I’m a bedroom rock star

The Goonfather was like a kid in a candy store.

The very moment Guitar Hero 3 for the PlayStation 3 became available, he grabbed one home and excitedly ordered me: “You have to blog about this!!!”

“I’m busy lah,” I said.

“BUT THIS IS GUITAR HERO 3!!!!!!!!” he exploded.

“I’m busy lor,” I tried again.

“BUT THIS IS GUITAR HERO 3!!!!!!!!” he broken-recorder-ed.


So this was how I came to be a bedroom rock star.

You can tell I was extremely resistant to the Goonfather’s efforts in forcing me to play and blog about it.

I used to go to the arcade and spend $50 a day playing Guitar Freaks and Percussion Freaks and Beatmania. (I also played Dance Dance Revolution, but don’t tell anyone I said that!!)

Yep, the Goonfather had to really drag me screaming to play his $150 guitar rock star game.

In fact, he also dragged his friends screaming into buying their own copy of the game so we can play together online.

We both like Midori the cute Japanese, one of the avatars you can choose in the game.

You get to choose an avatar and a guitar. After earning money from playing gigs, you can buy new avatars, new clothes, new guitars, new songs.

The avatars are ugly close-up but it doesn’t really matter too much because you don’t have the luxury to scrutinise faces when you’re thick into the game.

There’s also Casey, sexy rocker babe.

I don’t like the male avatars because they’re ugly. That’s why I’m not talking about them. The Goonfather was thrilled when he unlocked Slash from Guns N’ Roses but, in the end, he still went back to using Midori. Haha.

The game is exciting and the music is great. The loading screens have funny random messages to amuse you between songs.

The songs in the game are actual rock songs.

(Sorry for the warped screenshots. I photographed my screen from a weird angle.)

Guitar Hero 3 is really fun, but it’s only warm up for the real excitement coming up end of the month — Rock Band! I mean, that’s like the real deal. You get to co-op with your pals, each playing a different instrument or doing vocals. You can connect to people online or play in the same room together. How exciting is that??!

We’re hoping that the guitars in both Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band will be compatible with each other. Then, we’ll have two guitars, which we need for battle mode, a super irritating mode because you can sabo your opponent and make his guitar strings break and stuff.


My rock star days are just beginning.

26 thoughts on “I’m a bedroom rock star

  1. Avatar

    Woohoo! The Guitar Hero series is easily one of the most satisfying game ever! Let’s just see how Rock Band does when it’s available.

    Nice photos there! :D

  2. Avatar

    modchip: Um, I don’t have any outfits resemblling Casey’s outfit. I would wear if I had! :P I’m expecting Rock Band to rock serious ass!!

  3. Avatar

    This is a very cool game. When it first came out I was not too interested in it, but after a while it grew on me.

    Rock Band should be pretty interesting.

  4. Avatar

    modchip: Maybe, maybe not. I think I’m too skinny for Casey’s outfit. :P

    misha: Oh, mine is on the PS3. Guess we can’t play together after all :(

    I just replayed the game because I decided to create my own PS3 profile instead of using the Goonfather’s. So now I’m still on Stage 2 Easy, hehe.

    Mike M: Oh, did you play GH1 and 2? I tried GH2 once at a shop and wasn’t too impressed with it. But, like you for you, GH3 grew on me while I was playing it. :P

    Nicholas: Hmm. No idea. Should be the same. The only difference I know is that the Wii’s guitar is white instead of black like the PS3’s and Xbox360’s. Very nice!

    arachno: Haha. My opinion is that it’s always more enjoyable playing the game than watching… :P

    Minou: lol, great! What about you? Too bad we only have one guitar each, can’t play 2-player unless we find a time to meet up!

    Jesta: That’s exactly why I was wearing platforms and long socks. I was emulating Midori like I said in my previous post. Haha.

    JokeDiary: Wow, nice song! Of course I would be touched!! But, erm, also have to depend on whether the person can play or not lah. Sekali play so badly until can’t recognise the song. Haha.

    Elyxia: Er… TV shouldn’t be too hard to buy! :P

    smallapple: Bra, cannot just wear any old bra wat. Have to be costume type, not underwear type. Long pants, no, because very hard to find long pants that will fit me.

  5. Avatar

    While I can appreciate the Midori tribute, I still stand by what I said about covering your legs… I feel that I should get a t-shirt that says: “Trust me, I’m a photographer”

  6. Avatar

    Hey, I’ve heard Mass Effect (Xbox 360) has been banned in Singapore because of the lesbo scene!

  7. Avatar

    JokeDiary: Huh? I can’t even play the real electric guitar, so no chance of your eye popping out, sorry. :P

    Jesta: Haha, but you can’t speak for even all photographers! I’m sure there are people who only appreciate Midori types exclusively!

    The Sometimes Knight in Shining Armor: Wow, really? I’ve never even heard of that title. Then again, Singapore bans everything, so I’m not surprised. :P

  8. Avatar

    Mass Effect… gotta get that, sounds controversial. :D

    The Sometimes Knight in Shining Armor — Nice handle, I like this. ;)

  9. Avatar

    hey Midori is the best character of Guiter Hero 3 The Legends of Rock.
    i love she i’m only play with she.
    and …
    I love Guitar Hero but i don’t have a Playstation, because it I play in Lan
    House and I can defeat all music in 3 hours and the boss fight but it is so cool, my friends say “you are crazy play that ” or just “unbelievable” after seeing I play in Expert mode with “hack speed” they talk you are the Demon of that game ^^.
    But I don’t leave guitar hero is the best game with i play in my life, my favorite music is “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and other.
    So concluding “i Love Guitar Hero”

    Sorry all the wrong word because I live in Brazil.
    And Google help-me in that mensage
    I expect a response.
    Tanks You for the time.
    Hugs Hugs Hugs

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