Fashion Diary #14: Punk School

Day 14

Name of outfit: Punk School


Destination: Meeting with director and co-actor

Notes: My previous outfit wasn’t too well-received, so I dug out something a bit less radical today for a change. I don’t wear this top very often because I don’t usually like green or checks. I think I bought it only because it looks kinda nice with that black tie.

I wish I had a pair of black sneakers to go with it, but I don’t. It’s so hard to mix and match outfits when you don’t have enough things to match everything!

You probably realise that I have many tops but I keep reusing my bottoms. I hate buying bottoms because they’re a pain to try on and because it’s so hard to find ones that flatter my flat butt. Shopping can be a very traumatic experience for flat people.

33 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #14: Punk School

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    Still got lovely eyes, and looking great, except the tie… And the fact that you are shooting in your garden instead of making me work harder :oP

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    i still like the other one .. which is the white shirt i think.. u look better wif tat shirt on.. haha but still pretty cute

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    Wth! Modchip 44 comments le! How to win!!!

    QY, got any incentives or rewards for being the top commentator? like a muack muack? a bear hug? chocolate bar? ice cream? a smack on the butt? ^_^

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    Wth! Modchip 44 comments le! How to win!!! – Haha.. the count just racks up. :D

    Anyways, the outfit is cool but the tie is a little awkward. But you carry it cause you’re beautiful. :D

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    Go go Smallapple!!! Beat down Modchip! Lol!

    I support joo 500%, cuz I juz found out that you are a Liverpool fan! So am I !!!

    Tmr, Liverpool will win arsenal!!!

    Liverpool FTW! YNWA !! ^_^

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    Jesta: What’s wrong with the tie? The tie’s the best thing in the outfit! Haha. You know, I would love for you to shoot all my outfits, but like I couldn’t possibly pay you a visit or get you to come to me whenever I find something interesting to wear.

    Most of the time, my outfits are on-the-spot creations. I never plan beforehand what to wear. I just throw together things out of desperation every time I need to go out. lol. So, how am I supposed to get you to shoot those?

    What’s with liking my re-using my bottoms??

    Donny: Cool, thanks! :) Really nice of you to say that!

    JokeDiary: Haha, I can’t quite agree, but thanks for the compliment!

    Mother: Yeah, I hate tying shoelaces, so I try to do up the laces very loose so I can slip in and out of the shoes without ever having to bother with laces. :P

    Smallapple: That’s nice. I’m really happy someone likes that white top. Makes me feel better for spending money buying what I thought was a mistake.

    Wang Wang: My eyebags are permanent lah. All the sleep in the world can’t get rid of them. :(

    Incentive for top commenttor? Well, what do you suggest? :P

    modchip: Oh, are you also anti-tie like Jesta? But thanks for the compliment despite not liking the tie. lol.

    Derrick: Yeah, it is. :(

    arachno: Haha, ok, I’ll try! Thanks!

    Wang Wang/Smallapple/modchip: Gee, you guys are having a competition on my blog! lol, that’s so cute.

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    Smallapple: I better not promise a treat to the winner or anything like that, or there will be even more competition going on like what you two are doing now. Haha.

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    Smallapple: Actually, it’s not alphabetical. It depends on who reached the number first. Like, if you reached (10) comments first, then you’ll be on top no matter who or how many others get to (10) subsequently.

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