10 Second Interview with Qiaoyun

I wanted to take a short break from writing long, neverending posts, so I went into Facebook and installed the “10 Second Interview” app. Then I answered the first 10 questions I got.

And here are the Q&A!

Throw in an “interview photo”.

Viola. A quick-and-dirty blog entry!


Anyway, I think that was quite fun. If you have Facebook, try the app! There are currently more than 400 questions for you to answer. I’ve answered over 20, but it’s tiring so I stopped. lol.

Since we’re on the topic, and for a limited time only, I invite my readers to ask me a random question. I will answer all questions provided they are reasonable. Haha.

Let’s see how creative you can get! ;)

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    Kinda personal, but just curious as to why didn’t you continue staying on in Melbourne (apply PR etc.) after your studies? Im currently doing my undergrad here as you can see so I’m just curious as to the various footpaths chosen by seniors..

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    serene: Oh, hi, fellow unimelb student (although I haven’t been a student forever, lol)! During my first couple of years there, I did consider staying on to work there. But, ultimately, it’s not my home country and I just missed Singapore so much. And I missed Singaporeans. As much as I enjoyed my time there, I wanted to be home, too.

    No matter how much I always complain about rude, inconsiderate, irritating, Singaporeans, I love my fellow countrymen and I just prefer hanging out with my own people in the long run.

    I guess it was also the lack of opportunities. I mean, like, nothing big came up to tempt me to stay on and since I was homesick, I just came home. :P

    So… what are you studying and what are your future plans? Are you enjoying life in Melbourne? :)

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    HI what is facebook actually, have been hearing a lot but didn’t go into it. There’s simply too many, friendster, multiply, flixster etc… bla bla bla. is facebook just another one of it?

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    JokeDiary: Yeah, Facebook is kinda like Friendster and Multiply and all that, but it’s different. It’s much bigger. The fun thing about it is that it allows people to write third-party applications for it, so there are a zillion fun things to do in Facebook while socialising with your friends. It’s really a time-waster, lol. Don’t check it out until you have at least a couple hours free to explore it the first time. :P

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    QY: it’s good that you come back to singapore! cuz of your decision, I met u! Muack muack! Hug hug! Lub j00!

    Starstruck: Unfortunately QY is attached. She is attached to

    Kidding la ^_^

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    Heard these questions from somewhere else, and since you are inviting your readers to ask, I shall ask!

    You can answer one of them, or both if you have time. Haha.

    1) How was your worst date experience like? ( if any )
    2) Who do you think makes a perfect date?

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    hahaha… i got extra finger on my right hand lei =X got photo prove if u wan !! hahaha but its useless duo!! haha just 1 extra finger nia

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    modchip: Haha, sorry, can’t tell you that. It’ll be bad for my career!

    Minou: I thought I told you all before? Aiyoh. We’ll talk about it when we meet ok?

    amd: Nobody really calls him Goonfather to his face because it’s kind of a mouthful, but we refer to him as the Goonfather among each other.

    Starstruck: Um, yeah, I’m attached. Vacancies?? lol. Not sure this word should be used in the plural in this case! Haha.

    luvphobia: I don’t have costume lah. You want to sponsor me? :P Dunno how to get also.

    Wang Wang: Yay! I’m happy I came back too! *huggieeeees* I wouldn’t mind being attached to you! *wink wink*

    yh: Haha. Isn’t that good? Gives you time to do male stuff like, I dunno, play computer games?

    desmond: Worst date experience was actually my first date. We were both very shy people and didn’t talk. We hung out at a shopping mall and just walked and walked and walked. We were out for a whole day and we must have said like 10 sentences in total. It was really freaky. I guess we survived the day only because we had an amazing crush on each other. But that was the first and last date. :P

    Actually, my idea of a perfect date is based on “who” and not “what”. I’m a simple person who is delighted with simple pleasures, so as long as I enjoy the company of my date, it doesn’t matter whether we’re taking a bus ride together or wining and dining in Paris.

    Well, that said, my partner would have to fulfill certain criteria to make it a perfect date. Hehe. He would have to be charming and attentive to my needs, have a sense of humour and make me laugh, have some common interests with me so we can have great conversations. And I’m totally a sucker for old-fashioned chivalry. The guy has to be a gentlemen in a slightly chauvinistic way!

    nadnut: If I could be anyone for a day? Of course I choose to be a movie star. I want to live my entire life filming every single day. I’m happiest when I’m on a set or doing anything involved with work, like script meetings, or imaging sessions or rehearsals.

    Maybe I’ll choose Charlize Theron. Would be nice to find out what it’s like to be amazingly beautiful and talented AND working nonstop!

    Smallapple: Wow, you mean like for real?? I would think having one extra finger would be useful. I dunno, for grabbing stuff or counting or whatever. There are times I wish we could have more fingers! Haha.

    My DOB is 23rd July. Heheh!

    And the Goonfather is my significant other. Not my father lah or godfather lah. I think I’d better post an “About” for the Goonfather soon. Too many people getting confused who he is. Heheh.

    xinyun: Yeah, unfortunately. :(

    The Goonfather: More than anyone else.

    Miccheng: ooh. Thanks! *blush*

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    zield: I only have one goal in life. To be a successful actress. To put it simply, what I really want is to be happy. And I’m the happiest when I’m acting. And the more successful I am at my career, the more acting I’ll be able to do, therefore more happiness! Very simple, yah? ;)

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    I’m doing commerce/law here. Currently in my 3rd out of 5th year. I did Trinity college too!just that i chose not to stay in Trinity College during 1st year uni because it was so expensive! Apparently it was like $15K for a year and thats not inlcuding the sem breaks! i chose international house instead which was slightly cheaper. BUt now I’m alr ‘been there done that’ so staying outside. Rental in Melbourne is exorbitant currently! 2yrs ago u can geta 2BR for $350 and now u can’t even get a 1BR for that price in the city!

    Yeah, kinda enjoying myself. Infact I have only been back home for 2 weeks in June despite the last time i was home was in june 2006 choosing instead to while my time away in Central Australia (Alice Springs -> Darwin) and sleeping under the stars in sub-zero temperatures, getting surprise visits from Dingos in the middle of night, doing 7km treks up mountains just to get to a natural waterfall and swimming in the cool clear waters which you can see 5m deep and doing a one way 10km overnight canoe trip in Katherine gorge and having to drag ur canoes across the shallow water and rocks one day and maneuver ur way down rapids alone the next day while ur partner carry the 8kg backpack through treacherous rocks. Totally recommend anyone who yearns for adventure for a 2 weeks trip. Note, every other day you have a ‘bush camp’ where there’s no facilities, at most a ‘drop toilet’ or its just, take the shovel and go to the bushes. Oh, and u are looking at minumun $A 2k for a trip like this.

    Yeah, but I do agree with you. Ultimately I think i will still go home because that’s where my parents are. How long were you here for?How about yourself, any particular experience to share?

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    serene: Hey, cool. Trinity College is great, isn’t it? I loved the teachers and the activities there. I stayed in Carlton College on Drummond Street for the first semester, then moved out on my own. Couldn’t stand hostel living. I need privacy! :P Yeah, but the rental there is ridiculous. In my last year there, I stayed in a 1BR apartment on Exhibition STreet for close to 1k a month.

    I was there for four years but, unfortunately, I didn’t get around much because I was a bit of a bookworm. I kinda got into studying because the learning culture there was so great I actually enjoyed studying and learning. I did go for a skiing trip but chickened out and played with toboggans instead, haha.

    But despite being a boring nerd, I really had fun there. I mean, like, I did hang out with friends but we were mainly stuck in the city and nearby suburbs, shopping and eating and partying. But I LOVED THE FOOD THERE! I still miss the souvlakis and Vietnamese noodles. I put on so much weight when I was there! Heh.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences! Brings back memories for me. :) Feel free to share more!

    arachno: Yep. Thanks! :)

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    1 BR for $1000? now you can’t get one for less than $1500 a month! talk about rising cost of living!

    Im kinda opposite from you though, I play all the time and do last minute work, which I feel is really really bad. I used to love walking around the city and exploring all the little alleys etc. but then now I’m so lazy that I tram everywhere! Thank goodness I stay right smack in the middle of the city on swanston/lonsdale so it aint’ too bad.

    Yeah, Melbourne food is sooooooooo great. I mean, all different sort of cruisine all in one place within walking distance. Greek/Hongkong/Msian/Sg/Italian/Thai/Vietnam/Japanese/Sichuan etc. No wonder everyone I know here put on weight at one point of time of another! I love the pasta and Thai food here. And Yumcha! Now Im used to the standard here, I never want to go back to Singapore to eat dimsum anymore.

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    How much wangwang does The Wang Wang have? ^_^

    The answer is: Lesser than the goon I have for The Goonfather!

    I find the Q&A between QY and Goonie sooooooooooo romantically cute! Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

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    serene.s: I think it’s ok to play and have fun, as long as you at least do some work as well, haha. It’s a rare chance to experience living in another country, so should do whatever fulfills you the most, don’t you think? ;)

    Speaking of Melbourne yumcha, I couldn’t eat dim sum for the longest time after coming back to Singapore. Everything here was just so substandard! But gradually, I forgot the taste of Melbourne yumcha and started getting used to Singapore dim sum. lol.

    Wang Wang: Umm… ok! I think you’re very cute too! *squeeze*

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