An umbrella for the pregnant lady, thanks

On the second day of my Tisch Asia shoot, we hailed a cab to take us to our shoot location.

The location was 300m away.

I think the cab uncle wasn’t too amused, especially since it took us five minutes to load the vehilcle with film equipment and props. He stood by the side all the while, giving us dark looks.

Maybe he didn’t like us bringing dead plants into his cab.

After dropping us off at our location, he didn’t drive away. He got out of the car and spent five minutes going around it with a cloth, wiping down the passenger seats and the boot.

I swear we didn’t puke or yell or do anything radical or, in fact, do anything at all other than be model taxi passengers.

Well, there was the fact that I was pregnant. About four or five months along, maybe.

But I’m sure pregnant ladies get into cabs all the time and don’t give anyone a hard time, unless you’re talking about women who jump into taxis because their water has broken and their husbands are in Timbuktu or something and they need to get to the hospital pronto but on the way they make a mess in the taxi or, worse, deliver their babies right there and then.

That could be traumatising and, I suppose, understandable if a taxi driver develops a phobia of pregnant women after something like that happens to him.

But I’m sure I didn’t look like I was gonna pop a load anytime soon.

It’s fake, anyway. My foetus is a Mickey Mouse pouch stuffed with cotton wool and secured to my belly with bandages.

The red umbrella is our only insurance against skin cancer during the three-day shoot under the loving caress of the sun’s flaming fingers. I’ve never known Singapore to be this hot.

But I had to put the umbrella down many times, during actual takes and when having light readings taken off me.

Louis (my many-times co-actor), had many scenes lying on the ground. He especially needed the umbrella to avoid having his face barbequed.

The crew also carried umbrellas whenever possible.

It was so hot that an umbrella was needed even in the shade.

And even the camera needed one.

Anyway, since Louis was on the set, I had a little more time to take photos (like when they’re setting him up and don’t need me).

But I took advantage of a brief lull to take a quick self-timered picture of us. I love the timer function.

Then, I moved on to catching people unawares.

It’s weird. Everyone’s wearing some shade of blue. It makes the set so… blue.

Of course, the mood was anything but.

I like the pace set by this team. Not too slow but not breakneck fast, and something’s always happening (unless we were waiting out the rain).

At about 4pm, a thunderstorm suddenly broke so we were forced to wrap for the day.

But we still had one more day to finish up, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.

It’s always nice to dance in the rain right after being barbequed alive.

Perfect way to fall sick, if you’re not already totally cooked.

24 thoughts on “An umbrella for the pregnant lady, thanks

  1. Avatar

    Camera does need umbrella. what if it get too heated?

    The camera man!! Too hot!!! I need McDonald’s Ice Latte. Just chill.

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    Yeah, my sympathies to the folks on the acting set, the SUN is a killer nowadays as compared to my days 10 years ago, it sears the skin & really cannot stay out too long.

    Q.Y, u really have the fitting image of a mother to be, I do not know why but I have a feeling that children will love u like mad :)

  3. Avatar

    Sentosa Girl: Yeah, it was so hot I think the camera could just melt. Hahaha, I guess the cameraman’s hot too, lol. ;)

    Starstruck: Er… can you don’t encourage all the people who think I should get pregnant for real and have kids? lol. I don’t know why you get the feeling that children will love me like mad. Is it because I always get teacher roles? Haha.

    JokeDiary: But why, oh why? I dunno what’s the taxi uncle’s problem, lol.

    Smallapple: This wasn’t today. It was on Sunday! Just hadn’t had time to post it till today. :P

    uncle sha: Yeah tell me about it. If it isn’t scorching, it’s raining. It’s just crazy. I am already chao ta after 3 days of shoot in the sun. Umbrella didn’t help much! :p

  4. Avatar

    Umbrellas don’t work well against hot people… More than the camera would melt at this rate. XD


    p.s. Why does EVERYONE in the film industry look so good?
    p.s.p.s. How come i don’t see these kind of people walking around?

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    Hey QY, Thanks for the cam whoring,bitching,and scorching under the tropical heat experience! it was AWESOME! always a pleasure to act with u buddy!I warn you QY, better dont sabo me during shoot next time horrrr…stick out tongue and all when the camera point of view is not on u! WahahahZ… it was fun n memorable! KFC was great yah!!!

  6. Avatar

    QY, You look cute even when you are pregnant! Lol!

    The first pic of you with your hand on your wrist and the other hand holding the umbrella reminds me of Charlie Chaplin! Keke!

    QY~~ Ohhh… tat guy~~~ drool… He look so charming even with his messy hair and beard! LOL!

    QY~ I just finish a paper today, 1 more to go on Monday.. after my
    exam then we go out have a crazy time to destress ok? :)

    Wow, Modchip and Smallapple tie with 52 comments! Woot! Less than 12 hours to go, who will secure the No.1 Commentator for October? ^_^

  7. Avatar

    usws: Haha. That’s flattering, but kinda corny too. :P

    Louis: Wei, I never sabo you lor. You’re the one who sabo me can?? :P Well, I dunno if we’ll ever have the chance to work together again after you become famous after your pageant! ;)

    Wang Wang: Haha, Charlie Chaplin! Yeah, it does look a bit like that! Ganbatte ne! But after your exam, I will be busy for another week, then I can destress with you. haha. Wait for me! :P

    JokeDiary: Yah, I did. I just meant I dunno why his face so black. :P

    modchip/Smallapple: Having fun, you guys? :P

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    Taxi drivers in Singapore are like that one… they take care of their cars… in Shanghai you will see the difference… :)

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