Free hamsters that cost me $120

Wanted to blog about Christmas celebrations but was out all day today, so I think I’ll leave that for tomorrow because it’s late now and there are too many pictures to process.

Here’s a bit of irrelevant news for now.

Two days ago, the Goonfather and I went to his sister’s place for Christmas dinner and discovered that his niece and nephew had bought three Roborovski hamsters between them.

They’re so cute! And I kinda commented casually that I wanted hamsters, too (although I don’t really really want them, even if they’re cute, because pets are such a huge responsibility).

Later, we found out that the Goonfather’s sister was going to buy a new dog and the seller wanted to give her more hamsters for free.

So, it ends up that she’s going to take the free hamsters and give them to us.


I didn’t decline the offer because — ZOMG — how could I resist baby dwarf hamsters???

Free somemore leh!!

We’re picking them up tomorrow!

So, today, the Goonfather took me shopping for hamster housing and necessities.

TMD LAH. Ends up my free hamsters cost me a total of $120 for initial set up.

But, never mind. I’m really excited! Especially since I just spent $120 buying cool stuff to welcome my new pets.

I’ve set up a corner for them in my room!

I even bought them a bathroom, a toilet and a sleeping cot! (But turns out I couldn’t fit everything into the house.)

The house is called Pink Princess Castle. SO SWEET RIGHT??!?!?!!

Even though it looks nothing like a castle, and I don’t even know what sex my hamsters will be, I had to buy it because the name is so cute lah. I’m a total sucker for marketing.

I can’t wait to see my hamsters! I bought yummy snacks for them!

Well, I hope my hamsters will find them yummy.

42 thoughts on “Free hamsters that cost me $120

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    Oh. Dear. God! What have they come up with now? A pink castle for hamster princesses? I really, really hope that all your expensive free hamsters are female, ‘cos if they’re male they’re going to have serious issues…

  2. Avatar

    Justin is going to be so jealous!

    He loves Roborovski hamsters. He had one but his mum gave it a bath and it died. :(

    And no more hamsters now because Minou would probably scare it to death.

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    they smell.. and need to change everyother day.. not advisable to keep in room, like every other animal they hate baths.. and alot are professional escape artists

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    Monster: There are tons of pink cages everywhere! You can get some hamsters, too… :P

    Daphne Maia: I’ll do my best! ;)

    modchip: Haha, I sure hope so.

    Jesta: Hahaha. I’ve got a pair of females. The Goonfather rang his sister today to make sure they got female ones. :P But don’t you think the cage is really cute? They have a blue version which they call Blue Knight Castle.

    Shire Li: I think so too. They keep coming up with more and more pet products to tempt pet owners into parting with their money. :P

    xinyun: I thought it was big when I first got it. But after trying to fit the toilet and bathroom in unsuccessfully, I think it’s too small! lol.

    Minou: OMG poor hamster. Isn’t there anywhere you guys can keep hamsters where Minou can’t get to? Hey, you can come play with my hamsters anytime! ;)

    JayWalk: Wahahaa. I got female hamsters. Fitting mah.

    chak: They have pet bedding which absorbs smells, pet foods which minimise smelly pee, and bath sand for dwarf hamsters to bathe in (which the hamsters love). So… hopefully the smell situation will be well under control! :P

    Pingping: I’ll try to set aside time to clean their cage once a week. That’s what hamster care websites recommend.

    Jason Ho: Well, I read that dwarf hamsters love running about and they actually need more space than the larger breed hamsters cos of that. I’m now thinking of extending the castle and giving them more room to play in. Heh.

    Vandalin: You’re absolutely right, buddy. Hahahaha. Now, why wasn’t I born in a rose-tinted princess castle? Sigh.

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    Haha, I sure hope so.

    Oh oh… I forsee something bad thats gonna happen to the poor lucky hamsters… hahahah.. *joke*..

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    sometimes it scares the hell out of you when you think they’re so cute and in the midst of touching them, they bite your finger!!!!

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    Minou: Hmm, I guess so. Let Minou continue enjoying being centre of attention. :P

    modchip: Haha. No no. My hamsters will be very well taken care of! :P

    Derrick: Aww… sorry to hear that. :( You had the 3 guinea pigs all at the same time? Do you have any pets now?

    tskie: I only got bitten by a hamster once when I was young. But it wasn’t too painful so I wasn’t too traumatised. :P

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    Derrick: Yeah, I guess I can understand. 3 at a time is quite a handful to handle, isn’t it? I already feel quite overwhelmed with 2 tiny hamsters! :P

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    Its not so much the hassle of caring for them. More the feeling of not wanting to lose any more. Its bad enough losing 3 of them (thankfully not at the same time), but if I get another 2, eventually they’ll go too, which is another 2 to mourn for. Sh*tty feeling lah!

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    Derrick: Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve liked hamsters for the longest time but never wanted to keep them because I’m so afraid of losing them (knowing they have short life spans). This time, the decision to have them was really an impulsive move, as I described in the post. But I’m just gonna enjoy the time with them and not think so much about what happens later.

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    do you still have the babys and where are you at i all ways wanted one and me and my husband just got our own place and wont a pet if you get back to me i would be happy

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    wow very PINKY but pretty cool

    are you japanese or philepinas plz email me and tell me plz

    PLZ cause im japanese but im in london

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    OMG! I got THE SAME hamster cagee for my russian baby girl ^_____^
    hahaha I got for christmas i didn’t know it was called Pink Princess Castle so cute ^___^.

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