Singapore’s secret tunnels

Once again, my job takes me to the most unlikely of places. Who woulda thought there could be creepy tunnels in clean, green, sterile Singapore?

[Photo removed by request]

Ok, maybe you’ve known about them all along. I’m ignorant, can?

Anyway, the tunnels are located in Labrodor Park. Who the hell even goes there?

The Goonfather said that the only people who go there are DOMs. (You can take up a case with him if you go there and you’re not a DOM.)

It was 7:50am. He had driven me there for my shoot before going to work himself. I was supposed to meet the film crew at the Labrador Park carpark but I was 10 minutes early and they weren’t there yet.

The Goonfather said he couldn’t leave me there to wait alone because I might get harassed or something.

I said, “It’s bright and early in the morning. Who’s going to harass me?”

“It’s dangerous here,” he said.

“There’s no one here!”



“See there… and there,” he pointed to several empty carpark lots.

Crumpled, used tissues littered the empty lots.

Took a few seconds for me to register the significance.

“Are they… does that mean…?”


“But… nobody’s gonna come here in the morning to… er… use tissues,” I argued.

“It’s dangerous,” he repeated.

I decided to leave it at that and allow him to wait with me.

Of course, my first impression of Labrador Park was: Gross! Why the hell are we filming in this creepy ulu pandan place?”

Second impression (after a couple hours): Cool! Got secret tunnels!

No used tissues of dubious origins in the tunnels. Phew.

Anyway, for those who are as suaku (frog in the well) as me, the Labrador Secret Tunnels were built in the 1880s (I dunno what for) and were used by soldiers during the World War II (to store ammunition or hide in or whatever). After the war, the tunnels were forgotten and covered by vegetation.

Park officials discovered them in 2001 and, now, they’ve become a tourist attraction and you need to pay money to check them out. I didn’t have to pay because I was filming in there. Haha.

Of course, we didn’t have the benefit of a guided tour nor were we treated to creepy stories of death and destruction in the tunnels, but it was pretty cool just exploring the place.

Despite the many lamps lighting the way, the tunnels are quite dark and scary. I wouldn’t dare to wander in there all alone. And it didn’t help that our producer told us he could feel certain “presences” every time he walked past a specific spot in the tunnels.

Some discoveries are better kept to yourself, you know?!

Here’s a picture taken with flash so you can at least see what a tunnel looks like.

[Photo removed by request]

The place smelled really musty and dusty. It was claustrophobic and creepy. I can’t imagine how the soldiers must have felt at the time with war and destruction raging about just outside of them, always fearful that the tunnels would cave in on them should a bomb locate them.

[Photo removed by request]

All the destruction in the tunnels caused by the war have been preserved, complete with stone debris and fallen planks.

There was also this scary, dark room with a few display cases showing genuine shell fragments and such.

[Photo removed by request]

[Photo removed by request]

Keep in mind that the whole damn place was really dark and the only light source was a small handful of gloomy yellow lamps. (They just don’t look dark in my photos because I have to use camera flash to capture anything at all.) Some pockets of areas were so dark we had to use torchlights to see where we were going.

There was a room with newspaper articles published during wartime.

[Photo removed by request]

[Photo removed by request]


We also met some “soldiers”.

[Photo removed by request]

They were, of course, fake people. Not sure if the “props” are authentic. I didn’t have time to read the plaque or examine the installation.

Interesting as the tunnels were, it was good to surface in the sunlight again after being stuck in a dark, dank dungeon for an hour or so.

This is the entrance to the tunnels.

Doesn’t look that creepy from the outside.

What a cool place. I love my job!

39 thoughts on “Singapore’s secret tunnels

  1. Avatar

    Brr… tunnel kind of remind me of a movie, The Excorcist.. if u haven’t watch it , try it onr of my all time favourite horror show.

    Yep, u are one lucky girl, get to visit all the “ulu” places, envy :)

  2. Avatar

    Huh? Must pay to go in?

    Starstruck> The Exorcist was freeeeeeaky! I still have nightmares of that ‘face’ appearing intermittently in split-seconds in the scene with the old lady at the subway entrance! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    Qiaoyun> Did you receive my email? Was it you driving beside me on Rochor Road that day?

  3. Avatar

    A tips for you when visit place of history or ‘haunted premise’…
    All place of historical past are haunted because of the yin and yang energy still present if the ‘relic’ are not torn down. In other words, the ‘energy’ still reside within. Some are strong to manifest whereas some are weak unable to show itself… but overall most are just harmless… Energy over the time will be reduced because of changing surrounding

    Whenever visit such a site, never be too tactical and silence, generate as much noise, like heavy footstep, speak loudly, and yeah, before entering any room, always knock hard on the door. Look foolish, but you will not want to be caught by surprise

    What the reasons, it is to inform those UFO that you be coming, and that they should stay away just in case they frighten ppl when suddenly they shock you by surprise when you suddenly withness the manifestation.

    Now, you probably realize why haunted building have to be torn down and rebuilt to remove all those energy from the past, haha.

    Oh yeah, tell them you are Sheylara, and that you have a blog and those UFO should leave anonymous comment and presence there instead….

  4. Avatar

    Wow excellent discovery and story – especially with the fact that the carpark is used for other purposes at night. ;)

    It’s also good to know the history, to know how much luckier we are now compared to then.

  5. Avatar

    Wow…It’s interesting. When I was in Spore, I taught the students about them but never been there myself. Greyee’s been to the ones in Vietnam, he said that those were very small and he felt claustrophobic in them.

  6. Avatar

    marina: It might be interesting if you take the tour and they explain to you all the history. :) I don’t know for sure, of course, since I haven’t tried the tour. :P

    Starstruck: Nope, haven’t watched the Exorcist. I don’t think I dare to. :P

    Miss Loi: Hmm, did you send me an e-mail? I didn’t get it leh. :( Send again?

    Anyway, yeah. It costs $8 (adult) or $5 (child) for the guided tour. I think it lasts an hour.

    bigmac: That’s very interesting. I thing what you say sounds logical also. But I’ve never had a supernatural experience i my life and never felt any “presences” of any kind, so I assume I’m just one of those “insensitive” to such forces. I suppose I can count myself lucky? :P

    Er… no thanks for your last suggestion. I don’t really want any UFOs leaving footprints on my blog. Creepy! lol.

    mooiness: Oh, yeah, I love learning about history and comparing our lives now with lives in the past! It really does make me feel fortunate!

    JayWalk: Oops… sorry boss! :P Hehe.. “Ulu pandan” is one of my favourite phrases, heheh, sorry. I think it’s kinda cute mah.

    Monster: Wow… greyee visited tunnels in Vietnam? Cool, man!

    DK: Hahahaha. At least you’re honest! lol.

    yh: Well, I don’t really want to come right out and say what’s DOM. It’s not very polite, haha. But if you want, go to and look down the list… you’ll see one entry which stands out, hehe.

  7. Avatar

    the tunnels in Labrador leads to Sentosa :)

    well, years ago la! now its supposed to be ‘blocked’. i dont believe them! but its cool isnt it.

  8. Avatar

    Neither am I want to meet them too, even if they give me toto, haha. Because there’s no free lunch in the world…

    Importantly, is to stay cheerful, hopeful and positive because that the ways to make the energy within you so strong that other unfavourable energy can’t manifest around you.
    That’s why some people will see UFO, some will not. Usually, UFO tend to stay clear of people who have passionate and sympathetic, understanding heart.

    I yet to meet one even though I quite active at ‘night’ when ‘normal’ people is still sleeping. TouchWood.

    I have to say those photo you take are quite sinister and eerie.

  9. Avatar

    Oh, never take photo with device that has nightVision capability with places that isolated. By normal eyes, it can’t be seen, but nightvision has the capabilities to magnify weak energy level, and thus there are chance that UFO appear in photo. UFO is all around us living in different realm but they are really very harmless as long as one ‘see no evil, hear no evil fear no evil’,

    Well so much for the tip, time for me to hide behind the blanket , haha…..

  10. Avatar

    Cool place! Heard of Labrodor Park as the place for some kinky actions but never been there to check out the tunnels.

    I also heard frm my friends that there very eerie at night one..

    QY, lucky u, no supernatural experience! I kena once at Malacca in a hotel room. Was sleepy directly opposite a white colour wardrobe, full lights on in the room. I woke up suddenly, saw a full size shadow on the wardrobe looking at me, I think it realise that I was staring back at it, it walked into the toilet and never appear…

    Scary leh!!!!!

    The very next day, my classmate tio the same thing in that room. -_-

  11. Avatar

    if you really want those japanese UTF to appear, just play japanese tune from 1940s. There is one particular song that the japanese soldiers love to listen… let me recall and this song is used as propaganda song…

    and when the temperature drop or there is sudden rush of cold air, listen for some japanese voice, well the next moment you know, UTF will be your best friend then…

    No joke, don’t ever try it if you don’t want to pee with trouser On… haha…

  12. Avatar

    malique: Wow, do they really? That’s quite amazing. I suppose they should be more tunnels all over Singapore but they’ve all caved in or something.

    zield: Yep, I’m a Singaporean. What about you? :)

    bigmac: I didn’t know UFOs stay clear of passionate, sympathetic and understanding people. Does that mean I’m one of those people? Hehe. If you think my photos are eerie, you should really be at the tunnels yourself. It’s so much more eerie. Heh. You seem to know a lot about this subject for something who’s never actually met a UFO. Um… by the way, why do you call them UFO? And UTF??

    Wang Wang: Haha. I have to wonder how come you all know about Labrador Park’s kinky reputation. :P Eh… got ghost story don’t tell me k? I scared. O_o

    Steffi: Lol… are you more interested in checking out the tissues or the tunnels? Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the tissues. It was too early in the morning, haha.

    JokeDiary: OMG 10,000 people trapped together in a dark, danky underground tunnel? :( I’d hate to have been there.

  13. Avatar

    The UFO see me, it just that I never see them , haha… One can feel and sense it sometimes, but they are just shy and curious only. Calling them UFO (Unidentified Foreign Object) doesn’t scare ppl afterall since if people can’t identify what it is, then it won’t scare people, right ?
    UTF= Unidentified Terrestrial Foreigner ?

    Labrodor Park has one of most intense battle fight in Singapore against invading Japanese, as such many opposing and japanese soldiers died unpeacefully and terribly. So if the atmosphere and surrounding remain the same as before back in 1940s, chances is the whole saga will be reacted at the date of battle by manifestation, voice, footstep, etc…
    There are many records oversea of ghostly battle been reacted in yearly anniversary.

    The tunnel actually look the same as 1940s and therefore, the energy and spirit still dwell there, perhaps forever…

    The park has undergoes lot of changes since therefore tend to be less report.

    In fact, one of most haunted site in Singapore should have been YMCA, since it is built on the ground of Kempetai headquarter, the site where many people are tortured and kill, however, the church is built beside YMCA to neutralize the ‘evil’ energy there , and now you know why there are so many ‘churches’ within Orchard Road. They are there for a purpose, to make Orchard Road a ‘haunting’ site for shopper rather than for UFO, haha….
    Of course, many people will say that it is purely coincidence …
    In the past, use to hear that many rooms in YMCA is unused because of strange happening there, though I do not know what happen now.

    As more and more building there change the landscape, there will be less haunting because the surrounding does not have enough energy to react whatever in the past.

    There used to be Macdonald in YMCA selling bigmac, that’s why BigMac knew about it , haha….

  14. Avatar

    modchip: Haha, that’s funny.

    zield: Ah, I see. Funny, though, that you wrote Japanese, heh.

    bigmac: lol, you sure have a lot of terms to call those, um, UFOs. I must not have paid too much attention during history classes because I totally have no knowledge of Labrador Park during the war. :P Didn’t know about the YMCA, either. So, thanks for the history lesson! Very interesting. :)

    Can’t tell you what the shoot is about though. It’s a secret. lol.

    Didn’t know about Thomas Edison’s netherworld communicator either. Wow, for a burger, you sure are a treasure trove of knowledge! :P

  15. Avatar

    Ha ha turns out to be quite an adventure yeah LOL…

    especially the tissues issue…. very common nowadays lah at most parks LOL…

    Actually before the park was renovated years back the whole place look more errie…. Even one doesn’t believe in “dirty things” (and I dun mean the tissues) would feel a chill in the park :)

    But its a very nice place to absorb sea breeze during the late evening and the cruise ships leaving the terminal are also a very nice sight :)

  16. Avatar

    zield: Cool… I love Japanese. I think I can still remember enough of my Japanese lessons to translate what you said. Kinda. Not sure what’s いやだな. Something like no? The second statement says you’re Indonesian. Right right? Yay. :P

    skoolchild: Hmm… I see you’re no stranger to Labrador Park. You like hanging out there? :P

  17. Avatar

    /me gives 10 point to qiaoyun.. ~\(O_O)/~ || yay~ ||>

    いやだな => err.. something like.. “aw.. come on lah~” :P

  18. Avatar

    Come to think of it, yes it may be dusty and musty but the most important benefit is that it is very cool inside. Something the British angmoh soldiers would prefer than to wilt under the Singapore tropical heat outside.

  19. Avatar

    Why is those eerie photo removed ? Look like must be from management of those park and tunnel ?

    Bigmac might have say something that terrify everybody, haha.

  20. Avatar

    zield: Woot! I got 10 points! :D Thanks! How long have you been learning Japanese? Like, you attend classes or you just kinda pick it up all over the place?

    JayWalk: Hmm, I can’t vouch for that since the tunnels were fitted with aircons, so what I felt was artificial coolness! Heh.

    bigmac: Haha. Nah… nothing to do with you. Photography is actually not allowed in the tunnels. The management didn’t complain, but I was advised to remove the pictures before they do.

  21. Avatar

    if I’m the management, I would probably do the same, haha.. No-one will visit the park if the photo so eerie, not even Bigmac, haha …
    But if they have sexy UFO there, I might just reconsider :P

  22. Avatar

    hmm.. ive been playing game and watcing anime since i was cute little.. tho im stil cute now..
    then learning a little from various book..
    joining a club ini my collage..
    till now still watcing anime and playing galge..
    hmm.. no formal education i think.. :-\

  23. Avatar

    Not very often but I do jog in there once awhile (yeah during the day of course and aldi send some chills down my spine) LOL help me run faster thou…..

    I like to see the scenic there, and rast time when mi sister car is around will drive in with a few jokers to catch “monkeys” or sit there have some food and drinks and feel the sea breeze :)

    I guess the reason is that in QY blog we commented about scary stuffs hence reflected badly on the histrorical site when foreign bloggers or netizens visit this blogs… sorry -__-“”

  24. Avatar

    bigmac: I think the opposite is true. The more scary you make it out to be, the more people want to visit. :P People just love to scare themselves. That’s why horror movies and haunted houses are so popular.

    Erm… no thanks, please don’t tell me your ghostly experiences. Haha. I hate hearing “true ghost stories”. :P

    zield: Oh, that’s cool. You can speak Japanese without attending formal classes!

    skoolchild: Well, like I said, I don’t think scary stuff is the problem. It’s probably the fact that if people see photos of the place, they won’t want to visit anymore because the photos already show them what’s in the place. :P

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