Singapore Slingers put the sling on Perth Wildcats

Last night was amazing.

First, the Singapore Slingers beat the Perth Wildcats in a thrillingly close match.

Second, Ben Knight remembered me!

Ben is one of the Singapore Slingers’ star players.

If you read my blog about the first Slingers game I attended, you’d remember that I got chased out of the court during the after-game mingling because I was wearing chunky boots and the stadium management didn’t like that.

So, what happened that time was I got stuck waiting on the outside of the court while the other bloggers continued to mingle with the basketballers for photo opps. Kind Nicholas, noticing my predicament, brought the photo opp to me.

He asked Ben Knight if he would walk over to the side to pose for a picture with me. Ben said okay and asked why I was standing at the side. I told him the stadium people didn’t like my shoes. He said that was a shame because my shoes are fantastic, or something like that. Then we took a picture.

That was more than two weeks ago.

Last night, we were doing our groupie thing again, swarming all over the players for photographs.

Precious and I got Ben Knight to pose with us.

After it was done, Ben said to me, “I see you’re wearing the right shoes this time.” And then he gave me a charming smile.

ZOMG! I was very charmed.

I started jumping all over the place and tugging at Precious and Nicholas and making them go crazy with my maniacal squeals: “He remembers me! He remembers me! OMG!”

I am such an amazing groupie. So proud of myself.

I’m also very excited over the Slingers’ win last night. They’ve played 10 games and only won twice, including last night, so it was super exciting, especially since the match was terribly close the whole time. A tie happened in the very last minute, literally, and the game went into overtime.

It was nerve-wracking watching the two teams slug it out for the win. But the Slingers emerged triumphant. Well, they’re still at the bottom of the ladder in the NBL Hummer Championship, but that’s because they’re a new team. So I think every single win is a major achievement.

The Slinger Girls had different costumes last night. I like!

During half time, a group of cute little girls were brought in to “dance” with the Slinger Girls.

The Slinger Mascot joined in midway.

But he soon got tired of dancing and went to socialise with little fans.

This little one was totally enamoured of the big white lion!

Well, the basketballers played really well and all. I think they were in a better mood to be mobbed by fans for photographs and autographs than the last time.

Here’s Shane McDonald. He’s not as tall as the other players but he’s really cute! And he played very well last night.

Actually, all of them played well. Including my favourite Rod Grizzard.

Well, they are all becoming my favourite!

I never thought I would enjoy watching basketball so much. The Goonfather loved it, too. It was his first time catching a live basketball game and he was hyped throughout!

After the photo-taking with the basketballers, I was introduced to Ash, co-owner of the Singapore Slingers, and Riaz, executive producer for The Contenders Asia.

Ash is second from right and Riaz is second from left.

What an exciting night!

Okay, that sounded lame, like some stupid primary school composition ending. So, let me end on a more classy note, instead.

Go catch a Slingers match before the season is over!!!

34 thoughts on “Singapore Slingers put the sling on Perth Wildcats

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    Dropping by to say Hiyee! Wana say tat your Blog is Simple but yet nice and interesting. =)

    Can we link up?
    Would appreciate if you agree. =)

    Take lotsa care.
    And Jia you!!

  2. Avatar

    err… O_O the mascot…a.k.a merlion(i pressume) has..LEGS? gasp. haha!!

    anyway, i’m just dropping my first comment to say hi! been a fan of your blog for awhile..hopped over from desmond’s blog and have been visiting to read ever since!

    i really like the way you blog! so witty and quirky! =D

  3. Avatar

    One of the best show you have brought me to watch. I mean… which guy wouldn’t get all excited to be there watching cheerleaders in tight shorts jumping around the court? All the cameltoes running around the court would definitely bring a smile to a guy’s face. Comparing to the last show where I had to squeeze in a theatre full of fags and watching a fag wanking on stage… Hey! cameltoes rulez!! I dun wanna see no mooseknuckle! =)

    Nic, thanks again for the invitation. Enjoyed the match, will look forward to the next opportunity. =D

  4. Avatar

    arachno: Don’t I look happy all the time? :)

    JokeDiary: Well, I’ve always sort of liked basketball when I was in school. I enjoyed playing it for fun although I was never any good at it. But I never realised being at a real pro-basketball match could be this fun!

    zield: Haha, do you really mean the little girls or do you mean the Slinger Girls?

    smallapple: Haha… maybe half the spectators in the stadium are there to watch the girls rather than the basketball match. :P

    Queenie: Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments! Would love to link up. Let me know! :)

    drea: I dunno what it is. I don’t think it’s a merlion, though, since it doesn’t have a tail. lol. Thanks, too for dropping by and making a comment! :) Appreciate it!

    Nicholas: Thank you! And thanks for the invite to the game!

    Precious: Hehe, thanks!

    The Goonfather: Wah lau… don’t make my blog x-rated can?! lol.

    Monster: Haha. It’s kinda fun. You wanna try?

    darkelfin: Aiyah, if from my right doesn’t seem right, then of course it’s from your right! :P

    modchip: Haha, does it? Because we’re so short compared to Ben? lolol.

  5. Avatar

    Nic: Yea. Gonna miss it. Coz Slingers are gonna trash the 36ers!! Actually gonna miss bun bun more. wahahahaa…..

  6. Avatar

    “Haha, does it? Because we’re so short compared to Ben? lolol.”

    Hmmm… taking a 2nd look, I think that TALL guy is the on pasted on the photo. hahaha. :D What’s his height?

  7. Avatar

    ByPassing: Eh? Which predator?

    modchip: Ben Knight is 202cm tall!

    Wang Wang: Sure thing! :) Come and be groupie together with me! ;)

    bigmac: Haha… how about you form your own pom pom girl basketball team?

  8. Avatar

    “Ben Knight is 202cm tall!”

    OMG! What a monster! :D

    Judging from his height, I’m guessing that you’re close to 158cm? Did I get it right? Hehehehe!

  9. Avatar

    arachno: Haha. Thanks! :)

    modchip: Well, most of the Slingers players are over 2m. :P And you’re wrong, I’m not close to 158cm. I’m 166cm.

    Wang Wang: A pump is a pump lor. What else could it be?

    Bypassing: Oh… I didn’t watch that movie. Was it good?

    zield: Yes to both? Uh, ok. :)

  10. Avatar

    Well, most of the Slingers players are over 2m. :P And you’re wrong, I’m not close to 158cm. I’m 166cm.

    Miscalculated, hehehe, 166cm, not bad! :D

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