Bring a spare stomach for this

This place apparently needs no introduction, judging from the size of the crowd.

That above is the queue.

And these are the diners:

Yep, it’s a big place and this big table above is reserved for us!

And this is us:

You need a big group if you want to enjoy your seafood.

This restaurant is supposed to be famous for its unique crabs. But this was my first time coming here, thanks to Hamster Ely, who bought us dinner because she snagged a cushy new job.

Our first dish was drunken prawns. I really love drunken prawns, but I really hate having to watch live prawns get cooked. Yes, it’s one of those absurdities of human nature.

I need to share my horror, so here’s a picture.



I’m sorry, prawns, but you were quite delicious.

The next dish, thankfully, came to us already dead and properly garnished.

Bamboo clams with enoki mushrooms!

That was really yummy.

I can’t remember what this next one is called. Some kinda pork rib or other:

Who cares what it’s called as long as it tastes good?

Yeah, like, who cares what this is called, either?

It’s some kind of chicken or other and it tastes good. That’s all that matters, ay?

The tofu with pork floss came at a time when I was getting full.

What a pity.

In fact, I started dinner not really feeling hungry because we’d been snacking on pizza and junk food the entire afternoon before this dinner.

A darn waste.

Because when the main attraction came, I was severely in need of a spare stomach.

The main attraction, of course, is crab.

But this vermicelli crab was only the prelude. I didn’t touch it because it looked utterly unremarkable and I had to save that last square inch of my stomach for the main, main attraction, which was…

Really seriously awesome shit.

Not shit, literally, if you get my drift.

It’s a key dish of the restaurant. I can’t remember what stupid name they call it, but it’s basically crab in cream sauce, as you can see.

You have to order fried mantou (Chinese bun) to dip in the sauce.

In fact, forget about eating anything else. Just come here and eat mantou with this.

Like this:

Divine bliss!!! !!! !!!

Then again, eat too much of this creamy stuff and you might start feeling sick. So, yeah, order something else, too.

Like a proper Chinese banquet, we had fried rice at the end of our meal. The fried rice is supposed to be famous and special, but I thought it was normal.

No picture because I was already on the verge of regurgitation.

Anyway, who can eat rice after so much food? I never touch the rice or noodles at the end of banquets. I think they’re ridiculous and should be done away with entirely.

The name of this restaurant is really corny. It’s called Seafood Paradise. I mean, can you get any cornier?

Seafood Paradise is located at 91 Defu Lane 10, Swee Hin Building. You might want to call to make reservations because you can see for yourself that the walk-in queue is crazy. Phone number is 6487 2429.

Remember, if you’re going to eat seafood, don’t snack on junk food before!!

34 thoughts on “Bring a spare stomach for this

  1. Avatar

    Whoa! You guys eat a lot! :D

    “…I really hate having to watch live prawns get cooked.”

    Try watching a rabbit get dissected.. :((

    “… I was severely in need of a spare stomach.

    If I was there, I could lend you mine, heheheh.

    “… called Seafood Paradise…

    I agree, you couldn’t get anymore cornier than that. :))

  2. Avatar

    Wow, those pictures are simply incredible. Just the right post to read before lunchtime….and Qiaoyun, you made me so wanting to fly back to JB now!! Darn it babe, you sure are evil!! XD

    Speaking of which, is it just me…or does someone else shares my opinion that the Goonfather is a singapore/chinese version of Timothy Z. Mosley aka Timbaland?? =P

  3. Avatar

    Is the mantou the “proper” type? The genuine ones are actually rolled up. How do I explain? As in when you slice one in half, you see the swirls. But most places just use a ball of dough to save time.

    House of Hunan’s is great ‘cos its genuine. They call their’s string buns. What does bamboo clam look like? Saw a pic of geoduck clam once. Kinda gross. Looks like a……… urm…. never mind. This blog’s PG right? LOL!

  4. Avatar

    tt fried chicken thing is stuffed with fish, sotong & chicken paste i think.. the outside is the nice nice skin of the chicken. guess it more packed now cos it appeared in some local food variety show just last week

    by the way, the picture of 12 of u guys and gals .. the guy below ur goonfather (did i get his face right? the one besides ur face) seemed to be my JC mate …

  5. Avatar

    i dont like seafood.. and im allergic to crab.. :(
    (exception on fried ika.. :D)
    but i would like to taste the chicken and tofu-pork thing.. :3

    funny thing is theres no fish on seafood.. >_

  6. Avatar

    omg… im quite free so browse thru ur last time de entries!! didnt knw u are tat pregnant teacher from im not stupid 2!! hahhahaha dun look much alike wif tat big stomach and spec la!! i rmb tat sence when u was so embrarrass when tat kid ask u abt how baby come from… hahhah

  7. Avatar

    Now I’m lemming for bamboo clams….

    I luuurve the gravy of the vermicelli crab. :D
    But buns in cream sauce taste sooo good too!

  8. Avatar

    modchip: Haha, yeah, if you had been there, we could have shared the food with you! Um, no thanks. I never want to see ANYTHING get dissected. Eew.

    Indra: Haha. You can arrange a trip there with your friends one of these days.

    Smallapple: Haha, sorry to make you hungry! And, yeah, I look very different in different productions. That’s why nobody can ever remember me in anything! lol. Well, good of you to remember that scene. That means my performance was quite memorable? :P

    Stan: lol, sorry. But my readers ask for more food reviews, so I deliver! I aim to please! lol. Um, nobody I know even knows who Timothy Z. Mosley is. Haha. But you do have a point. I think there’s a resemblance. lol.

    yh: You’re very welcome. lolol.

    arachno: The Goonfather said my photos suck because the lighting is so yellow and makes the food look weird. Haha.

    Derrick: Wow, I didn’t know there’s geunine vs. fake mantou! Well, the ones at SP didn’t look rolled up or anything, so I guess they’re not “proper”? You know what, I have no idea what the bamboo clams look like. It was so chock full of garnishings that I couldn’t see anything. I just eat. Haha.

    amd: Aaaah, did this place appear on TV last week? I should have posted up my blog earlier! Heh, we actually had that meal on September 8th. A month ago.

    Er… you know Paul? Hehe. Like Mince Pye said. He is certainly well-known! lol.

    Jesta: Well, one has to eat! And daily, too! Duh. :P

    zield: Oh, well, I guess you can’t like everything. There’s no fish because fish is overrated and too expensive. Haha.

  9. Avatar

    hahah i can rmb tat =) hmmmm is there any other shows u appear in which not much pple rmb tat? hahha might need u to bring tat up for wor

  10. Avatar

    Derrick: Yeah I’ve seen these. Looks delicious! Don’t think I’ve tried them, though. All the mantou we get at seafood restaurants don’t have the “rolls” wat. :( Will try House of Hunan someday. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Steffi: Tell me when you do! ;)

    Smallapple: Hmm… yeah, I’ve appeared in tons of shows that people don’t remember. Haha. Would be too long to list here. :P

  11. Avatar

    qy >> dont recall his name at all, but he does look familiar ehheehe
    if he from 1993-94 batch from SirRafflesJC (just read the caps) then probably yes, else mistaken identity ehhehe

    the place so pack even b4 the show is shown … think must go try liao!!

  12. Avatar

    amd: Hmm, I don’t think Paul was from there, so maybe he just looks like your friend. :P If you’re going to eat there, remember to make reservations way beforehand!

  13. Avatar

    qy >> hehe well mistaken identity anyway, will take note of your advice to make reservation!

    by the way some totally unrelated sidenotes since i remembered one of your earlier post on Nintendo DS.. i playing Legend Of Zelda now, remind me of my young days playing it on Nintendo 16bit .. sigh, really old already

  14. Avatar

    JayWalk/CrashWire: Um… I don’t really remember the bill, since I didn’t pay for it. Hehe. But I think it was somewhere between $450 and $500 for the 12 of us. It’s actually on the expensive side.

    amd: Haha. Cool. I played Zelda on the Wii and it was pretty fun. Haven’t tried it on the DS yet. There are simply too many DS games to choose from. They’re just coughing them out nonstop!

  15. Avatar

    lol yeah yeah, they are coughing out games, i am coughing out blood earning $ trying to keep it up with the games coming out, i getting more selective nowadays :)

    but zelda is quite fun with d stylus, blowing in the mic and all :)

  16. Avatar

    amd: Hahaha, I know how you feel. Anyway, I am getting to hate blowing in the mic, especially when I have to do it in a crowded public area. People stare at me! lol.

    Wang Wang: That’s good! We must eat more seafood! ;)

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