Spending money to torture myself

Who the hell charges $111 for a pair of running shorts?


I’ve been trying to find a decent pair of running shorts forever (like since a year ago) but nothing remotely decent ever turns up.

I tried again today because Run For Hope 2007 is next week and I need real running shorts.

I was filming at VivoCity today, so had a chance to shop around after the shoot. I went to Nike, Adidas, Puma, Fila and Mizuno. Out of the five sports stores, I only saw a pair that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, but it turns out to be $111 (from Adidas’ designer range).

WTF. Who spends that kind of money on a stupid pair of running shorts? It doesn’t even have blings or exciting seams!

Unfortunately, that was the only pair of shorts that looked normal. The rest in all the stores were either too poofy or too long.

But I had to buy something, so I bought this Nike one that cost me $42.

It looks purplish-blue in the picture, but it’s actually dark grey. And it’s too damn long, but I have no other choice. It’s the most fitting I can find. I don’t know why they make running shorts so long these days. It looks so nerdy.

I ended up spending $200 on sports gear, something which would never have happened had my shoot not taken place in VivoCity! Grrrrr.

Besides the shorts, I also bought a Nike water bottle. And Adidas socks to wear with this:

That was an impulse buy. I had already planned to wear my ragged Nike shoes for the event and hope like hell that they don’t fall apart in the middle of the run.

But when I walked into Adidas today to find my illusive pair of shorts, my itchy feet took me to the running shoes display.

And then, this very friendly store assistant came over and managed to persuade me, by being very personable, to try on a few pairs of running shoes.

In response to my idiot question: “Running shoes got different types one meh?”, she very patiently educated me on the subject of running shoeology.

I was so impressed by the comfort, lightness and flexibility of this particular pair that I decided to buy it, despite the fact that I didn’t like the design that much.

I get 20% off Adidas products for being a participant of this year’s Great Eastern Women 10K and the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, so that helped.

Now, I feel superbly ready to face my first race! I shall endeavour not to come in last without killing myself. I think I should be able to manage that, but it’ll be tough. I haven’t been training much in the last six weeks or so.

I don’t know what I was thinking, signing up for three races, spending over $100 on registration fees to torture myself! And even more money on gear to endorse that madness.


I kinda regret signing up because I am so not prepared to run competitively, and I am not prepared to disgrace myself.

On the other hand, I need these events to motivate myself into running regularly for health and fitness. Otherwise, I’d just totally embrace couch-potatohood and turn into a permanent blob of slime.

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Not a very pleasant image. Therefore the necessary expenditure to further the cause of self-torture.

I must be crazy!

As if I don’t already receive enough (mental) torture from the one and only Goonfather.

He took one look at me walking around proudlly with my new shoes and he said, “You wear nice nice expensive brand new shoes for your race… later you lose, very malu one you know?”

34 thoughts on “Spending money to torture myself

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    Now this is a very very very good incentive for me to buy 8 dollar shorts from my school, maybe 10 of them to be exact so I will not have to spend a hundred bucks on Nike ones next time when I can’t find anymore!

    Holy shit it IS expensive.

    That’s one third of a PSP – a pair of fr’kn shorts! Sorry you really have to bear with a 17 year old who isn’t that experienced in economics – at least not yet.

    But the shoes look pretty alright. :D

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    If that makes you happy…that’s great! I know the feeling of looking for the illusive one all the time. Well, I blew SIN$300 on my head yesterday only to be told that my hair’s a little too light at work today. But I’m not going to recolour my hair! Talk about having bad days…..plus had a migraine today. Well, enough of my ranting and raving….

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    Qiao Yu buy branded wan mar that’s why.

    For me I will buy those dark blue shorts from the market can liao. Can’t remember how much, but think 3 for 10 bucks type. LOL
    When jogging or running. Prefer shorts to be as thin and as light as possible. Think those type fit and feel better if you are running. Branded no use. But running shoes must get a good wan. Cannot anyhow buy a cheapo lousy wan.

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    hmm..guess if you are not really very prepared/trained to go for the race, you could just run to finish the race instead of being competitive yah? ;)

    yeap, I am having problems too, I was forced (well kinda) by my colleague to go for another run too and I have not ran in ages…so my training starts next week uuggh!!

    All the best man..may you finish :)

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    I swore by Nike during my cross-country running days. Does AirMax, Pegasus or WindRunner ring any bell? Probably not as they are very old models by now.

    Anyway, I am sporting a pair of Asics as it caters to broader feeter better. The mainstream brands tend to be rather narrow and snug in the middle.

    Tip for you before you go for the run, make sure you break in your new pair of shoes properly before you embark on the race. Less torture for the feet.

    Have fun!

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    Oh , you are so lucky. I probably feel it’s expensive to buy short at $42 and shoe at $200 consider the markup price of at least > 8 times, because of marketing expense of the brand.

    But once a while, it’s always good to pamper yourself afterall you work hard.

    So what will I buy if I am you. I probably buy from Pasar Malam and then change the label to certain brand. I’m cheap and no one will notice that , haha. I do it to stay frugal, and save it for rainy day. Life in Singapore is getting harder and hard-earned better use for investment.

    Perhaps it is because when I am young in my twenties, I do the same by been buying expensive and latest gadget and computer, nerd’s stuff. Only when I learn to be entrepreneurial, I realize those money that i used in the past could have better use to do wonderful thing in life etc build business, education degree, LAL (Learn And Learn instead of PayAndPay).

    Hmmm… that’s life la. If only BigMac is as handsome as Brad Pitt … but that’s another story , haha.

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    Ok, $111 for a pair of running shorts is CRAZY. I swear it’s only that ex because of the branding. You should try bods.bodynits. I used to wear their sportswear lots when I was physically active. =p

    Anyways, I wouldn’t advise wearing new shoes to the actual run. Always try to “wear in” the shoes a bit before using it to run long distances. But nice shoes! I like the pinky stripes.

    Good luck on your marathon attempt! :)

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    $100 on registration? Not too bad lah. I spend close to $300..

    $200 for sports apparels? I spending 10x more since getting into the craze earlier this year.

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    Hmmm… QY spending money on shoes and clothes? Seems just about right to me… Still, the shoes are cute and the running shorts make you look even slimmer!

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    Tell me about it, been looking for a decent pair of running shorts and the price is like crazy… 100+

    I’m not going to pay this amount! What are they made of… gold??

    Maybe I can find something here in China… yah will be here for the next 2 weeks before I will be permanently stationed there :)

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    yh: Wah, $8 shorts? Buy for me leh! :P

    Monster: Erm… I don’t think buying $111 shorts will make me happy. Owning it will make me happy, but the hole in my wallet won’t. Haha. I think $300 on hair is more worth it than $100 on shorts cos people notice face/hair way way more than shorts!

    JokeDiary: Not that I purposely want to buy branded lah, but I really don’t know where else to buy running shorts. I’ve tried finding them at some neighbourhood shops but never found them. And I don’t have time to run around Singapore looking for cheap shorts, so no choice have to head to the only places I know which definitely have them. :(

    Jason Ho: When I signed up, I never had the intention to win anything. I just want to run for fun. But I also hope not to come in last, that’s what I’m training for… not to win but to avoid coming in last. Hahaha. Anyway, next Sunday’s race definitely can finish lah… it’s only 4km. My usual training route is 6km. Oh, and all the best for your training and your race! ;)

    JayWalk: I’m the biggest Nike fan girl! I love Nike! But it’s too expensive for me now. :( I’ll be running in my new shoes 4 times before the race. Is that enough to break in? Anyway, the first time I ran in my new shoes, it was VERY comfortable… my feet didn’t feel tortured at all. :P

    Mother: No. I psycho-ed myself. :P I didn’t even know Chongbaby was running in the same race until a few days ago!

    bigmac: I think $42 for a pair of shorts is too expensive, too. But it’s just a one-time thing. I just needed something for the race and, like I said to JokeDiary, I don’t have time to go running around Singapore to look for cheaper alternatives. :P But anyway, I think your finance handling is very wise. Keep it up! ;)

    Shelly: I haven’t checked bodynits recently. I had the impression that all their clothes are the tight fitting kinds. Do they have loose shorts, like the Nike one I just bought? My shoes won’t be new anymore by next Sunday. Will be training in them in the next week. :P

    CrashWire: Cool, that looks very interesting. Thanks for the link!

    Sunny: Wah, how many races did you sign up for this year? Are you planning to win any prizes? Hehe. I wish I could afford spending the kind of money you spend on sports gear. ;)

    Xiriss: Thanks for the well wishes! “Get up and go” is really tough to maintain. I can’t do it all the time! :(

    Jesta: Duh! :P The correct statement should be “QY spending money on shoes and clothes to torture herself. Which doesn’t sound right AT ALL!

    Derrick: Hahaha. Yah lah, everyone tell me can get cheaper unbranded ones. But where?? Must give me exact address. :P

    arachno: Hahaha. It’s expensive because it’s designer. Working in China? How exciting! Well, at least I think it’s exciting to work abroad. Something different in life. ;)

    misha: Hehe, thanks dear! :)

    uglyfatchick: Where got $10 fbt shorts? Nah, I can’t possibly run 42km. I don’t even dare to call myself a real runner since I only started running (and not so regularly) half a year ago. I’m only doing 10km and even that sounds damn scary to me! :P

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    hahahah, you are so right about more attention being spent on hair and looks instead on shoes, esp for ladies too!

    But hey, respect babe! for signing up for the marathon. Will be rooting for you from here too! Just don’t give up!

    Jia you wor! :D

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    I came across your website chronicling your training for runs. I’ve been developing a new product to help runners carry water on their biceps, sort of like how people carry the iPod. It’s called The Body Bottle – http://www.bodybottle.com I thought you might be interested as it is primarily for people who run distance.

    If you check it out, do let me know your thoughts.


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    Well… I figure that you tend to be enough of a masochist to enjoy the torturing yourself, and I also figure that you will try everything to make sure that you look as good as you usually do while you do it…
    Have fun sweating!

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    lol, if every guy was to spend $50 to buy a pair of shorts during IPPT every year, I sure open up running shorts stores beside army camp.

    Put up a sign, You sure spend more then $50 running around looking for shorts. Look no further, get it here now. LOL

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    WTH, mother, you chicken, you too lazy to go, dont say so much! Even Ruoky is going, what about you, mother!

    Sis, the running shoes look nice, and most importantly, they are pink! Pink FTW!

    BTW, everyone who reads QY’s blog should go for the run, it’s for a good cause, and most importantly, QY will be there! =P

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    Hey.. I like thr tank top but the I will pass for the shorts, color a bit off leh, somehow it just does not go with the top :)

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    BTW…..runforhope is not a race…it’s a charity run…there isnt even any timing or prizes. It’s only 4km or 8km if you really want to run it.

    This used to be the Terry Fox run to raise funds for cancer research, they changed the name to RunForHopeSingapore.

    So if you can make it, why not register and come down and just do your part this sunday, and have fun too, also we can all meet up instead of just lurk around QY’s blog online only. I guarantee you, QY is alot prettier and very lively in person. Its a win win situation!


    QY: Sorry sis, shameless plugging again, I’ll make it up to you. =P

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    Stan: Thanks for rooting for me! I’m sure I can run better knowing that so many people are supporting me! ;)

    John: Er… thanks for advertising on my blog. Haha. Well, no matter, as long as you come back to visit! lol.

    Jesta: I’m not a masochist! O_o

    arachno: Usually, it’s not about the design itself. It’s about how famous the designer is. Isn’t it?

    Ruok: I got 5 pairs from there already. Haha. But the cutting is really stupid. For size S, the waist is too tight but the body is too baggy and long.

    modchip: Lol, I’m not wearing that top. I’ll be wearing the event t-shirt. :P

    uglyfatchick: Cool, thanks for the tip! Which 10K are you running?

    Alvin: Hmm… never mind, after I get the top from you, I’ll go get another pair of shorts to match it, heheh.

    JokeDiary: Haha. Guys don’t care about fashoin wat, and they’d wear the same clothes for decades, so good luck with your shop. lol.

    Chong: Eh, thanks for asking more people to go see me embarrass myself. :P So how are you making it up to me?

    Starstruck: Nah, I’m not wearing the shorts together with the top. I just had to wear something that won’t cover the shorts so I can show it properly, and that was the only one I had. :P

    chak: Yah, it’s not good. But my old shoes are really falling apart and it’ll be worse if I wear that and it falls apart halfway through the race.

    Wang Wang: Thank you dear! With your sould running with me, I’m sure I can fly! Hahaha.

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    yah… but think about it is it really worth that much?

    They don’t actually make them themselves by hand… it’s given to factories across the world… makes you wonder…. :P

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