Cute as Cookies

[Hamster Tales Part 1]

Day 1
Wednesday, 26 Dec 2007

It’s 8:30 pm. I’m at the Goonfather’s sister’s home and I have a shoebox in front of me.

I have waited so eagerly all day to meet my new darlings, a gift for me.

I have a pretty pink cage all ready for them, with everything they’d need for the first few days, at least.

Anticipation makes me quiver. My new pets are inside the shoebox and I can’t wait to lift the lid and see what they look like. I open the box. Aww. My little pretties are scampering about in the box, cute as cookies. I hold one of them because I’m expected to.

But I put her back after a minute because I read on the net that hamsters need a few days to settle down after being moved to a new home before they’d trust their new owner.

I bring my princesses home.

I have no choice but to touch them again because I need to move them into their Pink Princess Castle. It’s difficult to pick them up because they’re so skittish.

Once in the castle, they start exploring. I speak to them softly, welcoming them to their new home. I offer them a milk cookie to make up for the stressful housemoving. One of them sniffs her way to me and starts nibbling on the cookie.

My heart melts instantly. I refrain from squealing with joy. I let go of the cookie gently because I think she has a grip on it. But she doesn’t. The cookie falls onto the floor. She skitters off.

I pick up the cookie and try again.

This time, the other one comes and takes a nibble. She puts both her paws on the cookie.


There is no sweeter thing on earth to experience than this. I let go because I think she wants to hold the cookie. Once again the cookie falls.


This happens a couple more times and then they’re tired of the cookie and stop coming to me.

I think it’s time to leave them alone. I put the roof of the cage on and latch it shut.

My little babies explore their new home for 10 more minutes, then settle into the purple triangular dish I set out for them to use as a bed. I want to give them a covered bed but it won’t fit into the basement of the pink castle.

But I’m thrilled that they’re using the purple dish. They snuggle together into it and promptly fall asleep, remaining in that state for the rest of the night.

Coming tomorrow: Two Hamsters and a Wheel

19 thoughts on “Cute as Cookies

  1. Avatar

    Guess the cookie’s too heavy for them. Its so cute seeing chinchillas hold a food item with both paws & then nibble on it.

  2. Avatar

    Derrick: I think they can hold the cookie if they want to. They’re pretty strong! I love seeing animals eat. Any animals! I just melt! I guess rodents are the cutest because they use both paws to hold the food.

    Minou: Is Justin tempted? Hehe.

    modchip: Thanks! Happy New Year to you!!

    arachno: Yeah, I love that picture. I love when they do that!

    Wang Wang: =)

    Pingping: I have every kind of food/snacks possible for them, lol. Can you believe I have 8 different packets of food right now? 2 are main meal food, 6 are snacks. Unfortunately, I can’t feed them too much snacks cos it’s not good for them but I just can’t resist buying! lol. Happy 2008 to you too! :)

  3. Avatar

    And this from the woman who doesn’t want to be a mother??? Seems like you have all the right instincts and they are soooooo cuuuuuuute! lol

  4. Avatar

    so cute.. but you cant hug em.. such dilemma.. :3
    once im trying to poke em with my nose..
    but then.. they bite my nose.. X3

  5. Avatar

    Hehe… tempted indeed.. Miss my hamster. But I’ve got a cat in the house, afraid she may terrorise new hamster housemates.. :(

  6. Avatar

    Jesta: On the contrary. Having these hamsters makes me all the more NOT want to have human babies. Haha. Hamsters are much cuter than humans and they’re easier to care for than humans. :P

    zield: Well, it doesn’t matter. Looking at their cute antics is good enough for me. You know, when I see cute babies, I don’t want to touch them or carry them like most people do. I just want to watch them. :P And why would you poke a hamster with your nose?? lol.

    skyler: Yeah, these hamsters were specially chosen for me because they don’t bite! lol.

    Justin: Aww. That’s sad. :(

  7. Avatar

    cant help it.. theyre sooooo cute.. doesnt it feel good when you touch em.. ?? something like fuwafuwa~ or funifuni~ feeling..
    makes you want to poke em.. -o(^^o)

  8. Avatar

    zield: I don’t know. I haven’t had a chance to touch my hamsters yet. I think it’s going to take me at least a month to tame them. They’re soooooo skittish!

  9. Avatar

    OK, im getting a hamster and I lve pin so…where did u get tht cage I have been looking for 3 days!!!!! its so pretty!!!

  10. Avatar

    I bought it in a pet store in Singapore, but you can find the cage in Amazon or eBay. Just search for Pink Princess hamster cage. :)

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