A stranger came up to me and…

A strange thing happened as I was jogging home earlier this evening.

(Doh. The Goony Goonfather just came to look over my shoulder. He saw what I typed (above) and asked, “Hey! What strange thing happened?!”

“Don’t tell you,” I said cheekily.

“Did you fart and run faster?” he suggested.

“Siao lah!” I laughed despite myself.

“The propulsion created by the fart would make you run faster.” He illustrated by miming a fart-propelled run.

“Go away! Stop bothering me!” I made a face at him as he walked away making farting motions.)


I didn’t fart.

Not while I was jogging, anyway.

I was on the finishing leg of my 6km jog. My usual route takes me through my estate, past an overhead bridge and through a park connector which winds through a HDB estate. And then back the way I came.

So, I was on the finishing leg, running on a pavement beside some blocks of HDB flats.

Fifty metres ahead, I noticed a well-dressed Chinese man in his mid to late 20s. He looked like he could be a teacher or a salesman, or just some random executive, on the way home from work.

I noticed him because he was looking at me as he walked towards me.

I focused on my run and kept to one side, not looking at him.

When we neared each other, he stopped me.

“Excuse me,” he said.

Sheesh. I had to stop to see what he wanted.

“Yes?” I looked at him expectantly.

“Is there a running track nearby?”

Oh, maybe someone new to the neighbourhood who wants to get some running done.

“No,” I said, “But there’s a park connector there.” I pointed back to where I had been jogging.

“I see,” the man said, smiling.

He spoke in a pleasantly modulated tone with clear, grammatically correct English. His eyes were focused on mine.

I got the feeling that he wasn’t really interested in running tracks.

You know how, when you give someone information, their eyeballs will shift as they process the information? Or they will at least look where you point?

Well, this man just kept his eyes focused on me and smiled the whole time.

Maybe it wasn’t enough information for him to chew on, I thought, so I continued, “The park connector is just across that overhead bridge over there.” I turned around to point carefully in the right direction.

When I turned back to him, he was still looking at me, and not at the place I was pointing at.

“I see,” he said again.

And he didn’t even make an effort to ask more about running tracks, which was all I was interested in talking to him about.

So, I smiled at him and started to jog away.

“You look really fit,” he said, still smiling.

Caught by surprise, I muttered a quick thank you, coupled with a bashful smile.

I had jogged about three metres away from him by this time.

He didn’t give up.

“Do you run every day?”

Five metres. I had to sort of jog backwards so I could face him to answer his question.

“Er, no. Only whenever I can.”

“That’s great,” he said. Still that unceasing evergreen smile.

Seven metres.

“See ya!” he said, waving.

Oh gosh.

I gave him a quick smile and jogged forward, never looking back.

So, what was up with that?

I don’t think he was trying to hit on me. I was in a baggy t-shirt and shorts, messy hair, no makeup, sweaty.

I looked worse than in this photo. Seriously. I had to touch up this photo a bit because I look like Sadako without makeup and I don’t want to scare my readers off.

The man was good-looking. But who cares? The way he tried to have a conversation with me was weird.

I mean, it’s probably not weird in friendlier, more liberal cultures. But it’s certainly weird in conservative Singapore where people are taught from young never to talk to strangers.

And who would try to start a conversation with a jogger? The fellow is jogging, for goodness’ sake. He has no time to stand there and have a conversation with you!

Some very weird people exist in this world. I suppose it makes the world more interesting. As long as they’re not into raping or mugging or murdering.

What do you think?

32 thoughts on “A stranger came up to me and…

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    Regardless of his technique, or the appropriateness of his approach, his eyes being fixed on you all the time is just plain creepy. I’d have smiled and run away quickly.

  2. Avatar

    nicole: Heh, I don’t mind strangers talking to me if they had valid reasons, you know. But, yeah, it’s quite a Singaporean mentality to fear strangers. There are times when I approach strangers to ask stuff like, “Are you in the queue?” because they’re just standing around, dunno in or out. And they’d look at me for a few seconds like I was trying to mug them. Haha, it’s funny.

    mooiness: I did smile and run away eventually. lol. But I guess I was also a bit curious as to what his intention was.

  3. Avatar

    JokeDiary: Er… ok. But don’t scare me lah. I’m not famous enough to have stalkers yet. Especially when I look like Sadako in my natural state. Haha.

  4. Avatar

    but not only famous people got stalk right. Pretty gals also will kana de. There’s a possibility so long as there’s any psycho who think you are attractive, don’t you agree.

  5. Avatar

    Smallapple: Aiyah, you all don’t scare me can? :P I don’t think so, anyway! He just looked like a random weirdo passer-by. :P

    JokeDiary: Yeah, I suppose you’re very right. I forgot I used to have a stalker during my school days! But didn’t last too long. Thankfully he moved on after I continuously ignored him. :P

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    Maybe his fortune cookie of the day was “talk to a stranger and u will have good luck coming your way”. I guess its ok to talk to strangers like how I usually make small talk abt melbourne weather to the neighbours in the lift despite me not knowing them but i think interupting ur jog was kinda weird!

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    As I said, you would look good in a sack, so maybe you look good when you are sweaty and sticky… On the other hand it could just be that you attract strange people…

  8. Avatar

    Hur hur…. Think he was just interested in your sweaty white T-Shirt. You know… like Wet T-Shirt contest… it gets all translucent.

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    Yup, becareful of weird people that stare all the time.
    Last time my sis had a weirdo that suddenly started chanting in front of her.
    And I had a guy who always walked with me to my school when I was in lower Sec and he looked like he was in NS…

  10. Avatar

    arzhou: “Sounds” is the keyword. :P

    serene.s: Haha, that’s a great thought and a very plausible explanation. There was one time I just went and chatted up a stranger but that was some kind of a training thing, and wasn’t my idea. It turned out well, though. The girl I picked was very nice and didn’t freak out and we had a nice chat!

    asoom: The fart conversation DID happen exactly as I reported.

    Jesta: I would go for your second suggestion. I think I attract strange people. :P

    JayWalk: Really, I don’t see any reason for him to pick me up. Unless he’s into ugly, sweaty things, then maybe. Haha.

    The Goonfather: My t-shirt is thick and I don’t sweat that much. Never enough to drench my t-shirts. Haha. Good try.

    xinyun: If he recognised me, he would have asked or said something.

    Miss Loi: Wahahaha.

    JokeDiary: Er, no. I don’t think any girl who has ever gotten stalked considered it an honour. :P

    chak: Are you saying I look like a granny or old auntie??

    Be a Good Daughter: There’s your spam-like message again.

    Smallapple: Hmm, ok. I will try to be careful.

    zield: Why do you say wordpress doesn’t like you? You typing too many weird symbols are you? :P

    modchip: Well, not like I purposely went to bump into him! :P

    Alvin: Haha, isn’t a kick in the groin a little too extreme to use in response to a little harmless chat?

    Monster: Haha. You go, girl. You can do it! ;)

    Smallapple: Aww, your blog is really sweet! I LOVE the anime picture you on your banner! :) Will link you up in a while!

    Minou: I haven’t been stalked since my schooldays. You know, I don’t think anyone would feel the need to stalk me because my blog already reveals so much about my life. Stalk also can’t find out anything more. Haha.

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    actually i’m typing a long one yesterday.. (err.. not that long..) but its not showing there.. so i typed it again.. (a simple one this time..) but.. yeah its not showing there.. again..
    see.. ?? wordpress doesnt like me.. T_T

    i just want to say that maybe he have an interest for you.. it can be good or bad.. wanting to be friend.. or stalker.. but hes way is undoubtly creepy.. anyone would run away for it..
    except.. you jog back to him..
    see.. ?? it show him your interest..

    now if you give him a nice fart.. now that would make a veeeerrryy different impression.. lol.. :D ahahahahaa

    btw.. ive also had this stranger doing the same thing to me some time ago.. unless.. he is he.. an he is a he.. !! *run away*

  12. Avatar

    Smallapple: You’re welcome!

    zield: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that! I have no idea why it does that. So far, I haven’t heard any complaints. Well, if anyone has any such problems, do voice it out!

    Erm… I didn’t jog back to him! I jogged away from him, but as I was jogging away, he asked me a question, so I turned around to answer, but I was still jogging away from him, know what I mean? :P

    Hmm… a guy stranger tried to pick you up? Hehe.

    Derrick: Um, no. I really don’t believe the guy was stalking me. He was just a random weirdo, lol.

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