Status: Freaked Out

Hello! I’m on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

You don’t want to hear the gory details, but the gist of it is that projects (acting and writing) are piling up and I’m stretched a zillion ways and I can’t sleep at night, which makes me very unproductive in the day, which doesn’t help move projects along.

(You might suggest that I do my projects at night, but I can’t, for practical reasons.)

Today’s blog will be quick and random because I need to spend more time clearing projects before I really have a nervous breakdown. =)

  • No, I’m not being stalked.
  • I don’t have to be a smoker after all because the director has removed the smoking scene. Thank you all very muchly for your advice and concern!
  • I saw a man riding a bicycle on a pavement. A probation plate was proudly mounted on his front basket. (You know, that ghastly yellow square with orange triangle.) I suppose that means pedestrians should be understanding if he happens to run over them.
  • One of my projects is a theatre performance piece. I have to write my own damn script.
  • I encountered a male jogger today wearing a grey singlet, blue shorts, white-and-black running shoes and hot pink socks. The socks were worn loose in leg-warmer fashion, extending about four inches up his calf. Stylish.
  • Life’s most annoying conundrum: Being too hungry to sleep and too sleepy to eat.
  • I won a Singapore Sports Council workout class from a lucky draw. I can choose any class I like. I chose a class in the cheapest category (ABT – $52). For reference, the most expensive classes are $110 (Pilates). I’m a disgrace to the spirit of Singaporeanism.

Okay. Time to move.

Got a library fine to pay.

I will still try to blog daily even when my brain starts leaking out my ears, so don’t stop visiting! ;)

Don’t worry. I’m a little freaked out by the stress but I won’t actually have a nervous breakdown.

29 thoughts on “Status: Freaked Out

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    Heheh, for a hastily typed-up posts this was a good read. I like the bicycle story, the pink socks pulled up towards the knees story, and the disgracing Singaporeanism story. I laughed.

    But this blog here doesn’t pay much (not yet anyway) so don’t waste your good stuff here – spend all your inspirations towards the paying job(s). :D

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    Minou: Yeah I try to relax when I can. But got no time to relax in the next two weeks! :(

    xinyun: I’m resting, but I think it’s all wrong. I sleep two hours in the early morning (5:30am to 7:30am) and then like six hours in the afternoon. It’s just crazy.

    mooiness: Thanks! :) Good to know that even short, random entries are appreciated! This blog doesn’t really pay but I kinda feel a responsibility not to disappoint readers who have come to expect an almost daily post.

    modchip: Thanks, pal!

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    zield: Um… I can’t sleep! As for help… I’m thinking of seeing a doctor. Maybe later. Screaming… uh, not very practical to do in Singapore. Haha.

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    You okay? Guess if you still can poke fun into yourself…I’m sure you’re ok. Yes, told myself that I need to get to the gym yesterday and stupid Greyee got me to have tea with him instead….asshole! So today, I’m going to go to the gym…..Really…..

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    sleep is.. take a break.. take a good rest.. compose yourself.. finnish the most important thing first.. (or which deadlines closer)
    if it cant be done.. you can ask some dispensation..

    ask some help from other.. that is.. example:
    ask a friend to help you write the script for you..
    ask someone to drive you to the workplace.. etc..

    if all of thats not working.. then scream.. someone might come to the rescue..
    uh not me.. that is.. :P

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    I know how you feel. I have a huge pile of projects and I haven’t got time to do the one that I really want to… *sigh*

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    Monster: Yes, of course I’m ok, but thanks for asking! :) Haha, so did you end up going to gym today?

    abraxis: I’d rather be a blueberry muffin than freaked out. :P Problem is the stuff that are stressing me out are more the writing assignments because they give me less time to focus on my acting :P

    Miccheng: Yeah, I love busy. But not when it’s overwhelming, lol. Thanks though! :)

    JayWalk: Blogging is only a release when I rant, but I try not to rant too much. The truth is, I blog/write to entertain people. That was my purpose from the start since 2003. And that can be stressful at times. :P

    zield: It’s not good asking to move deadlines because, as a freelancer, you lose credibility. Oh well, but I will eventually manage. :P Thank you for your suggestions!

    Wang Wang: Haha. 500% is a lot. Thanks, babe! You add oil too for your exams! I give you back 500% support! ;)

    Derrick: Um… I stopped using a library card long ago. Have been using my IC to borrow books for yonks. :P

    Jesta: Yeah, tell me about THAT. I haven’t had time to start on that project I told you about. :(

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    Wah.. still replying at this ungodly hour??!? looks like you really have a big problem sleeping… maybe try tiring yourself out in the evening…jog/exercise etc, maybe your body might feel more tired/relaxed.. another thing i realized is if you spent a good amount of time under the sun, you’ll feel a bit tired at night……. but looking at the weather recently…… oh well. have a good rest, regardless!

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    QY! You just did me a huge favor!

    I remember now that I have a $0.70 library fine to pay too! Thanks for the reminder! Lol!

    Ok. I will add 500% oil from your 500% support for my upcoming exams! ^_^

    Together, we will and must breeze through this period ok babe?

    Wang Wang!

    Every obstacle is a stepping stone to success!

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    QY~ No la.. U not a disgrace to the spirit of Singaporeanism..
    Rather than succumbing to the spirit, U just do what you want and feel is the best for U.

    That’s makes u pure and untainted! Also, that makes u unique!


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    its really good to hear tat u no need to take up smoking anymore and busy with work huh.. hahas so much chances for u to show more of urself to public huh.. dun busy till sick wor.. hahas

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    Hmm……. I m wondering if it is National Library or Video library. Knowing her… must be some TVB series from Video Library.

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    Shifu~ Lol.. the fine was during my teenage years.. I very surprise that NLB took the effort to send me a bill, after so many years…

    Goonie, no la!!! It’s NLB, I repeat NLB fine!!!

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    Rykarx: Um… 12+ isn’t ungodly wat. :P Anyway, my sleeping problems boils down to not having a day job. Because sometimes I don’t have to go out at all, so if I’m home all day, I nap afternoons cos I don’t get enough sleep at night, so that I can’t sleep at night. Vicious cycle, haha.

    Wang Wang: You have an existing library fine from your teenage days???? Hahaha, you are really the ultimate!!! :P

    Dave Lucas: Thanks! :)

    Smallapple: Yeah, things always work out fine. Thanks for your concern!

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    Monster: DOH, so you missed gym again?? Well, it’s ok, I totally understand. It’s so hard to enforce a regular exercise routine when you can’t get the momentum going!

    When I had my weekly ABT class, most of the time I just dreaded going, hehe. I think out of 12 classes, I skipped 5 or so. Hehe.

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