Who the heck eats chocolate with chilli?

Today’s blog is ostensibly about chocolate, but it’s actually just an excuse to camwhore.

You see, one day, the Goonfather rushed home all excited and said to me, “I have something yummy for you! You’ll love it!”

“What what what?” I cried excitedly.


“Eew! What’s that?” I exclaimed.

“Chilli chocoate! It’s yumzzzzzzzz!”

“Gross!!!” I said.

“Just try it lah! I had to smuggle it out of the office!”

It was a leftover bar of chocolate that had arrived from Germany and circulated around his office. He thought I would like it because I love chilli and I love chocolate. And his colleagues all loved it, apparently.

But the thought of mixing chilli with chocolate has never crossed my mind. What a crazy combination.

Still, I had to give it a try.

Slowly, skeptically, I took a bite.

I chewed reflectively.

“Yuck!” I said, delivering the verdict straight to the point.

“It’s dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate,” I complained.

“I can’t even taste the chilli,” I continued.

“There’s a bit of a spice, but it’s more sour than spicy,” I finished.

The Goonfather called me lousy (again) for not knowing how to appreciate dark chocolate.

I don’t like the taste lor!! Cannot meh?

And, dark chocolate aside, I don’t care whether it’s Lindt or not. Chilli chocolate is weird!

36 thoughts on “Who the heck eats chocolate with chilli?

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    Eeewwww….Sounds gross! How can that be nice?

    BTW, the schedule is almost ready and the timing is getting earlier and earlier.
    Everytime we confirm timing with mother in law it seems to get 30 mins earlier.

    Oh! See my new bedsheets on my blog. :p

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    ooooo!! I tried one before! but not from Lindts… Bro brought it back from Korea and it was….. YUCKS!!! The chilli taste was quite strong and so, it was HOT. I think, chilli and choc just can’t mix la…. Korea also have kimchi choc….. definitely… not…. nice…. LOL!! I guess I still prefer the normal choc flavors. =P

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    It could have been worse.
    It could have been chocolate covered bugs.
    But I don’t think I would even taste chocolate covered chili. Its probably not that chocolate companys most popular item.

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    well i love chilli and i love chocolate(white or dark or any)… i would love to try some the dark chocolate + chilli… haha sound so weird + wanna try it to see wat it really taste like

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    Well ladies and gentlemen, the comments race just got more interesting. In a superb move Smallapple managed to get the inside line at the corner and has edged ahead. How modchip will respond to this remains to be seen, but both commenters seem to have thrown caution to the wind and started typing right on the edge, pulling away to put a clear 15 points between them and the rest of the pack.
    It’s at this point in the race that we should start looking out for pit-stops so we’ll see how the strategy of each team is going to work out on the next lap.
    Stay tuned, this is too exciting to leave now.

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    QY: maybe you can get Goonfather to buy for you “1848” brand Chocolat… (French brand I think)

    I have one bar left with me imported from France during my last trip there in Oct.. :)

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    Normally dark Chocolat… I did not spell it incorrectly, it’s the French spelling ;-)

    I don’t take to big a bite… take small bites… and let it melt in your mouth and taste it… yum yum…

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    Derrick: Yes the 85% one is a acquired taste.. not many people like it..

    but the 72-75% ones if they are of good quality coco are easier for people to accept.

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    Dark chocolate and chili……I’m not even going to say anything about that you said it all HA

    But there is one interesting drink I had in Singapore when I was there. It’s called rose peddle drink. They used to sell it at the mall next to the OG in Chinatown. It was pink. At first I was scared to try it but after a few sips I was hooked on the stuff.

    Now I can’t find it anywhere. It was call Captain Jacks’ Rose Peddle Drink. I have sent out spies all across Singapore in search of it to no avail. Dang spies! What am I paying them for??

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    Oh my God! They are neck and neck! 33 comments each! It can’t get any more exciting than this. They’ve rounded the hairpin and are on the long straight, who will get ahead for the next corner?

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    Lindt dark chocolate is nice~! 50% one is nice… not to bitter… 80% is like bitter till sour already…
    Chili flavour… omg…. why dun they go with pepper?? or chocolate that taste like beef??
    haha… kinda stupid… hehe

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    Minou: Haha, I don’t know. That was my first thought, exactly. Love your bedsheets!!! And I hope your MIL didn’t change the timing to like 3am. I’ll die! Haha.

    modchip: Tastes weird, that’s all I can say. lol.

    Mince Pye: Wow. How come we don’t have weird stuff like that in Singapore? :P

    Pingping: Heh, it wasn’t too hard to swallow. I only took a very small bite as you can see in the picture!

    JayWalk: Yeah! That’s why my first reaction was “eew!”

    Jesta: Haha. Well, there’s a market for it, apparently!

    And thanks for the comments commentary! It’s getting exciting, certainly! Haha.

    An: I guess the Korean version would be much hotter since Koreans like spicy. Kimchi choc sounds damn weird too! Haha. But the lindt chilli choc isn’t spicy at all.

    awannabe writer: Yuck, chocolate covered bugs.. how can you even suggest that? lol. Do they really sell that?

    smallapple: I think even if one doesn’t like chilli or chocolate, it’s still good to try. Gotta try everything you can at least once, right? ;)

    starm|st: It’s doesn’t really taste yeurgh, though. Just weird and not very pleasant. Haha.

    misha: You seem to be always travelling. Maybe you’ll get to try it one day! hehe.

    Derrick: Oh, I hate the sour taste. That’s why I don’t drink coffee, either. I hate the sour feeling on the tongue afterwards!

    Wang Wang: Er… I think the Goon ate it all up already. lol.

    arachno: Wow, sounds expensive. What’s special about that Chocolat? But I still don’t like dark chocolate, whether cheap ones or expensive ones. The taste just doesn’t appeal to me.

    Mike M: I guess what you drank was some special cocktail mix using rose syrup as the main flavouring. But it must have been limited only to that stall you got it from because I certainly have never heard of rose peddle, whether captain jacks’ or not!

    abraxis: Wow, I might like milk chocolate with green chilli. I love milk chocolate! :)

    choongkeat: Hahahaha beef chocolate! You never know… maybe they already have a thing like that in some obscure part of the world!

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    arachno: Tried the Godiva 65%. Waste of money. No kick!

    QY: Good quality coffee shouldn’t be sour leh. Unless Malacca coffee, that’s unique due to the way the beans are prepared.

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    QY: No lah not expensive it’s just normal Chocolat brand you can find in any of the supermarket… nothing special, just that Chocolat there taste better only.. :)

    Maybe next year when I’m there again I will get a few bars for you if you want… you like nuts/fruits with your Chocolat?

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    Derrick: Did not even cross my mind to try it… looks not too nice to me good chocolat need not to be expensive.

    QY: As Derrick said, good coffee does not taste sour.. but if they brew the coffee too long in the pot it will have a sour taste especially local coffee….

    If you want good local coffee, try the coffee stall located in Golden Mile Tower, inside the building first floor along the shop where they have a lot of those arranged marriages shop.. there you will see a stall just selling coffee… man I like the coffee there…. :D but have not have it for months as our company move away from beach road… :|

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    QY: Personal preference actually. Its more the coffee blend than the outlet that sells it. Kenyan roast, blue mountain, etc.

    arachno: This place at Ann Siang Hill has dark choc which is made from very rare white coloured cocoa beans. Wish I had cut out that newspaper review.

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    arachno: Wow, you go to France alot? Thanks for offering to get me chocolates but no need lah. Don’t waste good chocolate on me cos I can’t appreciate dark chocolate. I only like milk chocolate!

    Oh, I go to Golden Mile Tower once in the while for that chicken rice steamboat. Will try the coffee if I chance by there next time!

    Derrick: Ok, but which is the non-sour type? I mean those that don’t even leave a taste in the mouth. :P

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    Apparently the aussies have weird taste too…i tried it in Adelaide and Sydney before. I din like it the first time nor the second (and my last)

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    Jzin: How strange. Those are exactly the three cities I’ve been to in Australia! Heheh. Maybe I never saw chilli chocolate because I was more into cheap chocolate bars. I loved Cadbury Picnic and really ate a lot of that!

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    I only recently became enamored with dark chocolate, and when I saw the one with chili in it, my interest was piqued. I took a bar home, and needless to say, I fell in -love- with it. You can taste the chocolate at first, and then when you swallow, you’re left with the awesome fire of the chili! <3 It’s an amazing experience that everyone should try. Though Dark chocolate is an acquired taste, I recommend trying a few ‘regular’ dark chocolates (read: Hershey special dark. sweeter than most) before going for the dark stuff.

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