Planning evil things to do to the guys

Minou and Kerrendor are getting married.

Last night, Minou asked the girls out for dinner to talk about the wedding. We’re going to be her “sisters” at her customary wedding ritual, and our respective partners will be Kerrendor’s “brothers”.

For those unfamiliar with this Chinese custom, let me briefly describe it:

In the morning, the sisters will gather at the bride’s home to help her get ready for her big day.

The groom will come later, accompanied by his brothers, to claim the bride and bring her to his home. This is symbolic of the bride marrying into the groom’s family.

But before the groom can claim his bride, the sisters will make him do all sorts of funny, humiliating, ridiculous tasks. He also has to pay an “entrance fee” before he can enter to see the bride. The groom’s brothers help him fulfill the tasks and cough up the fee (usually an exhorbitant amount set by the sisters).

This is to symbolise that the groom is willing to go through all kinds of shit to win his bride over and to show that he will go through thick and thin with her throughout their married life.

Once the sisters are happy, they’ll let the guys into the house. The bride will make her grand entrance. As this point, the groom is supposed to go weak in the knees as he sets his gaze upon the most beautiful woman in the world (to him).

After that, there are tea ceremonies here and there but those are boring rituals so I won’t talk about it.

So, last night, we met up to discuss the deliciously evil things we would do to the guys.

Alas, Kerrendor the Sly came up with a plan to infiltrate our plans. He knew that all our partners would be free, since we were abandoning them for our girls’ night out, so he asked them out.

And the guys schemingly decided to go at the same restaurant-pub we were going to, giving the excuse that we need them to drive us there.

We agreed to it because it’s always nice to be driven around. Haha.

We had separate tables for the girls and guys, of course, but they were quite close. First, we made small talk and we ate. Then we got down to business. That was when the evil grins and the giggles started.

When the guys noticed the monkey business going on at our table, they went on alert mode and tried to eavesdrop. They pretended to be engrossed with talking about cars and computers, but they angled their bodies so that their ears could catch our conversation.

Also, one by one, they came up with excuses to visit our table, hoping to glean bits of information they can use to plan their defence.

They were so funny.

I don’t think they heard anything useful, though. And they were probably too drunk on their beers to remember anything, anyway.

But we came up with some really funny stuff and I can’t wait for the day to come!

20 thoughts on “Planning evil things to do to the guys

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    quoted ‘My kids’ drama Snap! debuts tomorrow (Sunday, Sep 29, 10:30am, Channel 8)
    It’s a weekly half-hour drama series. I’m not in the episodes 1 and 3, and I only have one scene in episode 2. I only start appearing more from episode 4 onwards, so start on Oct 21 if you just wanna watch me. But start tomorrow to follow the series. It’s pretty cool. As kids’ shows go, that is.’
    i saw ur one sence on episode 2.. haha wake up so early to catch u on the tv.. hahha teacher huh.. :P

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    So evil.. of you… ;)
    As long as at the end of the day it’s all good fun we’re normally ok one lah… :)

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    “…but they angled their bodies so that their ears could catch our conversation…”

    I wish you had pictures of this. Haha!

    “…the sisters will make him do all sorts of funny, humiliating, ridiculous tasks…”

    Men, again, are the victim… :(

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    If they were drunk on their beers, who was driving at the end of the night? If it was drink driving, the night could have been the end.

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    yh: Personally, I think weddings are 20% fun and 80% hassle. lol.

    kate: Oh, I will definitely report on it! :) But the wedding is in mid November… will that be too late for you? Hehe. Anyway, our ideas aren’t entirely original, but they’re fun. :P

    Smallapple: Er… you posted this same thing in another blog post right? ;)

    JokeDiary: Haha, that’s terrible. Your brothers CMI! lol.

    arachno: Well, can’t help it. It’s Chinese custom and we have no choice but to follow them. So we try to make it fun instead of evil, lol.

    modchip: I wish I had taken pictures too! But I was really tired yesterday because I didn’t have enough sleep and I was all day. When I’m tired, the last thing I feel like doing is take photos, lol.

    pencilindistress: Well, we usually wait till the guys are sober before driving home. And… some of us girls can drive, too. ;)

    Wang Wang: I’m dreading the early morning wake up. Hahaha. But it’ll be fun, too. I’m looking forward to carrying out our plan!

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    Haha.. sounds fun, an idea just popped into my head, won’t it be crazy if the ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’ come dressed in Halo type, fantasy outfits.. wow, that will be refreshing, Q.Y.. took my hint :-p

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    Starstruck : Wow, I think my other sisters will scream in protest. ;p

    Anyway, I bought the bridal bedsheets from Aussino yesterday.
    So freaking cute!

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    Smallapple: Haha. ok. :P But you don’t have to worry though. I read all comments, even in like two-year-old blog entries, because all comments get e-mailed to me individually. lol.

    Starstruck: Haha… I actually just joked about wearing an anime costume to the wedding. You see, Minou had asked me and Morte to be her banquet MCs and I was stressing about not having an evening gown to wear. So I was thinking that maybe I should get Morte to wear a Bleach costume and I can wear something similar. lol. But I think the wedding couple’s parents and relatives will flip. Hahaha.

    Minou: Ooooooh I want to see it!! We’ll get to see it on that day right? ;)

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    QY: I also dread the morning wake up too! But it’s worth waking up for Minmin’s and Kerr’s sake!!

    Oh Minmin, post the bridal bedsheets on your blog! I wanna see! ^_^

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    You’re not the bride but being the uber chio bu that you are, most men go weak in the knees when they see you :-p

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    Derrick: Haha, flatterer. But I don’t think so lah. That’s a bit like happens only in the movies, I think!

    zield: I guess you don’t really practise Chinese customs in Indonesia?

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    Very cool custom.

    But I must make a comment on something you wrote:

    “As this point, the groom is supposed to go weak in the knees as he sets his gaze upon the most beautiful woman in the world (to him)”.

    The (to him) was not needed. Nature doesn’t make less beautiful things. All women are the most beautiful. :)

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