Why the Goonfather is a goon

Many of my readers apparently still don’t know who the Goonfather is. So, today, I’m going to explain.

He’s my partner, my other half, my significant other. Not my father or godfather or anything like that.

He’s called The Goonfather because he likes to do goondu things. There’s a small story behind the name, but I’ll post that in a new About page when I have time.

So. A few weeks ago, the Goonfather’s elder sister invited us over to her new place for dinner. (She’s married with two kids.) The dinner was to be today, to celebrate Oktoberfest.

When we received the invitation, I had this conversation with the Goonfather.

“Should we bring something?” I asked.


He looked surprised, even though we’d gone through this conversation countless times.

“When people invite you over for dinner, it’s good etiquette to bring something,” I said mechanically, because I’ve said it so many times.


“Wine, chocolates… I dunno.”

“Ok lor we bring wine.”

Now, fast forward to today.

Afternoon time, the Goonfather was SMS-ing with his brother-in-law about the dinner tonight. Brother-in-law was picking up pork knuckles, sister was baking a cake for us. They’ve got German beer and good wine and I don’t know what other goodies and yummies.

The Goonfather turned to me and said…

“Wah, they preparing so many things for us. I feel damn paiseh.”

“Then we bring something lor,” I said, about to go into my practiced speech.

“Bring what? Washing machine?”


“Bring washing machine for f***?!!” I sputtered.

“Housewarming mah.”

Tell me he isn’t the gooniest person you’ve met.

Anyway, I gotta go. Just popped home from auditions and errands, resting a bit before going for dinner.

Er… Selamat Hari Raya!

(Funny we’re celebrating Oktoberfest today.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Goondu = Malay for idiot, moron (used affectionately and without malice sometimes)
Paiseh = Hokkien for embarrassed, ashamed, shy

The Goonfather wishes to state for the record that the word “goon” actually means “A thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents“.

Right. Ok.

37 thoughts on “Why the Goonfather is a goon

  1. Avatar

    hahah o o… now i get it who is he and how come he was called goonfather!! hahah goon = big and dumb and do silly things lol =X

  2. Avatar

    Hahahahahaha! This is hilarious!!!! So funny!!! LOL!!!

    QY, post more of the goondu things u faced! It’s a good stress reliever!!!!! ^_^

  3. Avatar

    hmmm… i rmb his’s not as goondu as u say lei.. tat time u go the dun knw wat tunnel there for film-iing i tot he is clever to spot the used tissue on the floor? he is still clever ba?

  4. Avatar

    Goonfather, ya, where is that thosai place? Make sure you bring me there when I head back the next time. I’ve not had thosai for ages!!! Dying of not having thosais!

  5. Avatar

    Be a Good Daughter: Thanks! You sound like a spambot, but since you didn’t post any links, I guess you’re not? lol.

    Smallapple: Well, he’s big and do silly things and only pretends to be dumb. Haha.

    Derrick: Glad you enjoyed that. ;)

    amd: Er… thank goodness, no. That’s such a horrible name. lol.

    Wang Wang: I sure will. But sometimes his goon stories are a bit X-rated, cannot post. Haha.

    JayWalk: Yah, imagine I have to face such nonsense every day!

    Monster: I’m glad to hear that. :P

    modchip: Thanks!

    zield: Thanks, I think he’s funny too. :P

    mooiness: Yeah, smart! I fell for him because he made me laugh nonstop.

    serene.s: :)

    Jesta: Ahem. Indeed.

    misha: Hi Misha, long time no see!

    xinyun: Yeah, he likes to act blur a lot.

    uncle sha: Thanks! ;) Hope you had a great weekend.

    Smallapple: He just pretends to be a goondu most of the time lah. lol.

    yh: Heheh.

    Elyxia: Oh, imagine when they’re both put TOGETHER. *torture*

    Mother: Eew, you sure you wanna see Goon Fashion?

    Starstruck: Haha, I guess you’re right about that.

    The Goonfather: How can you forget?? It’s like beside Mustafa, duh.

    Eric: But there’s only one Goonfather! I’m not quite sure you’d want him to rule the world, though. There’d be pandemonium. Hahah.

    Cloudywind: Cooking hood? *groan* Don’t give him ideas.

    JokeDiary: Yup, you’re absolutely right. I love people who can make me laugh. ;)

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    Goonfather looks like a local rap star! All he needs now are just more bling-bling and a teeth-grill to scare people when he smiles!!

    ROTFL! Goonfather, you is steady lah – washing machine! Shows he’s the new-age practical homie…XD

  7. Avatar

    Is it just me, or does the Goonfather really love red? He kinda reminds me of one of our local celebs (actually a rapper) here.

  8. Avatar

    Stan: Haha. Should he start dressing like a pimp?

    modchip: Hmm, who does he remind you of? You’re pretty observant, though. He does like red (and orange).

    Mother: Er… if you say so. :P

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    “modchip: Hmm, who does he remind you of? You’re pretty observant, though. He does like red (and orange).”

    A member of a rap group Salbakuta. I’m not into their music but I see them a lot on TV. :D

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