Blogging from my DS Lite

I’m now at Holland Village blogging from my Nintendo DS Lite. You just gotta love Nintendo DS Opera Browser!

But Wireless@SG is rather dodgy. The first time I tried to blog on my DS Lite was at East Coast Park. I managed to tap into Wireless@SG easily, but the connection died on me after I typed two paragraphs. I couldn’t reconnect after that and lost my two paragraphs forever.

Hey, two paragraphs is no laughing matter when you’re poking at a tiny digital Qwerty with a tiny stylus. You try it and tell me you don’t develop newfound respect for my two paragraphs.

I know I can always bring my new laptop, which would make mobile blogging so much easier. But it’s like a zillion kilograms heavier than my DS Lite.

I had a rehearsal in the morning and a post-production audio recording session in the afternoon. And, right now, I’m at the t-shirt launch party. It would have been too exhausting to lug around that monstrous weight all day. I wish I had gotten an Eee PC instead, but it wasn’t available when we bought that Asus.

Anyway, gotta get back to the party before I get accused of being anti-social. Actually, they’re holding the lucky draw now. And my right hand is cramping up from stylus poking, lol.

OMG I won a lucky draw prize can you believe it? It’s a VIP card for Essential Brew, which is hosting this event. Seriously weird!

Anyway, thanks and Essential Brew!

20 thoughts on “Blogging from my DS Lite

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    Paddy Tan: Hiya! :) Good to see you again, although we didn’t get to chat. Yeah, I also didn’t know DS Lite can blog until recently! Just wish Wireless@sg would buck up! :P

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    Hi, err.. think can forget about Wireless@Sg. I almost pull out my that very little hair left when tried surfing at Coffeebean. There is signal but just kept kicking me out every 30 seconds after I logged in.

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    Paddy Tan: Yeah, I know, I’ve seen a lot of bad press surrounding Wireless@sg. But I don’t want to pay for mobile broadband (yet). Haha. So, no choice, gotta put up with it. Sometimes you might get lucky, like earlier at Essential Brew, I actually managed to stay connected for more than half-an-hour, until I shut down my DS. ;)

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    No need thank la. I like reading, interviews of hot gamer babes included. Good to see gaming growing slowly but surely for the next generations like you haha. I started more than 2 decades ago lol.. still remember singapore’s first lanshop too. Its all leisure for me now :)

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    Wireless@SG is like your bastard child where it was all fun and fanfare when they created it. Next thing you know, now nobody want to maintain it and allow it to degrade into oblivion.

    I have to say I am very impressed that you ACTUALLY typed so much on the DS lite. Even when I have a full keyboard on the Nokia E90, I can’t see myself typing so much in one sitting unless I am really really bored.

    The last time I wrote any much on a mobile device (sans laptop) was on a Palm PDA where the graffitti (writing recognition) was second to none.

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    Oh mine….Didn’t know that you can surf and blog on NDS….Unmm…interesting. NDS gets one point up from PSP…but PSP can watch movies, can NDS do that too?

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    I’m pretty sure the Goonster will tell you that the PSP has wireless connectivity and can surf as well as the DS, being the rabid Sony fanboi that he is :P

    BTW, one thing I’ve noticed about WirelessSG, connecting via handhelds seems iffy and dodgy.

    But connecting via a mobile PC is a lot more reliable and stable. I’ve had no problems surfing and even gaming via my Lenovo, but my 838Pro has trouble even connecting properly.

    Probably because you need a tranceiver output that can fry your brain before the WirelessSG signal becomes usable.

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    My cousin stay in changi village ( within the wireless@sg area). She bought a laptop just because there’s free internet. lol. But according to her. sometime it’s good and on some day really bad. but overall I think she can still live with it since it’s foc.

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    Where and how much for the DS browser?!

    Apparently it’s no longer in production you know? I’ve had such a hard time looking for it… Unless I order from online. :(

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    DS very useful ei? FYI, You can also watch movies, play mp3, organizer… etc.. on the DS…! Did you also know that you can run linux on it? Pretty cool ya? If only it could make phone calls…. *:)*

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    Haven’t personally tried it, but I think it would be on a pure commandline usage, and maybe usual commands apply. Do a search on “DSLinux” if you want to find out more. ;)

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    Liquid Ecstasy: Gaming is certainly growing as more and more people get attached to computers in this new technological age. I think that’s a great thing!

    JayWalk: Well, sometimes, typing on the DS for a long period of time beats sitting around and doing nothing. :P

    Jesta: I would love to. Christmas present for me? :P

    Monster: I don’t know. But the Goonfather says NDS can watch movie too. I’m not interested, though. I’d rather watch movies on the big screen.

    Mince Pye: Are you saying that laptops fry brains?

    JokeDiary: Nope, haven’t tried McDonald’s. I tried Starbucks once. But the connection kept coming and going and never stuck for more than 2 minutes. Irritating like hell.

    Shelly: Will talk to you on MSN about it. :)

    modchip: Phone calls on DS? Haha. Well, the Nokia Ngage tried to do that. :P

    arachno: Lucky? But many people own a DS nowadays.

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