Fashion Diary #16: Guitar Heroine

Day 16

Name of outfit: Guitar Heroine


Destination: Photoshoot by Justyn Olby

Notes: I decided to do a proper Guitar Hero fashion shoot with a proper location and a proper photographer. It’s fun! My bedroom shoot just didn’t cut it.

It was by chance that Justyn and I had the same idea that day. He had chosen a largely white location. I had put on a largely white outfit. We didn’t have time to find another location so we made do. But, you know what, I quite like the effect.

41 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #16: Guitar Heroine

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    Very cool photos. You need to use these as promotional photos. Activision could use these to promote Guitar Hero.

    Nothing wrong with self-promoting it and sending Activision the prints. All that really needs to be added to the photos is a small picture of the game in the left hand corner and the Activision logo and you have a promotion set.

    Any what guy wouldn’t want to be a guitar hero along side a beautiful woman like you? :)

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    moe.. !! chou kawaii.. !!
    /me takes 99999999 hits..
    hauuuu~ \(^0^)/

    i like those frills and ribbon.. and the expression reached me..

    rates 9.5/10..

    i still think that an overknee is better.. :P (the upskirt would look better.. ?? no.. ??)
    i think your tail is a bit on back.. (might be good with a frilly band..)
    try put more portion of your hair into your tail.. :)

    ps.. i might kidnap you if i meet you with that outfit.. ^^y

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    hi, i think ur blouse and skirts are nice. but one thing u should do is ditch the shoe – they’re hideous. i noticed u also wore them out in ur previous entries, not very nice.

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    I’m with xiao wei on the shoes here. A nice pair of white strappy heels and no socks would have really done wonders for your already incredible legs. But then I have noticed that you really don’t listen to me about shoes…

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    i totally agreed with zield man… if someone wear so cute de outfit walking alone the streets.. muahahhaa…

    0.o Goonfather still need to come here and date qy out one meh… lol

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    aw…. barely 16 days and im going in NS = national service = army… T.T will not be around tat ‘often’ to comment… Y!!!! Y!!!! y do we need to go army!!!.. but nvm 1 week after i went in its hari raya den 1 more week its x-mas den next week its new year… lol right time to went in ns.. with so many holidays coming out… guys gona miss mi ??

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    Wow wow wee….long long legs……the kind that looked good with mini skirt :P. More more fashion diary please…..

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    Minou: Not exactly. Only the skirt and socks are from the recent KL trip. The rest are old things. :P

    Wang Wang: Thanks, dear! And, lol, why you want the Goonfather to date you?

    nadnut: Whee, thanks! I think Justyn takes great photos!

    Shelly: Wow, what a cool description you’ve given me, Hehe. Thanks!

    Pingping: Er.. then you’d better not let your boyfriend see my blog, haha. But thanks for the compliment!

    MikeM: Ah? Do you think so? Ok, I will consider it… :P Thanks!

    ByPassing: Thanks! I like cosplay, but not really into sewing clothes, so don’t really have real cosplay outfits. Haha.

    zield: Thanks for the sweet compliments! I really wanted to wear “overknee” socks but I wanted something like Midori in Guitar Hero, with the frills. But I don’t have it. :P I do have “overknee” socks, but they make my thighs look pinched, so that’s why I never wear them that high. Maybe I’ll try one day.

    xiao wei: Thank you! But the shoes are authentic lolita shoes! That is, I bought them in a lolita shoe shop. :P And Midori wears shoes like that, so I just had to wear them for my Guitar Hero shoot. :P

    choongkeat: Awww, how sweet of you!

    Jesta: White strappy heels and no socks will so NOT GO with that outfit!! lol.

    SHUTING: Thank you! :)

    modchip: More ah? More of the same shoot photos or more photos with crazy clothes? Haha. I only have that many crazy clothes. ;)

    misha: Thanks, sweetie!

    The Goonfather: Waaaah so sweet. *blush*

    smallapple: Haha, the Goonfather likes doing goon things, remember? Anyway, I did walk around the streets in that outfit cos I had a rehearsal to rush to after the photo shoot. I think most people just stared at me weirdly. Don’t think maybe people appreciate that outfit. lol.

    Awww, I’m really gonna miss you commenting in my blog. Especially your friendly race with modchip. You guys make me laugh. Hehehe. Anyway, good luck with NS! Hope you get through it smoothly!

    Miccheng: Hee! Thanks :)

    arachno: Wow, rock star? That’s very flattering. Thank you!

    Shire Li: Heh, thank you. Will try to do more photo shoots. But Justyn is so busy. I’m busy too. It’s hard to find a time for us to get together.

    Mince Pye: AWww that’s so sad. Well, look forward to your bonnie crossing back o’er the ocean to you next month. Not too long to wait!

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    haha i also hope my NS-life will be very smooth.. since im going in the armoured regiment.. most pple say its very xiong in my camp… maybe i’ll not live to come out!!…

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    Armour… haha.

    Tankee = must take care of a shitload of equipment… come back from exercise still must stay awake to clean EVERYTHING.

    Armour Infantry = sit in a metal box with 11 other guys, bumping up and down over terrain, then still must get out and “chiong suah”.

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    smallapple: Haha, of course you’ll live to come out and spam my blog again! hehehe.

    modchip: I’ll try, but, um… I think I’ve run out of crazy sexy outfits for now. Heheh.

    JayWalk: Wah, you’re sharp! Yup, I wore that for last year’s VI and never wore it again, until this fashion shoot. Haha, it’s not exactly a top you would wear to go shopping or to the movies.

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    OMG Mince Pye are u for real? !!! den i hope im the Tankee.. at least not chiong sua.. how did u knw tat?

    im in the 40 SAR.. i think it got the best armour unit for 2007

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    JokeDiary: Hmm, I can’t seem to load that page. It’s on “loading” status forever and it won’t complete loading, lol.

    waaa: Thanks! :)

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    I realy love your clothes. where did you by them?
    i´m from sweden and I´m a J-rocker / J-poper girl, so i did realy fall in love with those clothes.

    love Z:a

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