One of those days

I had just finished an audition and was walking out of the building, wondering if my car had gotten a parking ticket because I hadn’t used a parking coupon.

When I walked around the corner and saw my car, I also saw something else. A parking attendant was standing beside my car!


I did the 10m dash while shrieking, “Wait wait wait I’m leaving now!”

“Alamak,” she said. “Now then you come. I already gave you 10 minutes grace, you know?”

“Sorry! But I’m here now!”

“It’s too late.”


“I already printed your summon.”

“Oh no! Can you unprint it?”

“Cannot lah. If you come a bit earlier, I can still help you. But print already, you have to pay.”


Today is really not a good day.

Actually, I was half-expecting a parking ticket because I had parked my car there for an hour and 45 minutes without a coupon, so it’s not so much that I mind having a parking ticket.

But the shittiest thing in the world has to be knowing that you’re just two seconds too late in preventing something bad from happening.

The ticket was being printed out the very moment I dashed up to the car.


Why the hell do these things happen?

Of course, I could have saved all the trouble by just using a stupid coupon in the first place.

But I was in a bad mood because today’s not a good day because it’s one of those days when everything just goes wrong. And because of it being one of those days, I was late for my audition. So I didn’t want to be even more late by spending two minutes tearing out a coupon. Plus I thought the audition wouldn’t last that long.

So, I totally deserved that, but it’s still shitty. I wish the parking attendant had come earlier and just left her present and gone away. I wouldn’t have felt bad. I would have gone, “Oh great,” and laughed it off.

But it sucks to be handed a parking ticket personally.

Don’t these things only happen in the movies?


I’m going to drown my sorrows in WoW now.

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    Y’know, on the flip side, I thought it was mighty nice of the attendant to give 10 minutes grace (though we only know she said it), and conversing rather cordially.

    I’ve always pictured them to be manically dispensing tickets with demonic glint in their eyes while cackling gleefully to themselves. Add hand rubbing if they weren’t busy holding onto and jabbing at their hand held ticket dispensers.

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    Don’t fret over it. I remember once I parked on the zigzag line to run to the bakery to get me some bread before heading off to a tuition session and when I came back, I saw this stupid guy printing out a summon for me. I was given 3 points on top of a $150. I was so mad then! I was trying so hard to save money and at the same time making more money to pay off my study loan and there….$150 flew out the window! So well….that’s life, I guess.

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    well, guess it too “lucky” already! i remember shouting out loud at the 9th floor to tell the attendant that i’m rushing down, luckily she didn’t summon me!

    a few minutes or seconds is important, just a mere “4 seconds” and i need to retake my IPPT test! tough luck!

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    Maybe next time you want to a photo of summoner and put them on internet so that others can learn from their mistake or learn Summoner’s face, haha. To veil your frustration, take a A4 printout of the summoner and throw dart at it. The next day, all frustration will be gone.

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    malique: Haha, glad you agree that this only happens in the movies. Makes me feel better, somehow. lol.

    yh: Er… why your dad always never put parking coupon? lol

    arachno: Yes and no, I guess. I did deserve it for failing to put a coupon. :(

    Alvin: Oh, the attendant was reeeeeally nice, in fact. She even said sorry to me while handing me the ticket. Sorry that she already printed it out and couldn’t retract it.

    But The Goonfather will have another story to tell you. His encounter with an evil parking attendant. lol. Maybe my karma better than his, so I got a friendly one. Haha.

    Monster: Wow!! $150 for parking on zigzag? Wowow. I never knew parking tickets could be so expensive. I feel for you man. That’s like zillion times suckier!

    Leonard: Too “lucky” huh? Damn I should have bought Toto for the $5 million draw tonight, huh? lol. Well, I think your case was real lucky!

    bigmac: Haha. Nah, I’m not angry at the summoner. More angry at myself and for my day being ultra bad today. The parking ticket was just kind of an insult to injury.

    Miss Loi: Your parking offense looks really serious. But how come there’s no amount on it?

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    Naw, ain’t nothing to do with karma. I always believe it’s a sexist and superficial world because no matter what, people always tend to treat pretty girls better than any other folks. I’m guilty sometimes (or most of the time) too :D

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    Coz that slip of paper was a ‘referral’ to the TP planted by a heartless Sergeant Alvin Ang from the NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICE!

    In the end it was $120 + 3pts. Small consolation in that it’s lower than Monster’s $150.

    What’s with tuition and zig-zag lines??!

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    Hmm.. attendant standing there for 10 mins before issuing ticket I think he”bo liao”, but yah.. agree that the way the ticket was issued to you esp right in your face sucks. Ao sad got to happen to a nice lady like u :-)

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    That’s the law of attraction….

    Because you spend so much energy on to think it will happen- so it happen. You did attract it.
    Not as you approached your car back from the audition. It happened already as you parked it and then throughout the entire audition in your subconscious mind.
    It would not surprise me if it has influenced your audition negatively.
    You would have prevent it when you think with all your guts that nothing will happen when you park without ticket. Today is your lucky day, and so on.
    On that way no guilty feelings will keep you busy thinking of it and distract your performance.
    You’re free to live the moment to 100%.

    You will get what you think, ever heard about it?
    We concentrate so much of all the negative which could happen, if…. so it happen.
    Think of all the good things will happen when you do something, believe on it and act accordingly.
    Nothing can stop you from being successful.
    Cheers :-D

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    Alvin: Haha. That is true, too, can’t deny it.

    Wang Wang: Aww, poor thing. Sayang you back. I think you need sayang more than me!

    Miss Loi: Wow, that really sucked. No wonder you hate the policeman.

    JokeDiary: Oh well, doesn’t matter, anyway it’s only $30. I’ve recovered from feeling shitty. Now I don’t feel anything anymore. Haha.

    misha: Thank you misha! hug hug huggie! :)

    Starstruck: I dunno. I think maybe she patrolled the whole parking lot once and took note of those without coupons. Then patrol a second round to issue summon to those “overstayers”. I think that’s how they work, no?

    xinyun: Yup, lucky those days don’t happen everyday. Haha.

    john 117: Yeah, I’ve heard of the law of attraction and positive thinking. I do apply them. Sometimes they work, most of the time they don’t, but I still apply.

    Anyway, I really didn’t mind being issued a parking ticket that day, so I wasn’t brooding over it during the audition. In fact, I wasn’t even really too keen on getting the job I auditioned for. But I got it anyway, lol.

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    Q.Y, not being nosy but

    Any hints on the new job that u are so hesitant on ? Sometime, I really curious to know how the acting world clicks, I know for sure what you see the glamor thingy is just a show but behind, a lot of shit happens :)

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    Starstruck: The new job? Yeah, I got it, but I can’t talk about it because of confidentiality issues. Some jobs are like that, lol. Well, you do get to see some behind-the-scenes stuff in my acting blogs. Aren’t those enough? :P

    modchip: “Alamak” is an expression of dismay, surprise or alarm. It’s kind of an exclamation, I guess, like “wow” or “jeez”.

    Jason Ho: Thanks. And my condolences to you, too. Heh.

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    At least it was just a parking ticket. The speeding tickets I get are usually from these 7 foot, 300 pound, gun brandishing, attitude adjustment needing American police yahoos who think everyone is a terrorist. Just trying to be nice to one of these guys is justification for them to use deadly force. Best just be nice, smile and say “yes officer” when one of these types roll up.

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