Nuffnang’s November Featured Blogger…

…is ME!

Haha. Ming very kindly invited me to be Nuffnang‘s featured blogger for November. And he made me write something about myself, but he didn’t say what exactly.

So I just conjured up some nonsense and sent it to him, along with a couple of old pictures never before seen on my blog. (Didn’t have time to take new pictures lah!)


Nuffnang is really great. I knew about it even before it offcially started in Singapore. I signed up very early on because I saw the promise of fun and the value it would bring to the blogging culture in Singapore.

I haven’t been disappointed so far.

There have been countless blog posts commenting on the lack of ads and all that, but I don’t think it should even be about the ads.

For me, having an ad on my blog is a bonus, just some extra income to pay for web domain and hosting. But if there aren’t any ads, I still enjoy being a Nuffnanger and am perfectly happy to carry its banner on my blog because of what Nuffnang stands for: Fun and community spirit and, uh, tons of other cool stuff.

If you meet Nuffnang founders Ming and Timothy in person, you’ll find them to be genuinely warm and friendly people who want to make a difference in a good way.

For me, that’s enough reason for me to support Nuffnang.

So, I’m truly honoured to be this month’s featured blogger.

Thanks, guys! ;)

16 thoughts on “Nuffnang’s November Featured Blogger…

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    Well, firstly congrats, and secondly wtf is going on with the comments leaderboard?
    Seems like Smallapple and modchip have started a comments war. I think that the best way to win is to do a post where each word uses a separate post. That way I could get a headstart, more than 50 words in this post alone!
    (But seriously, it’s the 2nd Nov and already 11 posts apiece! [Numbers are correct at time of going to press]. Do either of them work, eat or sleep? We should be told.)

  2. Avatar

    haha jesta and minou!! i sleep i eat and i play games.. and we didnt do any singapore word post =X … im gona win!! at least beofre i get in NS by 14 dec.. haha so let mi will ya =X

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    Thank you everyone for the congratulations!

    And, welcome, new readers! Don’t let modchip and Smallapple scare you off, though. They’re harmless, I’m sure! lol. Hope you enjoy my blog and keep coming back! ;)

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    Harry: I’ve seen it. I think it’s quite juvenile and totally unobjective in the way it presents the issue, so I can’t really pay much heed to it. ;)

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