My physical acting journal

Sometimes, I encounter incidents in my acting career which I can’t mention in public because it might offend people or get me into trouble and kill my career before it even starts. Haha.

So I bought this pretty notebook to write in.

I used to keep a physical diary during my emo days. Then I sort of outgrew that phase and the diary wasn’t needed anymore. Then, blogging came into fashion.

But I still love manual writing. I love collecting notebooks, especially stylish, pretty or bling ones, and I love writing in them.

Sometimes, I write rubbish just to fill up pages for fun.

Because I was so eager to write something in this sweet little notebook, I just sat down and started writing without knowing what I was going to write, and this bit of nonsense popped out.

Click to enlarge

Yeah, it’s quite irrelevant, but irrelevance is one of my 2,764 middle names. Rubbish is another one of them.

Now I have a physical acting journal to complement the digital one in my blog. Yayness.

17 thoughts on “My physical acting journal

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    Hmmm interesting, hope the book finds its new fairytale. Sometimes people like your book lose their fairytales and give it up for worldly things, the lucky ones find a replacement but most just go on and forget what it’s like to have a fairytale.

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    peeks: Hmm, your comment is interesting. I think everyone secretly wishes to be in a fairy tale. I guess that story came out of my subconscious unbidden. Haha.

    Monster: You can click on the picture to view the larger version. :P But it’s not really a story. Just some nonsense.

    yh: Haha, old school indeed! I grew up loving books and words and writing. Don’t think I’ll ever lose that! =)

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    Your story was surreal and quite meaningful. And peeks’ comment was similarly cheem.

    To put it another way, the fairytale can be likened to be our innocence of youth, and the book is us. Once we lose that innocence from exposure to the outside world, it’s really hard to get back.

    Yeah that’s it – wah, interpreting prose is fun. Reminds me of Eng Lit classes. :)

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    Wow, you really like and can write. I really hope that I can write like you. I have so many things to write but I’m just such a lousy writer that everything I want to write took me a hell lot of time and at the end of the day, I just scrape it because I can’t convince myself that it’s good enough.

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    when you change career, you can tell us more thing that ‘cannot be told now’, or even publish your diary. Can even make into a book title ‘Sheylara’s diary: The untold story’, haha.

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    mooiness: Haha, I like your interpretation, too. I think what’s more fun than interpreting prose is to discover how people interpret your prose.

    CrashWire: Thanks! I’m a bit surprised to hear that, though. I kinda think my handwriting looks a little squiggly in there. =P

    JokeDiary: As with everything, it takes practice to be good at something. I’ve been writing since I was like 5 or 6. After so many years of writing, I suppose it starts to come naturally.

    bigmac: Haha, good idea. I might just do that in the future. :P But I doubt I would change career, though. I love acting too much!

    modchip: Auction? Wow. Er… don’t think I’ll ever become so famous that people would want to buy my ratty little diary. :P

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    “Auction? Wow. Er… don’t think I’ll ever become so famous that people would want to buy my ratty little diary. :P”

    Think positive my dear. You can, if you want to… just follow your dream. :D

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    Hmm another R.K Rowling in the making ? Maybe that was how she created Harry Potter. Probably that may be your calling since u write so well.. I can picture u with a kid in your lap reading the first chapter of “Life & times a part time actress”.. lol, but seriously the dairy looks really pretty.. locally avail, i may get myself one & ask u to autograph it :)

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    So True… so many lesson here..

    1. Everyone have they happy zones, no matter how small there are.
    2. There are bigger and better thing out there.
    3. We don’t appreciate what we have until we loose it.

    To me anyway…

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    modchip: Haha, I know what you mean. But there’s a limit to positive thinking. One has to be realistic and know your own limitations! :P

    Starstruck: Don’t compare me to Rowling lah. I’m not worthy!! :P Don’t think storywriting is my calling. I’ve tried writing novels since I was 11 but I never succeeded cos I don’t have the discipline or the imagination to go beyond 2 chapters. lol. I guess the only thing I can ever write are autobiographies, but then I’d have to be famous in order to write it… if not, no one would bother reading. :P

    arachno: Interesting observations! :) I love how you guys interpret my nonsense because it makes me sound smarter, lol.

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