Fashion Diary #15: Candy Rock

Day 15

Name of outfit: Candy Rock


Destination: Playing Guitar Hero III at home

Notes: The Goonfather just bought Guitar Hero III (for the PS3) so I wanted to take some photos of us playing the game. For that, I decided to emulate one of the avatars in the game, a kawaii Japanese guitarist wearing a jacket, mini skirt, platform shoes and knee socks. She even carries a tiny haversack on stage!

I don’t have an outfit exactly like that, so I did the best I could. You’ve seen these clothes before, so today I’m focusing on accessories. I used hairclips on my socks to make them look less plain. I tied shoelaces on my arm and wrist for want of better alternatives to complete the outfit. I love mis-using accessories!

I’ll talk about Guitar Hero III tomorrow and you can check out the kawaii Japanese chick. It’s a fun game and the Goonfather is totally addicted to it!

28 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #15: Candy Rock

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    Very cool game! And very nice pictures!

    I’ve been poking around your blog and I noticed you are in acting. Very impressive. I look forward to reading more on set stories.

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    Oh Qiaoyun, you rock my world. *sigh*

    Did The Goonfather buy you a GH3 guitar? It’s a must have.

    You’re so beautiful… :D

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    MikeM: Thanks for poking around my blog! Hehe. It’s great to make your acquaintance!

    zield: Wah, thanks for the high rating! :P

    jesta: No they don’t. They accentuate it and… hmmm, make them more mysterious instead of giving it all away right away, you know? Haha.

    modchip: Thanks for the compliments! *blush* Yeah, we got a guitar. I think all GH3 games come with the guitar?

    smallapple: Haha. Thanks for the quadruple WOW.

    misha: Oh cooool! Would love to play together online! :) I’m also still at easy level. :P

    Sentosa Girl: You can if you want. ;)

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    I think all GH3 games come with the guitar?

    I don’t know… When I got GH1, the guitar was sold separately, I think I was ripped off, if that is the case. Curse you retailers!!!

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    modchip: Haha, that was unfortunate! Maybe GH1 was different. What I know is I haven’t seen GH3 sold separately from the guitar. All the stores are selling the bundle pack.

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    Wah drool man…. legs!!!! Nice Nice… :)

    Damn.. nose bleed for a guy who likes legs….

    You get 5 hearts from me… ;-)

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    Derrick: Really?? Wow. That’s nice to know. :)

    Donny: Thanks! That’s sweet of you! :)

    arachno: Ooh 5 hearts! Thanks! :)

    It’s a wonder that you guys are making a big deal about my legs here. I mean, Jesta says that I’m hiding my legs in those long socks and platforms, so how can anyone see legs?? Haha.

    Jesta: But it looks like you’re the only one who’s complaining about big shoes and big socks. :P

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    Haha Qiaoyun…guess what?

    My boss passed by my desk during lunch yesterday and saw you posing with the mazada. He stopped, looked at it and asked: “Mr Leong is this your girlfriend?”

    Hahaha…i sure wished I could say: “Yes sir, that’s her!!” XP

    Btw, you look absof**kinglutly (in german, it’s:” unheimlich “) sexy;)
    Let me know when you get approached by FHM or Playboy!! :P

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    nadnut: Why are they called elephant socks?

    Stan: Haha… didn’t your boss scold you for surfing personal websites in the office? Or do you have a very relaxed office culture? :P Thanks for the compliments! But no FHM or Playboy for me. They usually reject flat, shapeless people like me. Haha.

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    modchip: lol, thanks, I guessed you might say that. :P I think it depends on the individual. There are people who say that I’m too skinny and no curves and that I should eat more. Haha.

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