Don’t worry, theatre is like that

Still working on the project that’s making me psychotic.

I worked through the night and finished drafting version two of my script at 4:20 am this morning. Now waiting for feedback and revisions.

The show is happening in 10 days and I’m in two minds about publicising a performance for which I don’t even have a working script.

My mentor-director said, “Don’t worry. Theatre is like that.” And he went on to talk about plateaus and breakthroughs. “It’ll happen,” he said. “Trust that I won’t allow your performance to be bad.”

Uh… ok.

I hope for my sake that his skill will overcompensate my cluelessness.

I won’t ask anyone to buy tickets to watch my show because I cannot conscientiously sell a product that technically doesn’t exist yet. (I’m morally uptight that way, which makes me really suck at sales pitches.)

But here’s the flyer, anyway.

I may not have a saleable product yet, but I’m not the only performer. It’s a three-in-one show, so even if mine sucks (although I’m working on it not sucking), there are still two others which are worth watching.

You can get a discount if you mention my name (Shen Qiaoyun) in the email when you order tickets. Not sure how much, though.

15 thoughts on “Don’t worry, theatre is like that

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    Wah cool! Surprise, I know 2 names on the poster above. You and Debbie. Haha.

    And recently my bro sent me a clip that he composed the soundtrack to as well. What a surprise, I saw you in it. :)

    Think I’ll go and watch this one. :)

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    uzyn: Cool! How did you know Debbie? Just to clarify, though. Debbie won’t actually be performing. Her role is to design a set for one of the actors.

    What was the clip you saw me in? I don’t think I know your brother!

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    I agree with arachno! Please make a video of this! :D This is going to be interesting… I like the “3 Women Meet 3 Men” lines. :D

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    tskie: Thanks for your support! Appreciate it. :)

    arachno/modchip: Sorry, I don’t think it’s possible to videotape this. If theatre shows were videotaped and distributed, then nobody would pay to watch the actual show! That’s why you never see full Broadway plays and “live” performances like that on DVDs. :P

    MikeM: Well, I’d have to disagree with your point a little bit. Yes, it’s true that hard work produces result. But it also depends on talent. For example, I’m sure William Hung worked very hard for his American idol audition and his first album and his first movie. But he still sucked, lol. I mean, I don’t want to be unkind, but that’s the brutal truth. And, to be honest, there are areas in which I keep sucking at no matter how hard I work at them. :P

    Ruok: Thanks! I’m really excited about this. And I swear… I will go for Short and Sweet 2008 audition. :P

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