Last day is for camwhoring

You would think a morning shoot at the beach would be a pleasant way to spend time. I suppose it is, except that there’s nowhere to sit if you’re wearing a dress.

So I kinda just stood around while the others sat all over the place.

On a tree root:

On the ground:

On the camera case:

It wasn’t too bad, really. I had a tree to lean on. My scene at the beach involved leaning on a tree with Fish.

The guys went to check out the tree and the scenary before the shoot started:

It drizzled a bit in the middle of the shoot, so the umbrellas came out.

Thankfully, the drizzle petered out after a while. I was worried about having to lean against a wet, slimy tree trunk.

Fate was in our favour. The tree didn’t get wet and our scene went smoothly. We were able to troop back to the food centre by noon to avoid being sand-baked on the beach.

Somewhere to sit down properly!

Of course, being perverse, I didn’t really sit down during the times I was able to rest between scenes. I went off to the side with Fish to camwhore while they were shooting Jan.

This is Jan, with Alexa:

This is Fish and me:

Next, me in my full costume, which I think is a little large for me, but which I quite like because it’s different and I think it makes me look more innocent than I actually am. Haha.

Fish in close-up:

Fish and me again:

There was so much camwhoring because it was the last day of shoot.

Fish even got a picture of me photographing myself. Duh.

He said he was very impressed by my camwhoring skills. Double duh. I don’t know if I should feel flattered or embarrased.

But camwhoring is tiring, to be honest, so I didn’t do it for too long. I turned my camera towards the set and got a picture of Shivani holding out the slate and grey card in front of Jan’s face.

Heheh. She looks a little harried.

I think it was because, at that time, a huge mass of dark clouds was seen heading our way and the crew went into a mad rush to finish up before the looming storm broke.

It was a sad time for me. The end of last days of shoots always is. I’ve gone on about post-production blues enough times, so you know what I’m talking about.

It was fun while it lasted, but that’s the whole problem.

The more fun it is, the harder to say goodbye.

16 thoughts on “Last day is for camwhoring

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    Hmmm… tree reminds me of Indian movies…. ;-)

    The picture of yourself, you look so happy… :)

    I always like to take picture of a person taking a picture… Hmmm… but not a person taking picture of his/herself…

    The last picture looks a little like a shot in CSI…. especially red covered duster…

  2. Avatar

    thanx for the support. it warms my heart to know my work is being appreciated. :)

    if you’d like to know a little more about Fish the actor:

    if you’d like to see some videos of my past roles:

    if you’d like to see some screenshots & production-stills:

    once again, thanx for the advertising space :P

  3. Avatar

    Jesta: Eew, wouldn’t that look so uncomely! :P

    arachno: Haha Indian movies. They’re quite cool, actually. There was a time I was quite into Bollywood movies and I even bought some Indian outfits to wear for fun!

    Yep, I’m always happy when I’m at a shoot!

    Smallapple: Haha, I guess the dress is really too big for me. :P

    modchip: Haha yah lah. Stupid Fish caught me at a “private moment!” Hahaha.

    Rykarx: Man, that’s a damn crazy contraption. I wouldn’t be caught dead using that lah. I think Awkward Arm Syndrome beats looking lame using that stupid-looking thing. lol.

    Fish: lol, no worries, man. Advertise all you want! ;)

    DazedDez*: Thanks! :) I took all the photos that don’t have me in them. Those with me, I got others to take for me. :)

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    Well… as usual style triumphs over comfort. I should have known, after all women’s shoes just say it all… :o)

  5. Avatar

    Fish with sunglass look damn garang!!!!!

    I think I just got a fetish with guys wearing sunglasses and taking pic lol….

    QY~, thanks for showing us what you were doing 3 days. very interesting! and thanks for pics of handsome hunks!!! /drool!

  6. Avatar

    Jesta: Hey, I go for comfort in shoes, ok, which is why I like wearing chunky platform boots/shoes or sneakers, instead of stiletto heels, which YOU keep suggesting that I wear. :P

    Wang Wang: Haha, I didn’t know you like Fish in sunglasses. lolol. I got more pics of him in my PC. I show you next time. *wink wink* :P

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    My padawan, Rinnah, said you inspired her new hair do. Thus I had no choice but to come and see.

    Nice place. Interesting day of camwhoring. But I can see why Rinnah found you hair is so lovely. Good luck with your modeling or is it actressing too? :)

  8. Avatar

    simple american: Haha, how nice that you have a padawan. :) Thanks for dropping by and thanks to Rinnah for the compliment, too. I’m actually an actress and sometimes model (but seldom).

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