I survived Sitex 2007

It wasn’t as bad as I thought, Sitex. There was actually room to walk around without having to get intimate with anyone’s elbow or shoulder.

I have always tried to stay far far away from such events. I would even emigrate to Siberia if I had to, just to avoid crazy Singaporeans, because one of the scariest things in life to encounter is a Singaporean at a sale.

But sometimes I would get forcibly dragged to such an event by a geek boyfriend and I would be traumatised for the rest of the day, and I would swear never to let it happen again.

Today, for the first time in my life, I voluntarily went to Sitex. I needed to get some memory cards and check out laptops.

One of the first things I saw was a queue.

I couldn’t see the head of the queue so I didn’t know what these people were queueing for.

I asked the Goonfather, “What are they queueing for?”

“I don’t know. Do you want to queue up, too?” he asked.

“Dotdotdot,” I told him.

We continued walking around. I was looking out for booth babes to photograph but I didn’t see any.

“Sitex is boring,” I announced. “There are no booth babes. No wonder I haven’t seen any photos of Sitex babes on the net.”

“Got lah. Sitex got booth babes.”

“Where? I don’t see any.”

“You go check HardwareZone.”

Apparently, someone is very well-informed about booth babes.

“I mean in here! I don’t see any booth babes here.”

“They’re having dinner.”


Anyway, it was very very unexciting, so I kept my camera.

At closing time, we bought a laptop. From this place.

Because the evil uncle tempted us with a $160 discount if we paid by Nets.

Asus. Rock Solid. Heart Touching. (Says the company’s slogan. I always wonder about the people who come up with slogans and the people who approve them.)

We got an Asus F8Sv.

First laptop I’ve owned in my life! (Technically speaking, the Goonfather owns it cos he paid for it. But we’re sharing it. So, don’t care lah. I’m holding it, so it’s mine! Bwahahaha.)

I have felt very suaku for the longest time because I’ve never owned a laptop. But my suaku days are over! Yay!

And my SDHC memory cards! These I paid for myself, so they’re very legitimately mine!

Don’t you just love shopping? =)

Then again, I think everyone loves different things.

For instance…

Will the owner of this car please own up?!


We saw this car parked just outside Expo as we were leaving the place.

Crazy Singaporeans!

27 thoughts on “I survived Sitex 2007

  1. Avatar

    I was hoping to see some good review here :P

    Sometimes, PC fair did have babe, especially when Canon and Nikon is actively selling.
    Anyway that is not the main objective there lor. Maybe you can see more at car show.

    Looks like if I am going this weekend, got to be there supper early.
    Else got to elbow people liao.

  2. Avatar

    sorry, forgot to ask you. did you upgrade the ram to 2GB. might as well throw in another $100-$120 more to get 2gb ram just to make sure that the laptop is not slow down buy lack of ram since you have already paid so much for the laptop.

  3. Avatar

    Well, here’s the thing about laptops, you’ll never want to go back to desktops again…

    …. unless of course you are still playing those graphics intensive games.

  4. Avatar

    Johnny: Haha, sorry, I’m not a very techie person so I won’t be the best person to do a review on a tech show. :P And I think that many guys go to PC shows specially to see babes. :P Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s an impression I get! Anyway, good luck with your trip this weekend. Hope you find something nice! ;)

    manic: Why? What’s so funny about that?

    JokeDiary: Haha, you envy me, I envy other people who have things I don’t have. :P And the ram already comes in 2GB DDR leh, no need to upgrade.

    JayWalk: Really ah? I never wanted to buy laptops because I hate the compacted keyboard and having to use the stupid pad to scroll around. (I know can attach mouse but leychey lor.) So I can’t imagine how I can get addicted to laptops!

  5. Avatar

    Ya, suaku me never own lappy before =P

    wa 2738!!!!!! I wanted to get a lappy so that I can use it to do my project and assignment when I am away from home.. but.. ex…

  6. Avatar

    Wang Wang, they have laptop as low as $788 from Package Hell, err… I mean Packard Bell. If you are just buying to do school work, it is good enough. I bought this to replace my desktop. Acer has a $999 lappy too. Compaq has a $1299 + free 4gb RAM upgrade.

  7. Avatar

    QY, the car owner must be a very egoistic person.. where got pple publicly proclaimed he luv his dick one.. ai ya ya~

    Isn’t it wonderful to be female? Lol! Guy pay for stuff and girls get to use it! Hahahaha!

  8. Avatar

    I like that thing you hang in your car. :D So… Sitex is like E3 minus the games (Real booth babes)? Where are the photos of the booth babes (If there were booth babes)… :((

  9. Avatar

    smallapple: That’s great. Good luck with your savings!

    Wang Wang: Ask Morte to buy for you lah. :P Christmas present? Hehe.

    Jesta: I don’t know. I think it’s a guy thing. Hahaha.

    arachno: I’m still using my desktop. The Goonfather will use the laptop to replace his desktop, which is going to become a file server. But I get to use the laptop when I need to go out! :P

    Elyxia: Yay! *hugs!*

    yoyo: HELLO YOYO! Yes I love pink! Who doesn’t? :) Thanks for dropping by!

    modchip: Er.. that’s not mine. That photo is of some random car I came across. And there are no photos of booth babes because there weren’t any! lol.

  10. Avatar

    Well if you go out of the door of your house and come back in a sec….

    technically you’re going out and can have the laptop… ;)

  11. Avatar

    arachno: Good try… but, no, I don’t think it’ll work that way. :P Anyway, if I’m at home, I would rather use my desktop, so I have no reason to try to scheme my way into using the laptop at home. :P

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