This will make a carnivore out of you

I know some people are going to kill me for this, but what can I do? Journalists live dangerously. (Which is why I quit being a journalist, but old habits die hard.)

Anyway… another food post!


We took the Goonfather to Carnivore for his birthday. The food is so good I feel compelled to go back again right after I digest my first meal!

The concept is not new (been around for ages) but for those who haven’t tried it, it’s a barbeque buffet restaurant where they serve you meat right off the skewers in front of you.


There are several kinds of beef (different parts), lamb, pork, ham, chicken, fish, sausages. There are also interesting things like chicken hearts and pineapple. The meat waiters just come to you nonstop to fill up your plate.

There’s also a salad bar with all kinds of vegetables and pasta. It’s delicious!!!

Here’s what my plate looks like after I’ve helped myself to some salad and had my first piece of beef sliced onto my plate.

This beef just melts in your mouth.

I love the chicken heart.

I hate the pineapple because it burned my tongue (acid burn, not heat burn).

But I seem to be the only one who suffered from that. The others loved the pineapple. It looks dry but it’s really juicy and fragrant when you bite into it. It’s barbequed on a skewer and sliced hot directly onto your plate, like the meats.

One note of caution. Some of the meats are really salty so might not be suitable for people who take minimal salt. But I love it!

And now, for something truly disgusting to take your appetite off a bit.

Rare beef! Yuck.

Some of the beef come with rare centres. It’s so rare it’s raw! The Goonfather and Morte were lapping it up like carnivores. Gross. I don’t know how anyone can look at that red glob and salivate like a savage, which is what the two carnivores sitting beside me were doing.

You can request for the more cooked parts if you’re squeamish like me. The cooked parts are divine. I’ve never eaten so much beef in one sitting!

Ok, enough meat. It’s dessert time!

There’s a chocolate fondue fountain beside the salad bar, stocked with fruits and marshmallows.

That’s Paul’s plate above.

He started rather conservatively with a few pretty sticks.

But he found that he enjoyed it so much, he had to go back for second helpings.

How can anyone eat so much dessert after stuffing himself silly with a whole cow??!! (That’s roughly how much meat he ate.)

Well, he’s Paul, aka Don Juan de Porko. Like that explains anything. But it does.

Personally, I don’t like chocolate fondue (because I don’t like dark chocolate) and I find this chocolate too sweet.

The Goonfather says I’m lousy because I don’t appreciate fine foods like raw meat and dark chocolate.


When everyone was stuffed and couldn’t eat another bite, we sprang the surprise.

The Goonfather nearly jumped out of his skin in shock when the waiters sprang out from the kitchen bearing a cake and singing him a birthday song in Spanish.


But I think he was generally pleased with the surprise.

I don’t know how anyone managed to eat any birthday cake at that point of time, but we all did. It’s Lana chocolate cake!!

Satisfied smiles.

But it’s really a bad idea to do a birthday cake thing at a buffet restaurant.

I told Wang Wang as much, but she said the Carnivore staff are really nice and will sing a birthday song on request, so I thought I would give it a try.

I suppose it was worth it.

I’m definitely going back again!

If you go at 5:30pm, there’s a happy hour price of $31++ or $33++ depending on the day of the week. Regular prices are $39++ and $42++. There’s a branch at Chjimes and one at VivoCity.

38 thoughts on “This will make a carnivore out of you

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    Looks like my kind of place with all that meat… and salad to go along. *slurp* as for the pineapple, i tink eating them with the salty meat should neutalise the acidity….can’t wait to try the place out come my birthday. thanx for the recommendation *thumbs up*

  2. Avatar

    I like Carnivore. So far my pineapples have always been sweet. Chicken heart’s nice so is the ham and the fish. Heck, everything’s nice actually. The bloody meat was great!! Beef is best eaten medium rare my dear!

    Most of the meats are kinda salty. That’s where the tapioca flour and the other thing come in handy. Think your first pic was the beef rump. Usually I just whack the meat. Not worth it to fill up on salad & soup.

    BTW, was that slim lady staff with the long hair there? Forgot her name but she’s an uber hottie! She’s another reason beside the food to go there. WAHAHAHA!!

  3. Avatar

    I love Carnivore, but I think that after the shots of the chocolate marshmallows and knowing just how slim you manage to stay I will join the queue to kill you :oP

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    Commentary on the comments race:
    Well folks, we are nearing the halfway stage of this month and it looks like modchip and Smallapple have pulled away from the field. These two are serious competitors and they really are showing what they are made of. modchip remains in the lead, by the slimmest of margins, a simple post that gives Smallapple some inspiration could see the lead change hands. On the other hand another score by modchip may cement the lead and allow him to draw away.
    The action’s all here so stay tuned…

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    Yum Yum.. been there a few times quite good, but need to be hungry and eat eat eat…. hahaha.. :)

    If there’s a chance you go to Brazil, try it there, it’s better… :)

  6. Avatar

    Jesta: Yah… they are so far ahead of the rest it will take some serious posting for the rest to catch up…

    I’m sure I have no hope now… :|

    So who do you think will be top poster this month?
    Smallapple or modchip???

  7. Avatar

    Happy birthday to the Goonfather!

    Chicken heart – I like this. Oh, and meat (any kind – chicken, duck, cow, pig, *gulp* dog…), there’s nothing more tastier that those. :D

  8. Avatar

    arachno: Well, it’s a close race this month and Smallapple has been showing some good form, but you can’t ignore the sheer power that modchip brings to a race like this – 29 comments in just 11 days – and add to that the fact that modchip seems to be able to counter any overtaking move by Smallapple and I’d say that the sensible money is on modchip. But, who knows… the race is still close and modchip’s typing finger might suffer a mechanical fault or overheat, leaving the field open for Smallapple to power through in the second half.
    All I can say at this point is that we’ll see, so stay tuned.

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    Don’t forget that the quality of the pit crew plays a large part in a race like this…

    A professional finger masseuse and hand chiropractor might just be that little edge needed by either contender to clinch the coveted checkered flag.

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    arachno and Jesta… lol i was going out too much for the past few days.. so not so free to leave comment… haha thanks for the support for mi and modchips.. dun worry i’ll pluck up!!!
    but mi and modchip is slowly abit down for u guys to try and ‘catch’ us up… haha .. jyjy

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    nadnut: Yup, we went to the VivoCity branch. Never tried the Chijmes one. So, if they didn’t have choc fondue, what kind of dessert did they offer?

    Monster: Cool! I didn’t know you were a meat lover. Oh dear, actually, we haven’t hung out for soooo long I don’t know what you like to eat anymore. :P

    Precious: Thank you on his behalf! Hmm, I wonder what he wished for, too. ;)

    Fish: When’s your birthday! Anyway, I’ve always been very sensitive to fresh pineapples. I only ate two small bites that day and my tongue started stinging already. I thought it won’t happen, because it’s cooked. (I can eat canned pineapples or cooked ones like in sweet sour pork.) But it did! sigh.

    Derrick: Yah, the pineapple was sweet and great! Just too bad my tongue can’t take it.

    Um, yeah, I know beef is best medium rare, but it looks damn gross lah!! I used to reject eating any beef that has the slightest hint of redness. Nowadays, I’m more tolerant and can even eat it if there’s like bloody juice flowing around the plate. But what the Goonfather eating just looked pure raw! Haha.

    I tried to limit myself on the salad because I thought like you. But the salad is damn yummy lah. :P Plus it’s always good to have some greens to neutralise all that meat. Haha.

    Slim lady? Er… didn’t notice. I only had eyes for all the cute male meat waiters. Hahah.

    Mike M: Er…. hahaha, that’s a good one. ;)

    Wang Wang: I thought I explained to you on the phone that day wat. First reason, we won’t have stomach left to eat the cake after stuffing ourselves on the buffet spread. Second reason, the Goonfather hates being in the spotlight. :P

    Jesta: Well, I didn’t eat the chocolate marshmallows, so you can’t kill me! :P I don’t like chocolate fondue because it uses dark chocolate. Yuck.

    Haha, great job on the commentary. You could make a career out of it!

    arachno: Yeah, I’ll bet it’s great in Brazil! Don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to be there, though. It’s not on my top ten list of places to visit and I doubt I will have the chance to even fulfil my top ten in this lifetime!

    modchip: Thanks for the birthday wish! So, do they have this kinda restaurants in the Philippines? The chicken heart is really very very nice! I ate five of them. Wawawah!!

    Mince Pye: Thanks for the supplementary commentary. Hahaha. You and Jesta make a great commentators team!

    An: But the chicken heart is really nice. Doesn’t taste gross or anything. Just… salty! lol.

    smallapple: Thank you on behalf of the Goonfather! If you like beef, you have to try Carnivore, man. They have four different cuts of beef and they are all SO GOOD!!

    Andy Tay: Thank you, too! Haha, I feel funny, thanking people on for the Goonfather!

  12. Avatar

    “…so they have this kinda restaurants in the Philippines…”

    Yeah, you can find these types of dish “almost” everywhere! My favorite is the one cooked in soy sauce. :D

    And 5 is not enough for me. He he he. ;)

  13. Avatar

    modchip: The chicken heart is really tiny, so I guess I could have eaten more. But there were too many other things to eat! In the end I was so full I couldn’t even fit in one more tiny chicken heart. :P

  14. Avatar

    modchip: wow, I didn’t know there’s chicken blood cubes. I’ve only seen pork blood. Where do you find chicken blood cubes? Er, not that I want to try. I’ll eat everything except blood. :P

  15. Avatar

    modchip: Oh, wow, why does it have so many holes in it? It looks like cheese. Haha. Pork blood cubes don’t have holes in them like that! It does look quite icky, hehe.

  16. Avatar

    Haha, I think it’s the bubble formations when the blood is extracted from the chicken neck. Unfortunately, I cannot describe how it really taste… but I tell you, it’s good.

    Another photo:

    Other food on that “genre”;

    isaw (haba):



    Heheheh, I just think that you would like to see. There are more but I cannot find photos. ;)

  17. Avatar

    Disgusting to look at, yeah, I agree. I’m still looking for a good photo of the “balut” — It’s like an aborted duck egg… :D

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