Sheylara in costume

The lines are blurring between my roles as actress and gamer. Sometimes, I’m both at the same time, which is awesome, because I get to wear outrageous costumes and play computer games on the job.

I can’t tell you anything about the job because of confidentiality issues, but the costume is from the Korean MMORPG, Granado Espada, and I’m supposed to be an Elementalist. I wish I could keep the costume! But it’s professionally-made and has a four-figure price tag. Scary.

I think I look a little silly because the costume is kinda poofy and it’s obviously European, which I obviously am not. And my hair is wrong for the Baroque-style costume, but the wig that came with the it was all ratty so the director said to do without it.

I also had the chance to play the game but, to be honest, I prefer WoW and EQ2. The selling point of GE, which is that you can control three characters at once, doesn’t quite appeal to me. I like having only one character so I can focus on her and pamper her exclusively. Haha.

But a game’s a game and playing games is always fun!

I had to take more photographs because I might never get the chance to wear this again.

I also took a group shot with the other actors.

You might notice that two of them don’t have shoes on. Pity, because it kinda spoils the look of the photo. But it was a mad rush at the studio that day because we were running late and we were all changing in and out of different outfits the whole morning.

And the only time four of us were in GE costumes and were available to take a group photo, the two just happened to have their shoes off and the crew didn’t have time to wait for them to put their shoes back on. We had to quickly take our photographs, change out, and get on with the shoot.

Well, I need to have more shoots like that!

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    Hi Q.Y, finally get to see u in fantasy clothing.. like I always hope but seriously, I think the costume does u a dis-service, a little too bootsy & also like u look like u are pregnant.. lol.
    yeah the hair does stick out a little but it is fantasy theme right?

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    QY, I can’t help staring at your titties! Big big big!!!!! You look damn cute!!!!!

    Is that white undies? O_o

    Seems to me like your hand in a very awkward position, is it cuz of the costume?

    I wish I can see you in that silver costume with the white hair. I can imagine you wearing that. Super sexy! Purrrrrr~~l

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    Wah seh! I am in the Top 10 Commentors for October! Wahahaha!

    Hip hip hooray! Hip Hip hooray! Hip Hip hooray!

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    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs …. so where’s the seven Dwarfs ? Must be camera-shy, haha…

    And what TV show is that ? Or is it just a performance ?

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    I’m pretty sure that no European in history has worn a costume as outrageous as that one… Although I do note that QY now has boobs that Pamela Anderson could be proud of :P

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    cosplay.. ?? ~\(^_^)/~ yay~
    (and i’m expectin meido-fuku..)

    uhh.. is it just me or your hand should always be there..
    wonder if the skirt would flip if your hand not there..

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    modchip: Aww, Yuna is so beautiful. I couldn’t possibly play her. :P I love her costume, though.

    JokeDiary: The only uncomfortable part is the choker. You see the white, embroidered piece around the neck? That’s not cloth. It’s a stiff choker that goes around the neck, fastened by velcro, haha. The rest of the outfit is quite comfy, actually. I suppose it’ll be hot if I wear it outside. But, worn in the studio with aircon, it’s ok.

    yh: Well, I dunno much about GE either, lol, so we’re on par.

    crazyhamster: Cool! You still play GE now?

    Shelly: Hahahaha. Wearing costumes is the only time I get outstanding boobs. lol.

    Starstruck: Yeah, I don’t look totally right in the costume, but I think it’s cool, anyway.

    cowgoesmoo: Hehh, thanks!

    Mr.Dew: Thanks for visiting my blog! :) Well, like I explained to JokeDiary above, it’s not all that uncomfortable. If I remove the choker, I could wear the costume a whole day. :P

    Wang Wang: Oh jeez, stop looking at the boobies. They’re fake! lol. Um, those aren’t undies lah, they’re shorts!! Inside the shorts is another pair of frilly, lacy white undies which is part of the costume, but they’re covered by the shorts, lol.

    Can’t wear the silver costume. I’m too skinny and flat! :P

    Haha, the race for top ten in Oct just started. Now, you must comment more to stay there! lol.

    bigmac: Well, I’m under orders not to reveal anything about this job, so, sorry, can’t tell you… yet! :P

    Jesta: Are you sure? I think there have been some pretty outrageous gowns in the history of European fashion. Then again, I suppose the little shorts would be too scandalous for classical times. :P

    zield: Haha, no the skirt won’t flip. But it’s actually not a skirt. It’s more like a wrap which is fastened together with velcro. But the velcro is a bit worn, scotch tape has been used in place, but since the “skirt” is so heavy, it has a tendency to fall off, lol.

    Iris: The elementalist is one of the most powerful in GE, is it?

    nadnut: Yeah! I think it’s fun, too! :)

    uncle sha: Isn’t the silver/white costume quite revealing? :P

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    Whoever ask you to wear that costume needs to be shot btw. It’s prolly made for some fat ass with no shoulders, not my gorgeous sis. You make it look good sis. Next time, WEAR THE NIGHT ELF COSTUME OK!

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    Actually, rather than just plain “poofy” can I suggest a new term for this kind of clothing? How about “poofrilly”? (A combination of Poofy and Frilly). Or just “wtfhappenedtothedress”?

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    “Aww, Yuna is so beautiful. I couldn’t possibly play her. :P I love her costume, though.”

    You know what, you actually look like her. No joke.

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    One word “nicez”

    and same as modchip have commented you do make a very nice yuna counterpart in real life :)

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    Oh my god, it’s like a dream come true to dress up as a game character! I like your costume the most, it looks the most “realistic”! Lucky you…>.

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    Chong: You want to sponsor my night elf costume? :P

    Dave Lucas: Haha. Thanks for the affirmation.

    Jesta: I like “wtfhappenedtothedress”. Very very original.

    Iris: Oh yeah. I played GE for a few hours that day and used an Elementalist. I saw that the costume I wore is the newbie default Elementalist costume! Hehe.

    modchip: Wow. Thanks for the compliment!

    skoolchild: Aww, thanks! Well, I’d need to cut my hair short to be Yuna, and bring a portable fan with me so my hair can have the wind-blown look all the time. lol.

    Steffi: Yeah! I guess what you said pretty much sums it up! :P

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    I notice that you look quite small size in the last photo when you standing to rest of people. I reckon that you must be half my width, … Should eat more upsized ‘bigmac’ to gain more weight and mass, haha….

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    Rachel: I don’t think it’s poorly sewn. The design is exactly like that in the game. I guess it just looks weird on me cos I’m too small/skinny for it. :P

    zield: Oh, yeah. I think it’s a WordPress safeguard. You can’t post links until you’ve posted at least 10 comments in my blog. To prevent spambots. :P Well, you’re almost there, though! ;)

    bigmac: I DO eat a lot of big macs. Haha. I love McDonald’s!

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    10 comments.. @_@ now i can post a link right.. ?? right.. ??

    some nice costume ive found..
    goth, maid

    (hmm.. i like pigtailed hair..)
    so what do you think.. ?? :D

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    o.O kinky zield on the gothic maid costume think QY would look nice in it but think goonfather would disagreed….LOL

    And dun cut your hair you look nice that way :D

    actually if the shots having you in some poses will look alot nicer and more omph!! as the game character :)

    usually most cosplayer made their own costume hence can tailer to their physique.. and because the game character has big boobs hence the default design… :)

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    zield: Ahh.. those are very nice! :) I love gothic lolita. It’s very cute!

    skoolchild: Haha, as a matter of fact, I’m going to cut my hair next week. I prefer it short. :P My hair is thick so when it gets long, it gets really heavy and starts looking limp. :(

    Well, I never played GE, so I didn’t know how Elementalists are supposed to pose. :P

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    @qiaoyun.. try the twintail/pigtail hairstyle.. d(^_^)
    that the cutest hairstyle imo..

    @skool.. that not kinky.. !! thats cute and elegant.. ahem..

    btw.. who is goonfather.. ??

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    uhm.. look closely at their hair style.. (both are pigtail..)

    when you part your hair into two and tied on each side of your head.. that is pigtail.. :D
    some might say twintail.. that is same hair style..

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    Hahaha.. Yes it was indeed a mad rush. Me and Ivan not putting on shoes really spoiled the photo. Oh well.. It was fun bit tiring yea..

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    I am embarassed to know that I am able to point out the characters that the last picture is supposed to be.

    You as the elementalist, the one next to you is a musketeer, the one next to her is a fighter and the last one is a scout/healer. Used to play granado espada but it was addictive! I had to uninstall before I went overboard.

    Anyways that photoshoot looks like a heck loads of fun! I would have stolen that costume if I were you ;)

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    zield: Oh, I didn’t know those are called pigtails too. :P When you say pigtail to a Chinese, we usually think of braids, since the original pigtails were braids worn by Chinese soldiers. Anyway, yeah, I agree, the pigtails that you posted are cute!

    Shasha: Yeah, I wish we had time to do a proper photoshoot!

    marina: Haha. Nothing to be embarrassed about, is there? Good to hear that you play MMORPG, too! But that was really disciplined of you to uninstall. I can’t do anything like that!

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    funny.. im chinese too.. ahahahah.. :D
    wonder why it called pigtail.. hmm..

    so are yo going to pigtailed your hair.. ?? XD

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    zield: Oh, are you Chinese, too? Hehe, cool. I’m sure there’s something about the origin of pigtails in wikipedia, if you care to know. :P I would pigtail my hair if I had an outfit that matches. But I have to go shopping first!

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    zield: Haha. I don’t think pigtails will become trendy in Singapore any time soon, although I think they’re very cute. Most Singaporeans are rather tame when it comes to fashion.

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    @Sheylara: Hmm, how come I missed this set of pics, huh?:) Anyways, poofiness aside, I hope you got to at least keep the boots, hehe:)

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