Oktoberfest at Paulaner Brauhaus

I just got home from a full-day shoot and dinner at Paulaner Brauhaus, so this is going to be short and sweet. (Because I’m tired and tipsy.)

I drank one litre of beer.

Anyway, it’s Oktoberfest, so you must visit a German restaurant at least once during this month. It’s a sacred rule, you know?

There’s this special Oktoberfest brew they’re serving at Paulaner Brauhaus only for this week. It’s quite strong. Even the Goonfather, who is usually immune to alcohol, felt tipsy after one litre.

It’s quite expensive. $16.90 for half a litre. But pretty worth it because “it has kick”, according to the Goonfather.

Kell got drunk after only two-thirds of his half-litre.

See, here’s proof.

Kell decided that his mug of beer would look really handsome with sunglasses, so he decorated it.

Crazy bugger.

(The mug on the left is the Goonfather’s. That was already his second mug, while Kell was still struggling with his first.)

I had a great time. The place was quite happening and the Munich band there was really cool. They made me happy with their unique renditions of popular cover songs. And there were German lasses wandering around in milkmaid costumes.

The liver dumpling soup was sublime. And try the Nurnberger sausages. OMG yummy. Kell and the Goonfather fancied the Cheese Knackers more. I think because the word reminds them of a certain item of womanly delicates.

Sorry, no pictures because I was too tipsy to think about taking pictures.


I took this picture as proof that we almost got ripped off.

We got charged $27 for tips we never gave. And that’s on top of service charge and GST.

But the restaurant was nice enough to modify the bill after we alerted them to this discrepancy. At the same time, we were also told that there’s a 15% discount for Amex holders.

So they cancelled our first bill and charged our order to the Goonfather’s Amex card, instead. Our bill become $50 cheaper!


[Random camwhore pic]

Okay. Need to shower and sleep.

Happy Oktoberfest!

20 thoughts on “Oktoberfest at Paulaner Brauhaus

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    Thanks for sharing (the temptation!) Been a long while since I have been to Brauhaus. I miss the barrels there… watching my own drink drip from the nozzle through my own hands adds an extra touch of “taste” to the beer.

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    “Ohhhh… Oktoberfest, raise your mugs, this is the best!” My favorite month. During this month, we celebrate oktoberfest with overflowing beer and great rock bands.

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    Smallapple: Yeah, dunno who went to secretly add the tips to the bill! Maybe that’s how restaurants make money, cos many people just sign the bill without looking at it. :P

    zield: Er… but I never even posted any food pictures! :P

    Ed: Hahahaha. You’re welcome. So, do you think Brauhaus beer is better or Brewerkz is better?

    DK: Why can’t you go?

    modchip: Cool, you celebrate Oktoberfest too? :)

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    “Cool, you celebrate Oktoberfest too? :)”

    Yeah, we do, were actually celebrating it. Rock concerts will be held at random vicinities, more frequently in mall areas. I was shocked to hear that other countries celebrate it too. :D

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    true.. so whats makes me hungry.. ??
    dumpling soup.. sausages.. random camwhore pic.. or..
    hmm.. now i wonder.. :P

    but.. i think id never get accustomed with beer, btw..

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    modchip: Haha, I guess Oktoberfest is celebrated in many countries. Any excuse to drink beer?

    brian: I had the Sunday brunch buffet at Paulaner many years back. I tried the pork knuckles at the buffet spread and wasn’t very impressed by it. Maybe I will try it again. :)

    Shahran: Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hey, I checked out your website. Your photos are simply amazing!!

    zield: Haha, ok I get your point. Actually, I’m not quite a beer lover, either. But I drink it when people around me are drinking it… just to be social, you know?

    yh: right. :P

    Derrick: Ok, another vote for their pork knuckles. Guess I should really try them.

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    Hello Qiaoyun:)

    nice to read that you get to enjoy a part of the german festivals in Singapore too!

    Food sounds tempting and service sounds great also, think I gotta try it the next time I fly home to Msia. Btw, the beer should have been served in what germans call: Maßkruger or Maß in short- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_stein

    Those slim glasses are fine, but man! when you drink from one of those huge Maß, it feels damm manly! I’m sure the Goonfather would say the beer has even MORE Kick to it when he tries it from such a Maß Hahaha…Proost! XD

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    Typical tricks at these establishments especially when alcohol is involved where the patron is more likely not to bother squinting at the little words and numbers in the check when it comes to settling the bill.

    I had a similar episode when I was last in Las Vegas. It was a dinner party of 7 and this restaurant has a policy of automatically adding 17% tips (normal tipping rate for dinner is about 20%) into the bill for parties of 6 or more. The rationale is to protect the servers to ensure a minimum sum as patrons of big parties are more likely to be stingy as the bill can be quite substantial.

    Just to give you a better idea, the bill that evening came up to about USD 1100.00 and 17% means about USD 190 added on top of the bill. That is very good money for just 1 table!

    So anyway, as we were leaving the restaurant, the server came up to us and ask if we were not happy with his service. He explained that he did not receive a tip for the dinner.

    Fortunately for us, we were aware of the 17% added and we told him off. He apologised profusely that he didn’t know about the 17% tip auto added into the bill already which we knew he was just acting blur. Imagine us double-tipping him USD 340!!!


    I have to admit that I am one of those who sign without looking at the bill. That episode has taught me to be more vigilant in future.

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    I like the picture with the glasses looks kinda kool… :)

    I also like the last picture with your rosey cheeks.. ;)

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    Stan: I’ll bet Oktoberfest in Singapore is nothing like Oktoberfest in Germany! I would love to have the chance to experience the real thing. :) Yeah, I suppose drinking beer from a Maßkruger would be really cool. Even better if it’s a pewter one. That would feel so medieval! Haha.

    Ed: I see. I’m not much of a beer drinker so I didn’t know Brauhaus beers are heavier than Brewerkz ones. :P

    JayWalk: Haha, I remember when I was in the USA, I was very stressed because I kept worrying about giving the correct amount of tips. Especially since I hate to do mental calculations. lol. And giving 20% is like quite a lot, so it’s a bit strange to get used to.

    JokeDiary: Er… we were a party of four. :P We ordered 6 beers and lots of food. But, yeah, I think it’s quite expensive.

    arachno: *blush* Thanks!

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