Regression of the gamer chick

I feel somewhat guilty.

Maybe guilty is not the right word. Sheepish, perhaps.

You see, just two weeks ago, I bought a new computer just so I could play an MMORPG again. I had cancelled my EQ2 account five months ago and been feeling like something’s missing from my life.

So, I got my new comp and I re-activated my WoW account.

I played like crazy for a week and then I stopped playing.


Because I’ve been stuck to my DS Lite since last week, playing an old school RPG.

It’s so old school you won’t believe it. It’s one of those games in which you create a party of five or six adventurers and you bring them out to bash monsters and find treasure. The movement is grid-based and the combat is turn-based. At the start of each turn, you specify what you want each of your characters to do to which monster.

OMFGGG. The joy!

Old school RPGs were the staple of my misspent childhood, so it’s quite nostalgic.

Well, to be fair, I kinda stopped playing WoW after a week because I suddenly got busy with filming since last week. But that also means I have lots of time to play with my DS Lite (while waiting around on the set).

Ironically, I started playing an RPG on my DS Lite because I was suffering from WoW withdrawal during shoots.

But, in the end, the DS Lite RPG displaced WoW!

When I get home at night after a long day of filming, I should spend a few hours playing WoW before going to bed. But I find myself still stuck to my DS Lite. WoW is all but forgotten.

I can’t believe it.

I am sacrificing this:

To play this:

The game is called Etrian Odyssey and, in view of my recent Bleach craze, I’ve named my characters after Bleach characters and my guild is called Bankai.

Haha. Corny.

I have Ichigo (fighter), Rukia (mage), Inoue (healer), Ishida (archer) and Yuruichi (dark hunter). The classes are not named exactly like that, but they’re the same archetypes. For example, the fighter is known as a landsknecht. I can’t even pronounce it. See, if I’d said landsknecht instead of fighter from the start, you’d go huh like I did when I first played the game.

The other classes are in English, though, so it’s not that crazy.

Speaking of Bleach, someone really should make a Bleach RPG or MMORPG. There’s Bleach on the Wii, but it’s one of those silly fighting games I don’t like.

Anyway, I digress. Although I must say Bleach is always a great subject to talk about so who cares about digression?

But I digress.

I feel kinda stupid spending all my free time playing an obviously inferior game when I’m already paying $23 a month for WoW (on top of having spent over a grand on a new computer).

I think people might laugh at me and call me retro or something worse.

But the game is damn fun lah (in an old school way). I used to make my own maps using those primary school exercise books with squares in them. Etrian Odyssey has an in-built map-making facility so you can use the stylus to draw maps right on the screen as you explore the forests!

Help! I’ve regressed!

You think maybe I ought to have my head checked?

36 thoughts on “Regression of the gamer chick

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    A good game is not about fancy graphics nor sound effects. Those can only hold your attention for like the first 5 seconds.

    Content is what counts the most and a simple execution may be all that it takes.

    Personally, I prefer simple adventure games especially those by LucasArts which are funny as hell.

    Monkey Island (the earlier editions) has gotta be my all time favourite along with Leisure Suit Larry (also the earlier editions) coming in a close second.

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    hmm.. i never want to play an online game that makes you pay to play it.. :(
    been playing the obviously free mmorpg only.. and some free trial period only.. XD

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    Not a true gamer, and prolly will never be. Maybe in next life,heh

    But anyway, point is, you’ll notice after a few weeks of OE on the DS Lite, you’ll prolly want to get back to your PC and WoW. Guess you are feeling nostalgic abt OE atm after not having seen/played it for so long.

    So when’s the next costume foto shooting? :P

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    yea im back for more… to earn myself up to the top 10 LOL.. where got pple waste money paying for WoW and nv play de sia… wasted lei… hahaha… play free mmorpg is better.. like mi XD… all sort of free mmorpg i play b4 XD

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    Q.Y, it happens to the best of us even to me (sometimes simplicity all we want, not the bells & whistles), humans are fickle little critters hoh…

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    I love old school games like Rockman, and my Wifey loves the classsic Mario games.

    Eeew… you are an evil disgusting Horde.
    Night Elves will destroy all you evil Blood Elves. =p

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    Oh no, like Mother like Daughter! I finally go buy PSP liao and waiting for it to come today, and I’m afraid I’ll be like you!!!! :(

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    Yeah… I have that game too, but I haven’t got to play it, only tested the introductory levels. Kinda reminds me of the Ultima and Phantasy Star games back in the days.

    And I agree that good games ain’t measured with the visual presentation, what’s important is your personal enjoyment. Hell, I still poke around with the old Famicom once in a while, ocassionally choosing it over my other consoles. :D

    Hey, get the freshly released Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, it’s a gem. :D

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    LOL not to worri need no head check :) thou not as similar in your shoes of MMORPg and DSlite, mine is more to xbox360 and PS2, recently have gone back to the PS2 (yeah bad low quality 1st gen console graphic)

    And the reason behind it is the much hype about manhunt 2 that my fren manage to get for me… yeah the graphic sucks in comparison to next-gen console but with the gameplay and most probably the game would not be on any other consoles got me going….

    Old skool rpg is great fun even with simply pixel type or 2d graphics actually IMO makes it more easy to concetrate on the gameplay rather than being distracted by the beautiful graphics sometimes :)

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    Oh yeah sorry your WOW character look mighty kickass :) and as modchip have intro Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is a very cool game :D saw my mates playing ..

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    Wahhhhhh…. you consider PS2 graphics horrible? But hey, the PS2 reigned during its lifespan, boasting tons of great games, compared to the old Xbox and the Gamecube. :D

    I’m still playing FF12 in my PS2, already 110 hours (aprox.) into it, haven’t finished it yet… :D

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    I had the same case. My wii is neglected because I’m currently playing Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on DS.

    another suprise is that you are a fan of Bleach as well! gosh! been followin the manga? or the anime? or both? :) is there any arrancar in your RPG team? :) grimjaw maybe?

    neway, there’s a bleach RPG for PS2 I think, but it wasn’t a great one. most anime that got ported to game consoles are mostly disappointing. I wish there’s a nice rpg game for bleach too, but yea, there’s none.

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    “See, if I’d said landsknecht instead of fighter from the start, you’d go huh like I did when I first played the game.”

    LOL! No, not really, considering I found this post from a Google Alert I set for the word “landsknecht”. :-D

    They were some seriously kick-butt soldiers from 16th century Germany. Here’s a pic, in case the game doesn’t do them justice:

    And a rough pronounciation guide is “lahnz connect”.

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    amd: Yeah, DS Lite is surprisingly fun! I never thought I’d spend so many hours playing handheld games.

    yh: Cool. PSP does have quite many great games too.

    JokeDiary: Why not? You don’t like online games?

    bigmac: Haha. Well, she’s part of the Horde, and Horde races are all a little like that. :P

    JayWalk: I agree with you on that. But many people place more focus on fancy graphics and sound effects. And games without those just turn them off completely. :P I think it’s all about the gamer’s personal preference.

    Yeah, I used to play Leisure Suit Larry. The humour kicks ass!

    zield: Heh. I did try playing free online games before but they never hold my attention. I’d play for a few weeks or maybe a few months and then I get bored with it.

    Stan: Maybe you’re right. But the difference between OE and WoW is the OE has an ending, while WoW doesn’t. So, I would hope to complete OE one day and then I can forget about it and go back to WoW. Haha. But the ending seems so far away now. There are 25 levels of forests to explore to get to the end, but I’m only on level 4 now. O_o

    Smallapple: Haiz… I do stupid things all the time. But I don’t like free mmorpgs these days, especially those Korean ones because they suck you in and then tempt you to spend money buying clothes or items or to unlock stages or whatever. You might end up spending even more money then paid MMORPGs. :P

    Starstruck: Thanks for the validation. :P

    Shingo T: Haha. Horde is quite disgusting but blood elves are so beautiful! :P Well, to blood elves, night elves are evil! lol.

    dave: Because I don’t have the time. Haha. Too many games to play lah. I have to choose my favourites and just stick to them.

    Mother: Grats on getting your PSP!!!! Well, you know, when the Goonfather got his PSP, he spent his first few weeks on it playing old school games on it. Hahaha. Ultimate SJB.

    modchip: Oh, there’s a new Zelda on the DS is it? Cool, will check it out!

    skoolchild: Heheh, glad you think that way! I’m surprised so many of you value gameplay over graphics. I just have this impression that guys are very into graphics. That’s how Xbox managed to woo PS fans, isn’t it? No doubt Xbox has great games, like Halo, but the great games on the Xbox are limited, as compared to PS. So they can only lure people with the graphics. :P

    modchip: I’ve never played any Final Fantasy games and I kinda regret it. There’s always so much hype over it and I don’t know anything about the game!

    Indra: Wow! You’re in the same shoes as I am! Cool! I only follow the anime. And I don’t like the arrancar, haha. They’re so mean and obnoxious! :P I tend to favour the good looking characters. Haha. I love Yachiru. She’s so super cute!

    Wolfger: Wow… cool. But why were you searching for landsknecht. And thanks for the pronounciation help! I’m sure the game picture doesn’t do real landsknechts justice, cos the game characters are all cutesy anime types. Haha. So the landsknecht just looks cute instead of fiersome. lol.

    awannabe: Haha, that’s great. Tetris is pretty old school, too, but I think many people still enjoy it. Did you watch the insane tetris video?

    Wang Wang: Quick get!!!

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    Qiaoyun: I’m in SCA, and my “personna” there is a landsknecht mercenary. I’m always on the lookout for new pics or info, so I can improve my costume or just learn something neat. I think it’s really cool that there’s a game out there using “landsknecht” as a character class. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it’s for the PC. :-(

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    wang.. go get one :) its worth it. go get a DS Lite, R4 catridge, 1GB memory card, and a reliable internet connection and you’re all set :)

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    “I’ve never played any Final Fantasy games and I kinda regret it. There’s always so much hype over it and I don’t know anything about the game!”

    It’s never to late to try one. These games are timeless. :D

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    modchip: The only problem is that if I start now, I would start with one of the latest games, but I would be confused because I don’t know the backstory and the characters.

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    SCA is pretty cool. Some members are pretty hardcore too.

    You think it’s cool to smith and tailor in MMORPGs? Some SCA members actually smith and tailor using medieval methods.

    Smithing chanmail for real is pretty hardcore stuff, heh.

    Anyway, here in SG, I think SCA is too niche to take off. Our closest equivalent are probably societies like wushu or dragon/lion dance troupes, which practice arts and skills passed down from ancient Chinese tradition.

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    “The only problem is that if I start now, I would start with one of the latest games, but I would be confused because I don’t know the backstory and the characters.”

    No you won’t. Each Final Fantasy has it’s own characters, locales and storyline… it does not progress from one to another, with the exception of FF10 and FF10-2 (which is a direct sequel of 10). Hell, the battle system is somewhat different from each installment… Though there are a few similarities in each one like the summons, magic, items, … moogles… and stuff. Weird ain’t it? :D

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    Mince Pye: Stop tormenting me, foul minion!! Speaking of wushu, I really love that. I want to go for wushu classes but no money. :(

    modchip: Singapore is a multi-cultural country so not all Singaporeans are Chinese, although the Chinese are the majority race. We also have Malays and Indians and Eurasians (mixed).

    Hmm, ok, maybe I’ll try a Final Fantasy game on the DS sometime. :P

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    The only Final Fantasy games for the DS which is in English are Final Fantasy 3, 2, and 1. Currently Final Fantasy 12 and Tactics are in Japanese. Enjoy! :D

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    Correction, the only Final Fantasy game for the DS in english is Final Fantasy 3. Final Fantasy 1 to 6 works for the DS but is in GBA cart form. :D

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    Haha @ your nick.

    Anyway, I had kinda planned to. That’s why I created my Gaming Notebook category. But then, to me, writing reviews is a horrendously boring activity, so I never actually got around to it. lol.

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