First rule on the streets: Invent your own


Wow, I just found something that’s making a groupie out of me again (like how I inadvertently became a basketball groupie, chasing basketballers for photographs after a game).

I’m having an unexpected day off today, you see, so I went to poke around the Nike Tribes website. I’ve seen it mentioned in other blogs but didn’t have time to check it out until today.

I’m in love with street sports culture!

I’ve always liked street fashion because there’s creativity and individuality even in its conformity. Street sports is like an extension of that.

You know, every time I pass by skateboarders or inline-skaters having a skate fest in the streets, I always pause to watch with some wistfullness, always wishing I could be one of them.

I was into inline-skating for a time, but I finally gave up after getting too banged up from trying to perform crazy stunts. Pain doesn’t agree with me very much.

So, the fact that Nike (which everyone knows is my favourite sportswear brand) is endorsing street sports and has even dedicated an entire site to the youths who perpetuate this culture is quite exciting news for me (although it makes me die of envy because I can only be a spectator and not a player).

This is what the website looks like:

I like what Gerald said in an interview:

“You definitely see the world differently. You’ll suddenly notice kerbs, walls, rails, stairs, transitions, etc., like part of a huge playground.”

That is such a cool quote. I love when people give a different perspective on things.

Gerald is one of the stunt riders featured in the Nike Tribes website.

I don’t know if that’s Gerald in the above picture. It could be his bike buddy Chee Keong, who recently took part in the Asian X Games 2007 in Macau and took home a silver and bronze medal. Or it could be Huffy or Lawrence, the other two in the team.

I got all these photos off the Nike Tribes Facebook group and most of them are not tagged so I don’t know who’s who.

I also found these pictures with very cool slogans.

These boys are my latest heroes. If I were a bored teenaged girl with nothing to do after school, I would go stalk them and watch them play every day.

Haha, just kidding.

Being a stalker is boring. If I were still a teenager, I’d join in the fun myself and use the streets as my playground.

Nike calls this the “new generation of urban tribes”. Hence the name Nike Tribes. It’s made up of street skaters, riders, dancers and footballers, and I think it’s a very fitting name.

Well, I can’t join in the fun directly, being hopeless at extreme sports and dance, but I suppose I could troop down to a Nike shop and check out the gear. Shopping and buying clothes are certainly activities I’m good at. Haha.

At least I’m good at something!

Anyway, check out the Nike Tribes website for some cool videos of the urban tribes at play. Turn on your audio, too. It’ll make you wanna fly!

Well, it did to me.

17 thoughts on “First rule on the streets: Invent your own

  1. Avatar

    skaters.. not a common sight here.. :)
    the only street rule i’m doing right now is pumping my bike at 100 and above.. esp. when i oversleep.. XD lol*

  2. Avatar

    Hey shopping is a sport you know… especially for the guys following the gals… it’s a endurance sport… hahaha :P

  3. Avatar

    Wow! Stupidity as branding… Leaping off hard things onto other hard things and hurting yourself as a way of being individual by following a trend…
    hmmmm…. Just do it!

  4. Avatar

    Daphne Maia: Cool, that’s an interesting meme. Thanks :) Will do it when I have a slot free.

    modchip: Nice, did you do crazy stunts? ;)

    zield: Well, skaters aren’t exactly common in Singapore either. There are like a couple of places you can always find them, but that’s about it. :P Haha, be careful on your bike! 100+ sounds pretty crazy!

    arachno: Endurance sport? lol. great way to put it! Yeah, shopping is definitely a sport. I’m SO tired after every shopping session! lolol.

    Jesta: I knew someone would come along and go on that thread. Hehe. Just had to be you. ;)

  5. Avatar

    Call me a cynic, but any brand that sells itself by encouraging people to be individuals is on to a losing streak where common sense is concerned. Having said that, common sense is not very common…

  6. Avatar

    Nice, did you do crazy stunts?

    All I did where simple ollies and manuals. Never tried those crazy grinds over the rails/bench. To afraid to break a bone, that’s why I quit after college. *Sigh*

  7. Avatar

    Jesta: Do you mean because it seems like an irony?

    JokeDiary: Does it? I don’t really follow her. :)

    modchip: Heh, same here. I was afraid to break bones so I stopped. I fell once on my knee and bumped it so bad I couldn’t get up for like a minute. That was scary. Haha. After that, i always wore guards when I skated.

  8. Avatar

    I never fell before, even when I was just starting out. I think that is why I’m a little scared. Especially once, when I saw one of my friends with a broken elbow… tsk. Can’t imagine being (temporarily) limbless. :D

  9. Avatar

    modchip: It’s mentioned in my blog! I inline-skated before and really enjoyed it. Tried to learn stunts, but the more difficult ones were too hard/scary, and I kinda got frustrated/scared and finally gave up. Haha.

    Yeah, would have hated to break any bones. Haha. But I did enjoy learning and executing the easy tricks.

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