Cutest pair of pussies

I spotted this pair of pussies chilling out at a HDB carpark.

They were living it up, waiting for milk and cookies to be served, waiting for little kitten slaves to come fan them.

This little one is super attitude and lazy:

He never moved his body an inch the whole time I was there taking photographs. He only turned his head to look at me.

After a while, he couldn’t even be bothered with me, not even when I went nearer to take a closer shot. He looked away as a glazed look came over his eyes. Continued chilling out under the warm evening sun.

His partner was a little more edgy. He busied himself checking out stationary cars, scratching himself and stretching languorously.

Well, I don’t actually know for a fact that both are male. I’m hopeless at biology and I’m not in the habit of checking out the private parts of animals. They just both look male to me because males are typically more lazy!

Hahaha. Any chance for male bashing.

Of course, I realise that it’s ironical to call them pussies and then claim that they’re male. (People who only know one definition of the word pussy will certainly pick up on this.)

But irony is what makes the world go round.

Actually, it’s not, but who’s noticing?

I would take a lesson from these pussies:

The world is your living room. Chill out.

77 thoughts on “Cutest pair of pussies

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    You should see the ones who live at my HDB void deck, they are totally pampered and FAT, cos they are being fed by several of the residents. But at least they are friendly and play with you when you are bored.

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    Is there a mating season for them?

    Those cats around my block area like recently super horny.. they keep making those mating sounds, every night and it’s been weeks!!!!!!

    It’s endless..

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    “Quick Update
    We were watching Naruto last night. Naruto was eating ramen. Made us hungry. Drove to Waraku at 10pm and spent $44 on supper for two.”

    Waraku open until so late ar? Which branch did u go?

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    More man-bashing??? I reckon the cat is female and she’s just slutty… She’s got that “Come on if you think you’re man enough” expression…

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    I just noticed: The comment race is hotting up. modchip has regained the lead, with Smallapple still close behind. At this early stage the race is really wide open and anyone could win.
    Further commentary as events warrant…

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    i love cats!! do u know? hahahahaahah. ok. obvious.

    i love dogs too!!! i love the dog from that show u did, stories of love? haha! :)

    anyway… cats are, by nature, lazy. so… i don’t think it matters whether they are male or female hehe!

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    Third picture looks very cute…

    Yes we have to enjoy what we have expecially what is natural, nature or those small things around us….

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    Sentosa Girl: Yeah, me too! That’s why I took more photos of it! :P

    arzhou: Haha, that’s cool. Some animals really have good lives!

    choongkeat: Do they look fat? I dunno. They seem pretty normal to me. But then I’m not a cat expert!

    zield: Hmm… At first I thought you were really an expert and could really tell the gender… until I read your second sentence with that cheeky smile.

    uncle sha: Haha. Never lor. Cats are really called pussies mah. Can’t help it if think otherwise. :P

    modchip: yeah! Haha.

    Wang Wang: I have no idea! What do cat mating sounds sound like??

    We went to the Waraku at East Coast Park. Last order is 10:30pm so we even had time to slowly think what to order. :P It’s the regular Waraku, that sells regular Japanese food, not the Pasta de Waraku branch.

    Derrick: Hehe. Too bad you didn’t take photo or video.

    Jesta: No HE doesn’t. He’s got that “yawn, going away” look. :P

    Thanks for the comments race commentary. You know you will only encourage more competition with that!! lol.

    Daphne Maia: Yah, I know. Hahaha. I love cats and dogs too! But dogs more! Well, dogs are cute and lovable. Cats are quirky and full of attitude… good for blog fodder. Haha.

    arachno: Yeah, the sitting position is damn cute!

    bigmac: DO THEY?? lol. I wonder what’s a “horny pussy” look.

    Um… thanks for the photo illustrations. Though it’s kinda weird to compare pigs and cats. lol.

    Mother: So now you’ve seen it. You like?

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    smallapple: You’re scared of dogs? But they’re so cute!

    Wang Wang: Oh… that’s eerie!

    nadnut: Yeah! Especially the one on the left, right? ;)

    zield: Awwwww your pussies are soooo cute!! Ok mew looks female and potato looks male. But, I don’t know. Is that even scientific??? To judge based on looks? lol.

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    wow.. you got it right.. !! both.. !! O_o
    *me gives 10 point to qiaoyun.. *haha..

    not really scientific.. but its called practical knowledge.. *lol :D
    esp when theres a lot of cute pussies around you..

    hmm.. lately ive been changin a certain vocab into pussies..
    thanks to you.. X3
    *nyyrrrraaaaaarrrrrwwwwwrrrrrrrlllll.. !!

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    zield: Haha, sorry my fault for bringing back the traditional meaning for the word pussy. But seriously, I love yours. Mew especially is super super cute! More pics please!

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    Anyone serving NS, will need to get over the fear of dogs and other animals…

    Because SAF training areas usually have many stray animals and wildlife. Sure to encounter them during late night exercise or sentry/prowler duty.

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    eh…. mince pye!!! are u serious? lol dun worry i can shoot the dogs!!! hahahas… i hope keat hong camps dun have strays dog… if not if im driving tanks huh… roll them over.. muahahhaha become flat-dogs….

    hmmm QY ar… but some dogs had those scary eyes of those which stare at u as if wanna eat u up/charge u de lei… come on!! it just like most girls is scare of cockroach and so on… haha!!!

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    smallapple: Hmm, ok. I guess I can understand since I hate cockroaches. But… erm, cockroaches are disgusting and ugly. I’m sure most people agree. Heheh.

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    hmmm but cockroaches can step on it as its so small.. but dogs huh… they have teeth.. and claw!! its more scary on the other look.. and u cant just step on it.. so DOGS had to be the mostly scarly things lol..

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    An: Yeah, luckily for me. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to take so many pictures of them. :P

    smallapple: Hmm, then I think tigers and lions are scarier since they’re bigger. I would be scared of those since they actually eat humans. lol.

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    lol but tigers and lions or ligers all is not so comment ma.. compare to cockroaches and dogs.. could onli found at singapore zoo.. .so DOGS still rules the comment scary things lol..

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    @Sheylara: Hmm, camwhoring cats! Nice pussy shots, hehe:) Anyways, I sure hope I can be your regular reader even after years have passed, just like some of the commenters here (provided of course, that you’re still blogging then:))

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    Hey, that was what I was just going to suggest!

    So.. from this moment on, I declare this post… (drum roll)…


    (cuts ribbon)..

    It’s official. Done!

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    @Peaches: YAY! *applause* *pops the bubbly*:) Let’s hope our dear landlady / hostess doesn’t mark out this area for demolition just yet:)

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    Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice = PPG = Powerpuff Girls = Blossoms / Buttercup / Bubbles / Sheylara / RN. LOL.

  22. Avatar

    Yes! If I could just find RN’s photo (or you can send it to me), I could make a simple visualization of how he’d look like in PPG outfit. Hahaha.

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    @Sheylara / Peaches: Err, I actually don’t mind, but in case you’ve forgotten, there’s a flamer troll on the loose. I don’t think its a very good idea to give that f*cktard more ammo…

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