Fashion Diary #13: Truth Candy

Day 13

Name of outfit: Truth Candy


Destination: A day out (lunch and movie at VivoCity, catch an evening play, hang out at friend’s place)

Notes: I was in a particular mood to dress up yesterday but I was so sick of wearing my favourite outfits over and over again. So I pulled out this old top/dress thingy I bought so long ago I can’t remember when.

I didn’t like it after I bought it so I’ve never actually worn it out before. (I have tons of these “shopping rejects”.)

I guess I found that it didn’t look too bad paired with my assorted black and white things. It’s not an outfit I feel extremely comfortable in — I feel weird in leggings — but it’s different, so that works for me.

35 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #13: Truth Candy

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    umm.. plain.. the pants make it looked all weird.. O_o
    oh.. i like your shoes.. if only that ribbon have more contrast..
    but this is only for a day out.. so umm.. good.. i think..
    i’ll give 5 out of 10.. :D

    btw.. when are you going to don the goth-loli.. ?? with pigtail of course.. :D
    remember.. goth isnt always black.. goth is dark.. so it can be white or red too.. or stripes..
    hmm.. try an over-knee socks.. with frills.. lace.. or ribbon..
    will look good with a short skirt.. which expose your thight..
    hmm.. frilly skirt.. or pleated skirt.. XD hehe..

    hmm.. hmm.. not trying to dict or anything.. just curious.. XD
    so.. its up to you..

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    zield: Thanks for your comments! Well, it’s ok, I don’t expect everyone to like all my outfits. Haha. It’s good to get all kinds of feedback to my “experiments”. ;)

    I will wear goth-loli when I have money to buy the outfits. They are damn freaking expensive, you know?

    Haha. I have several pairs of over-the-knees socks, but I dunno why they make me look short or just weird. So, I always pull them to below-the-knees. Somehow looks better that way. Well, maybe next time I’ll post a photo for you to judge. ;)

    Mother: Goon-loli????? Wahahahahahahahaa. You are too damn funny.

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    Gorgeous! Love the close-up headshot, like the outfit (not the big shoes), hate the weird Photoshop stuff in the background. You look lovely, as always, but then you would look great in a flour sack :o)

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    You look weird in this outfit. The pose was really awkward. I wondered if it’s the figure or the pose weird. The socks and shoes is weird too. Doesn’t really match together. But I like your close up. You look so gorgeous and your skin is superb.

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    JokeDiary: Wow, you’re sharp! I went to check the TV Guide and found out they’re running a repeat of that kids’ drama I acted in a couple years back. Funny they should start airing it at the same time my current show is on. But why in the world were you watching Eco Warriors? :P

    Jesta: Thanks! Aww, pity you don’t like the shoes. I love them. I’m going to BUY MORE… in MORE COLOURS! Hahaha. :P I did the weird photoshop stuff because the trees in the background look too ugly. Haha.

    I don’t really have a system for naming my outfit. Just whatever comes to mind when I look at the outfit. :P Most of the time, it’s quite silly. Like, “truth” because it’s a black and white outfit, no grey areas, and it’s bold, so it’s kinda like a Truth or Dare thing. “Candy” because there are some frills and lace and ribbons in the outfit to sweeten up the starkness of truth?

    You just had to ask. :P

    Donny: Haha, I guess I look weird in the outfit because it makes me look shapeless? I don’t think the pose is all that awkward, so it must be the outfit. Well, thanks for your comments, anyway. Great to know what people think! :)

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    Hey girl, looking gorgeous as always! Love the hair.
    Btw the boots are still on sale in HK. Same price as last time :P

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    For some reason many of the girls I know adopt a similar system for their clothes. If I like it then it is never seen again, if I hate it then they buy more. I simply cannot imagine why…

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    modchip: Ah… please stop! You’re making me blush… with your flattery! :P

    Elyxia: Oh yeah, I quite like the hair. Hehe! Thanks for recommending that salon! I NEED TO GO VISIT YOU NOWWWWWWWW! :P

    Jesta: Might you, just for a bit, perhaps, consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, your taste in fashion is, to put it very mildly, questionable? =P

    Starstruck: Thanks! :) To be honest, I can’t imagine why people keep harping on my eyes. I used to hate them and I still am kinda displeased with them right now. :P

    Steffi: Yay! Someone likes me shoes. Thanks, girl! *looks at Jesta*

    handel: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m 265. Is that too old to wear cute clothes? They never told me that from the planet I came from.

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    nadnut: Thanks, babe! :)

    JokeDiary: Oh, that’s nice! I hope your son enjoys the shows. :) I think 2-3 year olds are the cutest! I want to pinch all their cheeks! :)

    Smallapple: Good to hear that, thanks! :) I feel better knowing at least a few people like the outfit. Heh! :)

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    Wah so bad. After that my son will tell me “Daddy pain”, I will tell him “Don’t worry son, Daddy will use my 32 years strength on Aunty QY Cheeks back for you ok.”. lol

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    Hmm…I never liked leggings and I refuse to wear them.
    That’s why I only wear black stockings.

    But I find it looks quite good overall. :)

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    JokeDiary: Haha. Joking lah. I never pinch children’s cheeks. In fact I don’t even dare to touch children or handle babies. Everyone some parent ask me if I want to carry their baby, I’m like, no thanks! They’re too fragile… I’m scared I would break them with my klutzy hands, lol.

    Mince Pye: You mean like the one you face every day? Oh wait, you don’t anymore, sorry! But take heart, time flies! :P

    Minou: Heh, I also never liked leggings. But I bought this pair because I couldn’t resist ribbons on the sides! Well, I’ve only worn it twice since buying it, uh, ages ago. :P

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    Thankfully, my cheeks have yet to be pinched, and don’t you be getting any funny ideas, you table-throwing, parasol-wielding, cheek-pinching aunty, you!

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