My secret to being slim

It’s no great secret and it’s not very healthy.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to blog about it because my readers have been complaining that I remain skinny despite appearing to be a glutton.

But a disclaimer before I go on:


In fact, not just kids. Anyone. Try it at your own risk.

And here’s the secret: Snacks!

This is the snack pantry in my room.

It’s stuffed full of junk food right now because I’ve been snack shopping a lot in the past two weeks.

Well, snacks isn’t the whole secret. The secret to the secret is that you have to eat snacks in lieu of main meals.

Because I work freelance and keep irregular hours and work from home quite a lot, I don’t have access to proper meals. So I will usually just grab something from my snack pantry and eat while I work.

I believe this is what really keeps me skinny. I was fleshier when I had a day job and ate proper meals. I think it’s because snack portions are smaller while proper meal portions are usually huge and you try to finish your meals because you don’t want to waste food. As a result, your stomach expands so that you can stuff even more food into it the next time.

I’ve loved junk food since I was a kid so I’m not, like, doing this on purpose to keep slim. In fact, some of you may not even believe that this is what keeps me slim. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure myself, but it just seems logical to me.

Last year, my friends gave me snacks for a birthday present. I have chronic cystitis and every autumn I undergo treatment. When the weather turns bad and it gets cold, I immediately feel painful sensations. I already know what medications I need to take, including antibiotics, so I don’t go to the doctor. I order them on The prices are very pleasant there.

(The Goonfather not included.)

That’s how much I eat these things.

By the way, I found a Japanese snack shop in Central. Oishii okashiiiiiii!!! (Er… that’s not the name of the shop. It means “delicious snacks” in Japanese.)

It’s located in B1 and has all kinds of amazing snacks you can’t get anywhere else in Singapore!

They even sell leather jackets!!!

Don’t ask me. I really don’t know.

These are the two items which list “leather jacket” among their main ingredients.

The one on the left is dried sea urchin. The one on the right… I can’t remember.

I was quite conservative that night because I’ve been spending too much lately, so I only bought these:

They gave me freebies (two sticks of Hi-Chew candy and two squares of Venezuela Bitter chocolate)!

OMG I love this shop!

And, talk about coincidences…

I was in the middle of writing this blog when a good friend dropped by to pass me something he bought for me from Japan.


I just love Green Tea flavoured snacks.

I’m not sure what that “Calorie” thing is, yet. It’s some kind of energy bar for busy people, according to the description, but there’s no picture showing what it looks like.

Wow. With all these new additions, I’m going to be sooooo skinny (and so unhealthy) in the next few weeks!

38 thoughts on “My secret to being slim

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    I feel like snatching all those snacks from you.

    Its true that its small potions, but unhealthy.
    But… I can’t resist them either. =DD

    Stay gorgeous =)

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    Oh my goodness….snacking keeps you slim??? When I snack, I balloon so big that it’s unbelievable! Wish I had your metabolic rate! So how? Still want your krispy kreme?

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    Pocky!!!!! I love Pocky!!!!

    What am I saying???? I love all snacks equally!!!

    But I also love steamed buns, dumplings, lo mien and noodle soup, so lets just say my figure is not in…..”pristine condition”. I’m fact, I’m stating to look like a steamed bun.
    I better get back to playing Guitar Hero and try to burn those off :) A little Dance Dance Revolution will get me back into shape. Thank God for video games!

    PS Leather jackets taste pretty good too, but that have to be from Macy’s or Bloomingdales or I don’t go near them!

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    i think the leather jacket is a fish! remember my dad telling me that. haha! ehh yeah man i agree with uncle got good genes!! i snack a lot and i’m growing fatter not skinnier! >=( you got so many nice snacks! i shall pop down to central to check out that shop! -drools-

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    Darn!!!! How I envy you :P!!!!!

    You got supa duper goody genes nia!

    I love Japanese snacks but then I gonna work out to balance out my calories intake (V_V)……if not I will grow sideway!!!!

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    What does your food pyramid look like? The traditional one consists of fibres and vegetables then dairy etc and topped off with proteins. I’d love to see yours… What snacks form the basis of the pyramid and what is at the top (I’m guessing chocolate should be up there somewhere), and where (from the look of one of the pictures) does the Goonfather’s head fit into all this?

  7. Avatar

    I just had another thought… I reckon YOUR secret to being slim involves some sort of deal with some diabolical agency – your soul for eternal slimness and good looks? It’s terrible!

    PS: Can you give me their number?

  8. Avatar

    OMG… did our boardgames get displaced by the growing snackery?! The horror!

    And yeah, that Japanese snack store in Central basement is pretty cool… Ely and I used to drop by every now and then. IIRC, she bought doriaki from there a couple of times.

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    This is bad. Too much salt in these snack will give you high blood pressure. Let’s not even talk about the excessive sugar, preservatives and msg.

    No fibre! I hope you incorporate fruits into your snacks as well.

  10. Avatar

    Jeslene: Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, I did say my secret is very unhealthy! Haha, oh well, like you said, can’t resist! =x

    Nicholas: Well, it works for me lah.

    Monster: Yeah, but you need to snack and NOT EAT PROPER MEALS. That’s very important. lol.

    modchip: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it!

    Mike M: You just can’t stop talking about steamed buns! Hahaha. Indeed, video games these days can really help burn off the calories. And I would really love to see a video of you eating a leather jacket from Macy.

    arachno: Oh, yeah. I think that’s a good point. Should have mentioned that in my blog!! :)

    Rachel: Aww, don’t hate me. I show you upskirt! Hehe!

    uncle sha: Hmm, really? But I have the ability to put on weight. I was quite plump when I was in Australia. :P

    smallapple: NOoooooooooo leave my snacks alone!!! They’re all mINE!!! :P

    drea: Wow, any idea why they call fish leather jackets? Anyway, like I mentioned to Monster, growing skinnier is the result of not eating proper meals. So if you eat proper meals AND snack, OMG bye bye. :P

    Precious: Haha. I think so too!

    Shire Li: Heh, same thing I said to everyone. Maybe genes play a part. But eating irregular and not proper meals also play a big part. And I do exercise too, lah. Although sometimes I don’t for months, lol.

    Jesta: Interesting question to ask. At the base of my pyramid are bbq chicken wings and bak kwa. Well, basically, salty meaty things. In the middle are ice cream and chocolates and other sweet things. On the top is everything else yummy! The Goonfather? Well, he’s the supplier of the pyramid. Hahaha.

    Oh, Diablo said not to give out his number. I’m sorry, can’t help you there. :(

    Nicholas: Haha. I wish lah. I haven’t had that many Wii parties. To be honest, only had 2 to date. lol. Oh, but I’m having a Guitar Hero 3 party this weekend! Not as intensive as Wii games, but better than nothing I guess!

    chak: Of course not! I already put disclaimer hor! :P

    Jason Ho: Wahahaa. Sorry to hear that. I guess you need to exercise more? So do I.

    Mince Pye: NO lah, our board games have their own shelf lor.

    JayWalk: Oh, absolutely. I love eating dried preserved fruits! Hehehe.

  11. Avatar

    Oh crap (no pun intended).

    You are a health hazard waiting to go off. Whatever junk you put into your body know is going to bite you in the ass later in life.

    Please eat healthily. Can?

  12. Avatar

    Amazing… I didn’t realize your shelves still had space to accomodate the burgeoning snack cache.

    It’s like your very own bomb shelter food store. :P

  13. Avatar

    Hmm…. Not very healthy yeaa…
    I guess that’s a very bad tip you’ve raised there.
    Eating potato chips and unhealthy snacks in lieu of PROPER MEALS?

    If you get unlucky with your diet, you’re going to be K.O.ed soon.

    By the way, this is off-topic: WHO CAN SPONSOR ME A TOP-LEVEL DOMAIN NAME (.COM, .NET, .ORG). I am starting out as a “Pro-Blogger” and I really need a TLD. You can place your ads at my blog’s footer to pay for the domain. It’s fine for me. I can’t buy myself a domain or sign up for AdSense/BitVertiser/WidgetBucks/Nuffnang or whatever because i’m not 18 yet. No credit car, not legal age, blah blah blah…


  14. Avatar

    Derrick: Haha, that’s true. I always end up not buying a lot of things because I don’t know what the hell’s inside. I suppose that’s a good thing. Save money! lol.

    smallapple: Of course not!

    JayWalk: Yeah I know I’m very unhealthy. Well, at least I don’t smoke! Heheh. I do eat healthy food whenever I can lah. Veges and all that. :P

    Mince Pye: Actually, space is scarce. What people aren’t seeing in the photo are the snacks piling up beside my bed and at my desk. Hahahaha.

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Yeah, I know. That’s why I put disclaimer mah.

    For your domain, why not get your parent’s help?

  15. Avatar

    Nah.. my parents doesn’t even know the difference between a TLD and a subdomain, or ‘MSN’ and ‘Windows Live’. They don’t even approve. Hence, I need to look for sponsorship. I’ve seen a few sponsored bloggers, so I thought it was quite a good idea (A free TLD in exchange for just one text link).

  16. Avatar

    lol of cause they wont knw wats the diff between msn and windows live… but u slowly intros them they will knw and tat would make ur relationship with them improved lol…

  17. Avatar

    I can’t bear to eat it when I bought it for the first time. But you know what, I’m sure you wouldn’t regret eating it. :D

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