Promoting Singapore

Watch this video! I’m in it!

Fast forward to the 2:33-minute mark because that’s when my segment starts.

It’s a marketing video featuring foreign talents working in Singapore. I’m supposed to be an interactive digital media designer from China. (Shh! Don’t tell people I’m not!) That’s not my voice in the video, by the way.

I blogged about the shoot here. Check it out if you haven’t already!

20 thoughts on “Promoting Singapore

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    I also have to add that the transportation in Singapore is also very cool. At least the trains. Singapore has the best metro transit system I have ever been on. Where else can you watch TV commercials and video clips on train screens??!! Plus, stops like Orchard Road and Chinatown are right in the heart of each place.

    And the shots of Sentosa are very cool too. I remember being chased by a wild monkey on that island…..twice… the same monkey.

    Singapore is like am amusement park!!

    You play a very good interactive digital media designer! :)

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    You look great but I don’t know why they showed the clothes hanging out to dry on HDB blocks.

    There are many things I love about Singapore – the systems, the governance, the shopping, the opportunities, it’s endless.

    However, my number one annoyance is knowing that my neighbor can have full view of my laundry. I don’t like looking at my neighbor’s cheap cotton panties either.

    In contrast, I can get a nice seaview from the front of the block. Wouldn’t that be more appealing?

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    Mike M: Thanks for saying that! :) But what were you doing getting chased by wild monkeys?? Haha. What did you do to the monkey? :P I was staying at Beaufort Hotel in Sentosa once when I saw the hotel staff feeding the wild monkeys there. That was so cute! :)

    arachno: Haha, that sequence so fast you also can catch! :P It’s like split-second then no more already.

    modchip: Thanks!

    mooiness: Hahaha. I don’t know. But I think even mainland Chinese can have American accents, wat, depending on where they learn English. :P

    Shelly: lol… do you think Singapore is that bad? ;)

    misha: Thanks, princess! ;)

    zield: Oh, cool, so you did get my postcard! :) No, it’s not related! hehe.

    smallapple: lol, it’s not supposed to be watched by Singaporeans.

    precious: I think the clothes hanging out to dry is a novelty that will attract foreigners because it’s different. I mean, people are always interested in customs that they don’t find in their own countries.

    Of course, personally, I don’t like laundry hanging out, too. I also find it disturbing to have my clothes out in full view of strangers, plus you don’t know what rubbish will land on your clothes outside.

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    Miccheng: I never! It just looks that way because the camera happened to be where I wanted to look. Haha. Oh wait, some of those are intentional. I was supposed to look at the camera wor.

    smallapple: I don’t know. I think it’ll be interesting for people who are genuinely interesting in visiting or working in Singapore.

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    That dang Monkey wanted my steamed bun. I was walking down the road and out of the bushes this monkey came at me. It was cute at first, but when it came to the bun, I wasn’t giving it up. So I ran away. He ran after me.

    I could swear I could hear the other monkey’s laughing at me as I stood on top of a picnic table shooing a monkey away and stuff a bun into my mouth.

    He came at me on the way back too.

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    Mike M: Awww… I would have given up my steamed bun! I love feeding animals and watching them eat! It makes me feel so happy. Hahaha. But that’s pretty funny what happened to you!

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