Master Chief gets dressed on the bus

In the media business, a bus often doubles up as a dressing room for actors and models, particularly if there aren’t any toilets nearby, or if the cast is supposed to be kept out of public view until the performance.

Such as in this situation.

Master Chief is not supposed to show his face (without his mask on) in public so he has to get dressed on the bus!

We’re gathered on a bus this day to spring another of our Halo 3 launch events on an unsuspecting shopping mall public.

Between performances, the marines wait in the bus restlessly.

Some of us take the opportunity to camwhore.

And to take illicit pictures of Master Chief getting dressed by the stylist.

Of course, Master Chief, being Master Chief, didn’t take very long to notice such illicit spying activities aimed at his eminent self.

In response, Master Chief obliged us with a fearsome pose!

How magnanimous!

And that’s all for illicit bus activities today.

I don’t have pictures of the event itself since I can’t very well be taking pictures while I’m at work pretending to be a UNSC Marine stationed in a shopping mall to recruit brave humans to help save the world from invading aliens.

But you can view event pictures here.

21 thoughts on “Master Chief gets dressed on the bus

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    yh: Neither do I, cos I’m really lousy at this kinda games. lol. But I think it’s a great game, nevertheless.

    misha: Thank you, dearie! ;)

    JokeDiary: Heh, thanks! *blush*

    Kevin: Yup, you saw the pic with mask on, in my earlier blog about this event? The full outfit is really good!

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    Master Chief reminds me of Robot Cop, or Terminator. If 10,000 people wear like him and march the street on Orchard Rd. I bet everyone will think Machine is taking over the country. LOL.

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    erh.. sounds a lot like Master Chef if u ask me (can cook up a storm episode), but QY… to make yourself a little more intimidatingas well, maybe your face could do with some camouflage paint on lah, bez I think u steal the limelight from the Microsoft lah :)

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    Eh.. if master chief halfway need to go toilet pang sai, then how ah?

    BTW, following the comment on your previous entry, I think the image of a master chief with very very short or no hair is more cool.

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    just checked your “qy appearing” page… wahh u really DO look like a teacher in the 2nd show! :)

    yay. 13 sept coming soon!! i shall park myself in front of the tv at that hour, and watch u… haha.. first time watching u on tv :)

    ok no comments W.R.T. this entry cos i dont game hahaha!

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    modchip: Haha. Yeah, the actor playing Master Chief is pretty cool, actually. He’s friendly and funny.

    JokeDiary: Wow… that would be really cool, man. But I doubt Singapore will ever allow anything like that to happen. :P

    Starstruck: Well, the male marines get face paint. The females don’t. I guess they don’t want us to look TOO intimidating cos we’re supposed to persuade humans to join us and finish the fight! :P

    Jaywalk: Erm… everything take off again lor. He actually had to stand in the bus for more than an hour because the armor doesn’t allow him to sit down, and this particular performance was delayed for an hour plus cos of a delayed shipment. Poor thing, hehe.

    Daphne: Thanks for supporting my show!! ;)

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    I doubt anyone want to wear that suit into real battle. At least not in Singapore. Die of heat exhaustion and damn heavy to move around in metal. Die of fatigue wearing those thing around.
    Can also ask enemies to give sometimes to load weapons and deployment before engaging in battle.

    Well, at least now you wearing in plastic armour.

    So are you wearing one of those upfit ?

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    bigmac: Medieval knights wear plate armour into battle. I think those are heavier! That’s why warriors must be really strong. Enough to bear the weight of their armour plus have strength enough left to fight. lol. Lucikly my costume is made of cloth and very, very airy. Haha.

    modchip: Yeah, I agree!

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    Hehhe! He does look like Robocop in that shot. :)
    It was good to see them walking on the road with the cars going by! Definitely a sight to behold.

    Well done once again!

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    Ummm….Master chief doesn’t have to worry about the weight of the armor. the armor itself has a system that makes poeple stronger. He can lift a small car by himself no problem. sorry to be realistic but it says so in alllll halo written works.

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