”

    Ditto for chain letters that misquote and spread lies about famous people or companies.

    I’d like a few minutes in a room alone with the presently anonymous, gutless cowards who make up this junk – if I ever found out who is behind those hoaxes, I wouldn’t keep it a secret and they would curse the day they created the hoax.

    “Friendship” chains irritate the living daylights out of me too, especially when my “friend” who sends them every so often can’t take the time to actually write a few words of her/his own instead. And when you get enough of those friendship glurges that tell you how to treat your friends, preaching on about what friendship means, or what love is etc. well gosh – it’s like what the heck did I do to deserve getting preached at about friendship when these “friends” of mine don’t even do what the forward says other than the pass it on part? If they really took the part of the chain letters that go on about taking the time for your friends to heart, they’d stop sending forwards and write their own emails instead.

    And who in the world believes a forward with the subject “Delete if we’re not friends”? and claims like “If you don’t forward this, it means you are too busy and don’t have time for your friends.” and “If you send this back to me, I’ll know you’re my friend.” etc. etc.? No kidding, I got one like that from a relative years ago, and she still hasn’t kicked the forwarding habit or learned anything, apparently. Not long ago, she passed on a chain to someone else I know – and this was the headlight-flashing gang initiation hoax of all things. She doesn’t send forwards to me because I debunk them – which goes to show that chain letters are more important to some people than their friends are. And that’s sad.

    Facebook applications probably weren’t meant as a means to spread chain letters, but so many of them encourage you to send your friends a mass whatever the app is about. Some apps are actually chain letters and IMO a huge waste that never should’ve been added into FB in the first place. One of my friends added the “Are you a left-brainer or right-brainer” app to her FB. Thinking it might be a fun quiz, I added it. Wrong – all it turned out to be was that chain letter dancer which you have to say if she spins clockwise or counter clockwise. Blech and WTH?

  18. Avatar

    Thanks Qiaoyun. :)

    I always say that chain letters use every emotional angle there is just to get copied and passed on, including trying not to look like chain letters. Has anyone ever gotten those chains that say “Even if you don’t forward, nothing will happen, and passing it on may not make all your dreams come true, but all I can say is it is guaranteed to brighten somebody’s day!” or “You don’t have to send this on if you don’t want to, but if you do, (insert some fluffy flattering promise here)” and BTW, I never use the “Send to a friend” “Tell a friend” feature on web sites. That’s probably how a lot of especially the joke and brain-teaser type things really get going. The latest one I got was the “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader” it doesn’t threaten people with bad luck or promise them riches for forwarding it, it basically encourages you to pass on the “fun” to your friends after you’ve solved a boring riddle and entered your name into the attached xls file. Erm – still a manipulative chain letter and potentially really messing up your computer and compromising your personal info as well if you do pass it on. The manipulation isn’t so brutal as in the guilt-ridden forwards, but it’s still there. Same with the joke forwards, “Pass it on and give your friends a laugh!” Uhm no – don’t tell me what to send to my friends, some of them may have already gotten the joke 6 times, and it’s definitely not funny after the second or third copy. Jokes and animation chains tend to really go around that way. So if you get a cutesy or funny chain on one list, you’re likely to get it again from unrelated sources on whatever other email lists you’re on. Argh. Not so much fun after all.

  19. Avatar

    Capri: Yeah, you’re right again! Chain letters that use reverse psychology to get passed on came out after people stopped feeling threatened by the traditional death threats.

    And people who felt guilty passing on death threat letters but had to anyway because they’d rather be safe than sorry, probably loved the new-age chain letters that said, “Pass this on if you love friends!” It probably made them feel like they were doing a great, noble, loving thing rather than making use of friends to pass curses off their hands. lol.

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    super wall is a pig to use too, if you’re not alert replying to something and neglect to uncheck things each time it sends it to all of your friends, and every time I try to delete some crap I get an error message.

  21. Avatar

    John C: Thanks for your comment! Glad that you agree! ;)

    Keir: Haha, maybe then stop using super wall altogether. :P I feel that the regular default wall is good enough!

  22. Avatar

    Great insights. I’ve been slow to add either application. That being said– I’m looking to distribute a viral video for a charitable cause soon so I might be installing them.


  23. Avatar

    You’re an idiot! There is so many other things that people get that are nice things on there and you can post your own videos that can be sent to friends, grow up!

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