Love of my life

Introducing… my beloved precious huggalicious brand new gaming rig!

I bought:

Motherboard: Asus P5KR Raid/GBE/DDR2 1066/1333FSB/Sound
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66GHZ 1333FSB/4MB L2)
Power Supply: Coolermaster Real Power 450W
RAM: PC 6400 Kingston HyperX DDR2 800 1GB (2 pieces)
Hard Disk: WD3200AAKS 320GB- KS/16M SATA II (2 pieces)
DVD Reader/Writer: Samsung 20XDVD-RW SH-S202J IDE
Casing: Coolermaster Elite RC-330-KWN1-GP
Keyboard+Mouse: Microsoft Desktop 500 (Black)

Total damage: $1305 (including 2 fans)

Because I’m only playing World of Warcraft now, The Goonfather said I shouldn’t buy a graphics card, since any old lousy card is good enough for WoW.

I will buy a GeForce 8800 GTS when I tire of WoW and want to return to EQ2, or when Warhammer Online comes out next year.

And then I’ll also buy my dream keyboard and mouse!

Microsoft Reclusa.

Microsoft Habu.

Both were created by Razer specifically for gaming. They’re like $120. Each.

But they’re sooooooooooo pretty and they have blue backlights! Matches my whole setup. I have a black LCD monitor and black speakers. All black and shiny!

With blue beng lights all over.

My beautiful fan. (The other one is on the other side of the casing.)

Oh my gosh, beautiful, beautiful innards behind a see-through casing!

I could hug my computer to sleep!

36 thoughts on “Love of my life

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    sheesh. i hate blue light. maybe cos i have astigmatism, so it hurts me to look at really bright things. esp blue lights. my ex’s computer was like urs. n it really irritated me esp at nights. haha.

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    congrats on your proud purchase. it seems to be a great pc, you should be proud of it. The cool blue neon light.

    btw, i think you should get a graphic card and of course, increase the RAM to 2GB, you should be able to feel the difference.

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    JokeDiary: Yup. I do. :P

    yh: Well, what is kick ass? Is the 8800 GTS kick ass enough?

    Daphne Maia: Haha, poor thing. I sleep with blue lights (and some red lights) all around my room every night with electronics and appliances that never get switched off. :P Kinda used to it already.

    mooiness: Not raid mirror, just raid stripe. I don’t really need so much storage, but I like speed. :P

    Leonard: Thank you! My RAM is already 2GB lah. And graphic card will get in a few months’ time when the price drop. Hehe.

    amd: Yeah, the mouse and keyboard so chio, right? But I dunno if I’ll buy them in the end… too damn expensive man. :(

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    It’s nice to see you returning to your RPGs after so long. Don’t bother with the Microsoft stuff, just go straight for the Razer gear. I can recommend the Copperhead mouse. I do like look of the keyboard (I use an old ordinary one), but I am saving my pennies for an iPod Touch.

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    I’m not the best with graphic cards but I think 8800 is pretty cool. I think.

    And actually 1.3K for this pretty lil machine is not too expensive eh!

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    qiaoyun: of course both of them super chio!!! expensive not, for me i find ways to finance it … even if i have to take loan whhahaha (exxagerated)

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    OOT a bit… you were at Bugis on Saturday afternoon for the Halo3 thing werent you? Sitting at Mac with the rest of the Marine Officers, facing the carpark entrance? :)

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    That is one fierce rig man…I am planning to get one soon..perhaps year end when my bonus arrives. BTW, where did you get your rig from and eh..did you fix it urself?

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    Xiriss: Heh, thanks.

    Jesta: It’s nice?? Who’s the one forever giving me crap about being addicted to games? :P Anyway, I don’t really need gaming keyboards and mice cos I don’t play FPS. You don’t need all that much precision and control or anti-ghosting, or whatever, for MMORPGs. I just want the Razer ones for vanity, cos they’re pretty. lol.

    yh: YUp, the price is really quite good. I got a little bit of discount cos I bought it off a friend’s shop. :P

    bigmac: Haha. They’re not that big. My rig needs two fans cos of the overclocking and raiding.

    amd: Haha, cool. Tell me when you manage to acquire the dream items! ;)

    kerr: Hello! Hehe.

    arachno: HAhahahaa. Very funny. :P :P

    Alvin: Hmm, really? I’m never much of an audiophile, to be honest. As long as it has decent clarity and a decent bass, I’m happy. :P

    Derrick: Yup, RAID 0.

    xinyun: Thanks! Yeah, I’m quite happy with the price!

    Rykarx: Haha, why do you keep bumping into me… but you never come up and say hi! :P

    modchip: :)

    Jason Ho: I got it from my friend’s new shop at Sim Lim. It’s called Lawgic, at #03-02. And The Goonfather fixed it for me. Haha. I can’t fix my own comps.

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    Can we have a photo of you with your car in your blog. With your license plate erase, in case people use your number to buy toto, haha. That’s will be cool. Beauty And the Car.

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    Why not come out some interesting theme photo like:
    – Beauty and the PC
    – Beauty and the Dog
    – Beauty and the ‘Whatever’ etc

    and place it into 12months of calendar, haha, and then distribute out.
    That will be wonderful …. haha. Could be a hot seller/download.

    Worth trying, afterall what’s internet’s main function ? To do viral marketing is one main use.

    Try it and you may not know what come next. You might just be the next 100 beautiful people in FHM….

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    modchip: Aw, thanks! That’s sweet. =)

    bigmac: Haha. Yes I’m geeky and nerdy. I have a Second Life account, but I didn’t enjoy it so I only logged in twice and then got tired of it.

    Photo of me and my car? Sounds like a good idea! Will get around to it sometime. ;)

    But I’ll pass on the “Beauty and the…” calendar. That sounds too egoistic. lol. But thanks for the suggestion. :P

    Indra: Hello! Thanks for visiting and commenting! :) For computer games, I only really like MMORPG. I don’t like FPS or RTS. So, currently I’m playing WoW, but I’m also hoping to go back to EQ2 when I have more time. :)

    aberwyn: No lah, not using onboard chip. Anyway, will probably be getting new graphics card end of the year. :P

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    The Habu is about $95 now and its a real kickass mouse. Reclusa is a bit pricey at $108 now, but seriously, I think it will drop. You probably do not need it for WoW, but hte macro will kick something in FPS.

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    Winston Avalon: Yeah I think I’ve seen cheaper prices somewhere… but I can’t remember exactly where. Many places still sell both at $119 each. :(

    Well, I know I don’t really need them cos I don’t play FPS, that’s why I didn’t get them right away. They’re objects of desire! :P

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    Are you running Vista?

    You are going to need 4gigs of Ram for graphics intensive games. Plus, you should upgrade your graphics card to > 9600 series Nvidia with 1 gig video ram. You want to offload as much of the graphics computations to the graphics card as possible.

    Being a serious gamer as you have claimed to be, I think you really need serious hardware for it. =)



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