Acting has nothing to do with acting

My third article is up. Check it out.

I don’t really like it because I find it a bit didactic. But the editor wanted my story to make a point instead of letting it just be a story, and this was the best I could come up with while juggling an impossible schedule.

But I guess it’s good enough since it got published. So, I hope you like it at least a little!

26 thoughts on “Acting has nothing to do with acting

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    Very good Shen! Not only are you a good actress, you are a fine writer too.

    In fact, that particular session of acting class was geared directly towards you.
    You came away from it with some helpful insights and understanding.

    It is sometimes the director who makes the actors look bad.

    They say that even the best actor in the world can’t make the worst screenplay better. The same goes for directors.
    If the director doesn’t use the passion of the actor(s), the director is at fault when the movie flops.

    I was a little perplexed by this under your photo on the article: “But she’s not famous by any count because nobody who recognizes her seems to know her name.”
    Whomever wrote this needs a lesson in what fame is.

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    I didn’t like your article a little… fact I liked it a lot!

    Liked your witty style of writing.

    More to come please :)????

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    JokeDiary: Haha. One of the reasons I didn’t want to pursue a writing career was because I hate having my work edited sometimes. :P

    mooiness: That’s great to hear. Thanks! :)

    MikeM: Thanks for your kind comments! I’m the one who wrote my own bio under the photo. Haha. It’s true, though. How can you call yourself famous when people don’t even know your name?

    Anyway, I’ve read your email. Will reply you after this.

    Fish: Thanks!

    Shire Li: Haha, you got me worried for a moment. Thanks!!

    starm|st: Huh? They still showing that gamer inc episode? How many times are they repeating it, man?

    modchip: Thanks, pal! Qiaoyun is my first name. (It’s actually my Chinese name, but spelt in English.) For Chinese names, it’s customary to have the family name in front, thus Shen Qiaoyun.

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    zield: Well, like in all professions, there are good ones and not so good ones.

    modchip: No problem!

    smallapple: Hahaha. Less is more doesn’t apply to everything, lol. For instance, no one is going to agree that less money is more! Hehe.

    Derrick: Heh. I think it’s kinda lame. I was really stressing over how to end the article.

    arachno: Thanks! :) Yeah, don’t act. But sometimes it can be really difficult!

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    hmm less money is more happiness to those rich guy… less comment from mi and modchips is for the *ahem* lesser commentor.. so they ‘think’ they will win us =X hahha so anyone wan be more happy pls donate mi ur money =X then we will all become very happy

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    Rachel: Hehe. Well, it wasn’t so much pain as embarrassment. :P But, yes, I have to admit that I have improved (slowly but steadily) since the day I started out.

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    just ran into your blog a couple of days back and i cant get enough; love your writing style, of course it helps that you look cute too :-) And this is a really well written piece.

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