A picture paints a thousand calories

So, I’m going to be mean today and show you some of the calories I collected from my weekend KL trip.

1. Seafood Curry Noodles

Located in a quiet alley in the town of Segambut, this noodle outlet enjoys a thriving business selling seafood noodles in three flavours: curry, tom yam and clear.

Curry is the hot favourite and that’s what we’ve been craving to eat since our last triip there. It’s really the best curry noodles I’ve eaten. Not that I’ve eaten much to begin with. Haha.

Each bowl is so chock full of seafood (mussels, clams, big prawns and squid) that I wanted to donate some to the goonfather. But I didn’t because it was so delicious I had to finish the bowl even if I exploded doing it.

The curry soup is literally to die for!!!

2. Fried Chicken Claw

We had this as part of our dinner in a dirty street filled with small hawker stalls lining both sides.

The chicken claw is mostly a novelty, although it does taste quite good. I enjoyed the regular chicken parts more. The stall was quite popular, too, judging from the neverending queue.

3. Satay

The taste and quality of this satay is about on par with the best satay in Singapore but there are a few special things to add.

There’s a bigger variety. Besides chicken, beef and mutton, there’s also rabbit and venison. And beef tripe. And chicken heart and liver — my favourite!

A chilli oil sauce is available for adding to the regular peanut sauce (you can mix and match the quantity) to spice up the taste. It’s very spicy but very good.

The price is ridiculously low for such good food. It’s RM$0.60 per stick!! That’s like 25 Singapore cents, half the price of an average Singapore satay! The rabbit and venison are priced higher, at RM$1.20 and RM$1.30, respectively, but that’s still cheap!

The stall is located in a rest stop along the Kesas Highway and we have to drive a great distance to get there and back but it’s so worth it we do it every time we go to KL.

This time round, we ordered 60 sticks for three of us and almost died trying to finish it. I only managed to eat 15 sticks! Guess how many the Goonfather ate! Haha!

4. McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover

We drove up to Genting Highlands to eat this. I know it’s crazy, but the Genting version tastes so much better than the Singapore version because the bread is more crispy and there are more vegetables. And the patty is juicier. Like how KFC tastes better in Malaysia than in Singapore. Sometimes we drive to Malaysia just to eat KFC.

5. Hong Kong Milk Tea

This isn’t food and I don’t really want to talk about the tea, except to say that it’s really good.

I actually want to highlight the ice. This was at a Hong Kong style cafe called Prince Cafe in Mid Valley City.

Each glass of iced milk tea comes with a giant chunk of frozen milk tea to keep your drink cold without diluting it. How I love that because I hate my drinks getting diluted by melting ice cubes.

It was a huge chunk, too. By the time I finished my meal and my drink, the chunk still hadn’t totally melted.

I think all cold drinks in the world should be served like that!

I hope you enjoyed helping me count my calories as much as I enjoyed consuming them. =)

32 thoughts on “A picture paints a thousand calories

  1. Avatar

    All satay taste alike to me. Duck satay tasted just like chicken. *shrugs* KFC sux AFAIC. I rather take Mary Brown when in M’sia.

  2. Avatar

    Yum Yum… just ate and now hungry again!!!

    Love the below combo meal:

    1. Seafood Curry Noodles
    2. Satay (To Share)
    3. Hong Kong Milk Tea to end the meal….

    Wah.. :P

  3. Avatar

    Almond Paste!! Steamed buns!!! You forgot the good stuff. Oh yeah, twisty noodles!

    And Captain Jacks Rose Pedal Drink! Comes in a can. It’s a soft drink. Looks like a soda can, bit it’s got a pirate on it.

    All that stuff you posted about looks soooooo good, especially the curry seafood noodle soup.

  4. Avatar

    wow ..
    u think u able to describe the driving direction to find the places???
    is it too much to ask????

    – Seafood Curry Noodles (Located in a quiet alley in the town of Segambut)

    – Satay (Kesas Highway)

    – Prince Cafe in Mid Valley City

    are all these along NS highway??

  5. Avatar

    Your food posts are getting closer and closer to porn. I find it obscene that you can snork down so much high-calorie food and remain about as fat as the average stick insect.
    Disgusting. I will be writing to the authorities to complain about this indecent material appearing on the previously pure Internet.

  6. Avatar

    Hey Monster and Goonfather,

    Fancy meeting me at the airport on Fri nite, close to midnight, to pick up krispy kreme from me? Promise this time I’ll get you guys a dozen. Enough?

  7. Avatar

    xinyun: Me too, I couldn’t stop thinking about curry noodles all week!

    JayWalk: Haha. McDonald’s used to be one of my favourite places to eat. But recently, the standard seems to have dropped so I don’t go anymore. :(

    zield: Hahaha, you sound drunk.

    modchip: Hehe. ;)

    Monster: Yeah, you need to visit there someday. There’s so much good food there!

    Ooh, you coming back this Friday? Let me get back to you again about Krispy Kreme. Gotta check with the Goonfather first. ;)

    Derrick: How can that be? Satay in different stalls taste so different! lol. Anyway, I guess taste is subjective. I haven’t tried Mary Brown in M’sia, but I think the Singapore one is so so only.

    MikeM: Haha, I really haven’t seen Captain Jacks Rose Pedal Drink. I wonder if it’s still around.

    Wang Wang: I know! Hahaha. Next time we go together again okie?! ;)

    amd: Sorry, I can’t describe to you cos I was driven there by a Malaysian friend. I wouldn’t know how to find it on my own. lol. Only the satay is along the NS Highway, inside a rest stop. Prince Cafe is directly opposite Boulevard Hotel. The curry noodle is a bit tricky. If I ever find out the exact directions, I’ll let you know, ok? ;)

    nadnut: Haha, sorry! My bad.:P

    Jesta: Well, at least I’m not a specialised food blog!! I only talk about food once in a while. You should get the authorities to nab the real food bloggers, instead. hahah.

    arachno: Maybe I have worms in my intestines.

    smallapple: Yeah, chicken claw isn’t appreciated by everyone! I don’t normally like it myself. But I like the Hong Kong dim sum kind beause of the sauce. The sauce is yummy!

    precious: Heh. The Goonfather lived there for 2 years and he has a close Malaysian buddy, so we always have someone to bring us around when we go there! Hey, if you know anymore hidden secrets, tell us! We go visit the next time. ;)

    Jason Ho: Actually, Singapore has a lot of nice food, too. But food in other countries always seem nicer because you know you can’t eat it as and when you like, so it just drives you nuts thinking about it all the time. hahaha.

  8. Avatar

    lol i onli love chicken leg when its with the sause + mushroom kind de… i dun knw wat its call.. but it sold wif the you ji mian… oil chicken mee? lol… the deep fried one look not so good lol

  9. Avatar

    amd: Ok, I will!

    smallapple: Yah, I know the one you’re talking about. I don’t really like that. I only like the dim sum kind. That one sauce more power. :P

  10. Avatar

    Haha I can’t believe you went to that Segambut noodle place! I thought it was quite unknown. And Malaysia has better KFC than Singapore? o_O sounds pretty weird to me :P

    Not that I’ve had KFC in Singapore

  11. Avatar

    skyler: The Segambut noodle place must be pretty famous if you know it also. :P By the way, do you know the driving directions there? One of my readers want to know. ;)

    Singapore’s KFC standard deteriorated over the years and now it’s totally inedible. Best KFC is in JB. The one in KL isn’t quite as good, but it’s still miles better than SG’s one. lol. Genting KFC’s standard is between JB and KL.

    Haha, as you can see, I eat KFC everywhere I go.

  12. Avatar

    My mom took me once, it’s relatively near my place. I THINK I know the driving directions (is it a double storey shophouse?), not too sure. It’s the kind of thing you know yourself but don’t know how to tell people :P

    I shall try the KFC in JB the next time I’m there, which unfortunately isn’t often

  13. Avatar

    skyler: Yeah, I know what you mean. I know a lot of places that I can’t describe. :P Anyway, I don’t think you will find anything very special in the KFC in JB since the KFC you have in KL is not too bad. You have to eat the KFC in Singapore first to really appreciate what you have in M’sia! :P

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