1 satay = 10 cigarettes?

Someone told me today that eating one stick of satay is equivalent to smoking 10 sticks of cigarettes.


I know that barbequed meat is harmful. There are many articles circulating around on that topic. But I didn’t know it was that bad.

So, should I quit eating bbq chicken wings and pick up smoking, instead?

Haha. Just kidding. I couldn’t give up my favourite food if you killed me.

I found a food stall in Geylang which serves rather unique satay and bbq chicken wings.

It’s cooked Chinese-style, using all kinds of interesting Chinese herbs and spices, and tastes nothing like the regular Malay satay.

The pork and mutton are supposedly the best, although I feel that the pork (above) is way better, which is why we ordered a huge bunch of it, compared to the measly few sticks of mutton (below) we ordered just to have a variety of taste.

The satay is meant to be eaten together with a fragrant barbequed bun, which also comes skewered in a satay stick. There’s no sauce.

The Goonfather says not to order the beef because it’s dry and it sucks. There’s also chicken satay, but we didn’t order it because we wanted bbq chicken wings, instead.

Chicken wings my favourite! Tastes so unique. I couldn’t even begin to describe it.

Actually, that’s because I’ve kinda forgotten how it tastes like, haha. It was about a month ago when I ate it but I remember loving it. I didn’t even need chilli sauce to go with it and I’m the chilli sauce queen.

Haha. The woman manning the stall looked at me suspiciously while I took photos of her shopfront.

I won’t say the satay is to die for, but I’m writing about it because it’s interesting. Something you probably can’t find anywhere else in Singapore. And it tastes pretty decent.

The stall is located at Geylang Lorong 31, just a little off Geylang Road.

Well, I had one chicken wing and about seven sticks of satay. Does that mean I indirectly smoked 80 sticks of cigarettes?

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    hey QY! I’ve been there! It was a chinese mom with her son during my visit and they were friendly people ^_^; I told him that he had put too much chili power on the bbq meat hahahaha. Its addictive! IMO >>> Chinese Satays > Indians Satays.

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    The fact that they can compare a food you ingest with the equivalent number of cigarettes that you inhale boggles my mind.

    I’ll take a little fat with some calories over inhaling carbon monoxide and other impurities any day of the week!

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    *sigh* I’m beginning to think that you should take up a new career as a food photographer/writer. You seem to eat ALL the time and take pictures of everything you eat… Makes me hungry

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    Does this satay have tar and the other stuff found in cigarrettes? Heheh, just kidding. If it tastes good, why not. Also, other people find smoking delicious, so again why not? There’s nothing wrong about it. :D

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    Let’s put it this way. If the food dun cut your lifespan by 10 years, it’s probably not good.

    Char Kway Teow with lard, chilli, sea hum vs tofu burger

    Prata Plaster vs garden salad.

    I supposed down the road we will have Chai Tow Kway Lite and Diet Teh Tarik

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    Oh my goodness!!! Stop talking Sporean food! I’m feeling so deprived again! It’s 2 weeks before we’ll be heading back for a short weekend. I NEED to eat Satay! Don’t care 1 satay = how many cigs. Who cares at this stage when I miss all these sinful food!

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    mkb: Hey, cool! You don’t like the chilli powder? I think it’s pretty nice. Actually, I prefer Malay satay because of the satay sauce. But I love the chicken wings here. :)

    Michael BecK: Haha. I think the comparison is based on the percentage chance of getting cancer from each respective activity. I’ll have to agree with you. Fat and calories beat tar and smoke any day.

    Jesta: The average human being eats three times a day. How does a food blog once every week or two make it seem like I eat ALL the time? lol.

    modchip: What a funny image your phrase “people find smoking delicious” raises in my mind.

    Derrick: No lah. But satay causes cancer. It says so in the article I linked somewhere in my post. So do cigarettes, I suppose.

    JayWalk: Life is stupid. All the fun stuff are bad for health.

    Monster: I can’t help it!! I live in Singapore. I’m surrounded by yummy food all the time!! lol. sorry did I make that worse? :P

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    What a funny image your phrase “people find smoking delicious” raises in my mind.

    Haha, sorry, but I can’t find the right words to express what I really mean… it’s close though… hahaha!

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    Monster…. What are you talking about?? These aren’t Malay Satays with peanut sauce. These are China Satays, which you can get in HK or across the border. =P Anyway, stay tune for the best Malay Satay we ever ate. Coz I know QY will definitely blog about it. wahahahaaaa………………

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    yummy yummy.. who cares abt 1:10 … at least we dun give off 2nd hand smoke and cause other pple to breathe in those… so its still better den smoking!! hahas wah liew everytime post those yummy looking food… make mi feel so hungry even i just had my meal

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    modchip: Don’t be sorry. I meant what I said in a good way! ;)

    The Goonfather: I was wondering for the longest time what best Malay satay you’re talking about. I suddenly remember. Haha. Wasn’t really planning to blog about it, but I suppose I could. :P

    smallapple: Well, yeah, that’s the only objection I have against smoking, really. It’s not nice to affect other people’s health. Hmm, but harmful food is also inconsiderate because you might die young from it and make your family sad! Life is so complicated lah.

    Monster: Haha. You’re too paranoid. I loved the roadside beef balls doused in peppercorn flakes and chilli oil in Shenzhen. OMG I wish I could eat it again!

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    hmm but for its mi its like u eat wat u like.. cause u’ll never knw when are u going to die? sometime bad food dun really will make u shorten ur life.. it help to up ur mood… make u feel happy after eating GOOD and nice food… if u gona die u had to die… if u gona die without having those good and nice food… den u can really go and die le… if u die and had taste all those good food before… den at least u wont ask urself how really is tat food taste like? hahha see from different views!!

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    arachno: What a great rule. :) All too true!

    smallapple: Yah, totally agree with you. I tend to eat without caring much for what it’s doing to my health. :P But I also think it’s good to control once in a while lah. Death is ok, but suffering from major diseases later in life because of poor diet is bad. You suffer, your bank account suffers (from medical bills), your family suffers.

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    I tot it’s only if you ingest the burnt part of the BBQ meat (i.e. the blackened parts) that is unhealthy? I may be wrong, but I think it’s worth checking out the validity of the statement. HAAA!!

    but i seriously think that only the burnt part will affect a person’s health bah. =) The rest is still fine. =)

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    An: Supposedly, what’s bad is the smoke that rises from the charcoal. It touches the meat and there’s some kind of reaction that makes the meat toxic. So that AND the burnt parts combined make BBQ meat really bad.

    smallapple: Yeah, heheh. Sometimes it’s hard to remember these things when one is enjoying. :P

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    thanks a bunch for these Sheylara… really helpful…
    why am i on your past blogs? I’ve been reading back ur blogs… great blogs, really enjoy it…. hmmm, should i start blogging??? Nah, i guess i’ll just stick to reading and playing games..

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    @Sheylara: I saw an interesting equation in arachno’s comment above: GF = BH. What I instinctively thought of was: GoonFather = Bald Head! Please apologise to him for me, hehe:)

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