Bastard husband, lousy mother

I wore my pregnant suit out to breakfast.

It was Monday morning and The Goonfather was going to drive me to my shoot. Because there won’t be a dressing room at the back alley, I put on my costume at home.

During the drive there, the sky started to darken and I was informed the shoot would be delayed for a bit. I decided to go for breakfast with the Goonfather to wait it out.

We went to a hawker centre, where I had fried beehoon. But I only ate half of it because I didn’t want to overeat. (Toilets at the location are dirty.)

After breakfast, we walked out of the hawker centre. As usual, the Goonfather stopped just outside the building and took out his cigarettes.

“Hey, you can’t smoke here,” I said. (I’m always giving him grief over his smoking habit, so my protest wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.)

“Why not?” he asked perfunctorily.

“Because I’m pregnant.”

He froze midway as he was putting a cigarette in his mouth and stared at me, mouth open, speechless.

“You don’t want people to think you’re a bastard husband smoking in front of his pregnant wife.”

“Damn,” he said, momentarily stunned. Scratching his head unconsciously, he put his cigarette back into the pack.

One point for QY!

We started walking to the car.

“Can you don’t wear your costume out next time??” he complained.

“Hahaha,” I retorted.

Soon after, we reached the car. As we settled into our seats, he turned to me and said, “I may be a bastard husband, but you’re a lousy mother.”

“What?” I said.

“You didn’t finish your breakfast. People will think you’re starving your baby.”


One point for the Goonfather.

Oh, well, we can’t always win.

I don’t think I’d like being pregnant for real.

And, now, some random photos of the day’s shoot.

[Alexa and Nicolas]

[Eric frames a shot while Alexa takes a light reading off Louis]

[Shivani looks at the opposite wall pensively]

[Nicolas, Basil and Eric discussing a shot]

[Shivani and Basil take a breather while Louis takes a nap]

[Nicolas frames a shot with Basil sheltering Louis and the camera from the sun]

[Group photo!]

That was the last day of shoot, so there will be no more back alley pictures.

But there will be beach pictures next because I’m shooting the next short film with this same group of filmmakers. (Sorry, guys, no bikinis. It’s not that kinda film.)

Fish will be my co-actor. Yeah! Fish again!

Like Louis, Fish is my many-times co-actor. The three of us seem to cross paths a lot.

We had a rehearsal at East Coast Park today and we’ll be there for the next three days.

Filming takes place at the Lagoon Food Village. Wheeeeee, yummy food!

27 thoughts on “Bastard husband, lousy mother

  1. Avatar

    Goonfather is not her dad for the millionth time!

    Anyway, Monster,

    This is so hilarious! Men can be pretty silly at times!

  2. Avatar

    Ed: You need to read my blog more often. I’ve mentioned quite many times that the Goonfather is not my father. He’s my significant other! But it’s ok, common mistake. Many people think he’s my dad cos of the “father” in his nickname. Haha.

    Ruok: Don’t laugh lah! :P

  3. Avatar

    Oh I just happened to see this post again. I hop around so many blogs I bound to forget. Oh well, one of those days that brains not functioning. LOL!

  4. Avatar

    Ed: Not that type of father lah. It’s the “who’s you daddy?” type lah.

    QY: Acherly, quite funny that you are putting him through the practice rounds of fatherhood!

    Goonfather: Jia You! Jia You!

  5. Avatar

    So funny! Hahahahaha! I can image his expression in my mind! Hahahaha!!!!

    Isn’t he just cute with his sunglasses on! Awwwww!!! Damn!
    I need ask alfred wear sunglass le hahahaha!

  6. Avatar

    Ed: Haha, it’s ok, I understand. But I’m sure you’ll remember for good now! ;)

    Alvin: You’re right, man. His expression was really priceless. I keep replaying it in my mind and laughing and laughing!

    JayWalk: Hahaha. I doubt that two minutes of abstinence don’t amount to much of a practice. :P

    DK: Er, no thanks, man. I don’t feel comfortable in a pregnant suit. It’s so weird lah.

    modchip: Haha, I remember that! :P

    Hamburger: Hello~! Thanks for visiting! Uh, do you mean to say you linked me or what?

    Smallapple: Heh. I guess I really should put up a separate Goonfather page on my blog so people will stop being mistaken!

    Wang Wang: Come my house soon, k? I show you ALL the pictures! *wink wink*

    Er.. what you mean you like Fish better with eyebrow?? He HAS eyebrows wat.

    Starstruck: Hahaha. Yeah, he’s taking a VERY LONG nap. lol.

  7. Avatar

    Whahahaha… so funny laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair… hope people don’t think I’m crazy leh… :)

    You two hor… I got nothing to say… ;-)

  8. Avatar

    You look quite good in the costume, agree with DK wear it out more often LOL This Sunday you can wear it to the Slingers match and hide a basketball on your way out

  9. Avatar

    JayWalk: I would only practise something I know for sure I wanna do in the future. :P

    Smallapple: Yep… when I have time. Hehe.

    Nic: Ack, no way I’m wearing that out on a social occasion! Haha. And what would I do with a basketball? I don’t even play. But if it were autographed… maybe I could sell it. :P

    Wang Wang: Oooh. Didn’t know you’s a Fish fan! Heh. (Not to be confused with KFC’s fish fan burger.)

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