My TV clip on YouTube

Due to popular demand, I’ve finally uploaded one of my TV appearances on YouTube.

This is an episode from the recent Stories of Love series on Channel 5, which I blogged about here and here. I’ve selected a few scenes and compiled them into this clip. Sorry, I can’t post the whole show because it’s too long!

Yes, I know. I’m super nerdy and super ugly in the show. Sorry if I disappointed anyone. But I really enjoyed the role, so I would choose to do it again if I had to!

In case anyone is confused, I’m the speccy one.

Well, it’s more than five minutes, so, happy downloading!

26 thoughts on “My TV clip on YouTube

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    omg my school! i didnt manage to catch it cos i was in class. infact, i missed the whole series. :(
    i did watch last year’s though, my fav episode was the boy and grandpa connecting through same passion, soccer.
    thanks for posting this compilation. the kid playing sam is so cute. :D

    btw jason, that sucks man. seriously.

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    Ok what, not that dorky. And this being the first thing that I have seen you in, I felt that your acting is very natural. Not too try hard or wooden like some other Singaporean shows that I have caught glimpses of. :)

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    Youtube clips are encoded in FLV which is a flash video format.

    Jason Ho: You can goto, paste the youtube link and then download the flv clip onto your PC. Thereafter watch the clip offline with FLV Player which is available and free for download on the internet. There is a link at to download.

    Anyway, being away from SG means I have no access to local TV which means no opportunity to see you act. Ahh.. finally a clip to satiate my curiosity as to how you would turn out on TV.

    Pretty good, if I may say so myself.

    More please.

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    malique: Cool, you study at NAFA? Well, I didn’t watch any other episodes in either seasons except mine. I don’t really watch TV. Haha.

    mooiness: Thanks! That sounds very reassuring. :)

    Starstruck: Haha. THe golden retriever is a boy! :P

    Ed: Heh cool. You got the joke in the show. :)

    Smallapple: Huh? Did I have specs in the kids show? Don’t have wat. Hey, thanks for sharing your photos! Wow, your 11 fingers are really cool! Can you move the extra one? :P

    modchip: Thanks for watching! :D

    yh: Thanks for your comments! I wish I had watched the other episodes, too.

    nadnut: If you want, I can pass you the entire episode when we meet next. ;)

    Eric: Aww, thanks for your kind words. But I really don’t think I’m anywhere near Zoe Tay’s league. :P

    Ruok: You are so goshdarned predictable. :P

    JayWalk: Thanks for watching and for your comments! Will post more when I can. ;)

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    hahah then i think i see wrongly ba.. haha..see u just walk pass few sec nia… nv see clearly.. eh.. my extra finger cant move it… but it do have bone.. tats y i say its useless haha

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    modchip: She’s only the most famous actress in Singapore. :P She’s known as the Queen of Caldecott Hill, Caldecott Hill being the place where Singapore’s only TV station is situated.

    What do you mean the video looks squashed? In what way, vertical or horizontal?

    Smallapple: Yeah, I know. My scene was really short in Episode 2! :P There’ll be more in Ep 4, so watch out for it!

    arachno: Aww, thanks! That’s nice to hear. :)

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    “She’s only the most famous actress in Singapore.” — Wahhhh!! I didn’t know, sorry! :D

    It looks squashed horizontally.. the opposite of kung-fu movies that look squashed vertically (kung-fu masters look tall and thin).

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